This week we are at peak retrograde, with six planets retrograde including Mercury.  Expect and prepare for communication glitches under the Mercury retrograde which is at its midpoint this week.  Pluto turns direct on October 6th to be followed by Jupiter and Saturn, and all three planets are stationary throughout October. This is not a good time to try to “push the river” as the saying goes – instead we will benefit from finding a point of stillness in which we can hear the inner voice of guidance and from which we can release the stress of unmet expectations and hidden resentments.  That is especially true during the first half of this week with Mercury (mind and communication), still moving slowly after its retrograde turn last week, in a stressful square to Pluto (intensity and power issues).

These energies are all a part of this week’s Libra New Moon on October 6th which also includes a stellium in Libra with Mars and Mercury along with the Sun and Moon.  This New Moon packs a powerful punch with the Libra stellium opposite the Moon and Chiron.  Libra is the sign of relating, but it also is the sign which teaches balance and integration, and encourages us to find harmony at the midpoint of stressors. The planets have chosen two different ways to deliver that message (three stationary planets is the other) and it’s a good one!!

Here’s the forecast for the week. Dates and times are given in EDT, please adjust for your locality. 

Monday October 4.  A harmonious trine from the Libra Sun to Ceres in Gemini helps us to find the mental balance we need in order to achieve the integration this week will require under the Libra New Moon. Meanwhile the Moon, still in Virgo, helps us to be a little more methodical about the steps required in order to achieve that balance.  On Monday under the lunar aspects we find ourselves more open to new ideas in the early morning and empowered to find the truth late in the evening, but for a few hours around 6 pm EDT we may find ourselves feeling somewhat squishy in our resolve.  This will soon pass, but it would be helpful to take a few hours at that time to be in nature or do something creative or meditative. (Virgo Moon trine Uranus 5:18 am, opposite Neptune 5:47 pm, trine Pluto 11:03 pm.)

Tuesday October 5.  The Moon enters Libra at 8:41 am, at which point the energies for the New Moon begin building in earnest. When the Moon is in Libra it can be difficult to choose between options that may seem identical but which actually hold different outcomes.  By digging a little deeper into the question we can recognize the truth, especially today with the Moon harmonizing in a trine to the North Node and to Saturn. (Moon trine North Node 1:26 pm, trine Saturn 8:15 pm.)

Wednesday October 6.  The New Moon occurs at 7:05 am EDT and very soon after conjoins Mars.  That aspect is of course embedded in the chart of the New Moon and helps to energize the Moon and add a layer of courage and emotional charge.  Pluto turns direct the same day and is at a complete standstill as it makes that change of direction, intensifying every emotion and opening our eyes to Truth.

Later in the day lunar aspects help us to filter any emotional reaction through the mind for greater clarity, followed by a burst of general good feeling and an optimistic outlook. (Moon conjunct Mercury in Libra 5:39 pm, trine Jupiter in Aquarius 10:08 pm.)

Thursday October 7.   Venus leaves intense Scorpio for Sagittarius today but we may continue to feel somewhat intense anyway with the Moon moving into Scorpio at 10:22 am.  Under Venus in Sagittarius our interactions with others become lighter and it is easier to let go of resentments both big and small that may be standing in the way of smooth interactions.  Still, that lunar intensity with the Scorpio Moon will keep us honest and clear-eyed for a few days, and a Sun/Mars conjunction in Libra is building throughout the day to energize and help us to maintain focus.

Friday October 8.  Energies continue to intensify on Friday, but with the armoring provided by the Scorpio Moon we will be ready.  The Libra stellium that was embedded in the New Moon chart has been culminating, and today the conjunction of the Sun to Mars culminates right at midnight Thursday night, with conjunctions from the Sun to Mercury and from Mercury to Mars building to peak on Saturday.

This is a time of peak energy, with Mars so active and present.  If we are feeling rattled we will want to amp up the physical activity to burn off any excess irritation before confronting a situation directly.  The inclusion of the Sun with Mercury and Mars helps us to focus on the highest goal rather than resort to intentions that may not be for our own good, much less the good of others.

Saturday October 9.  The Moon leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius at 11:24 am, and the triple conjunction involving the Sun, Mercury and Mars culminates in the afternoon and evening.  Saturday could not be a better day to focus our attention and our intention, since we are automatically motivated towards the highest aspirations now, Mercury helps us to formulate a plan and really see the outcome, and Mars provides the energy and enthusiasm for a shift to take place.

Sunday October 10.  Today is full of lunar events involving the Sagittarius Moon re-activating the Sun/Mercury/Mars stellium, helping to extend the positive effects of that influence throughout the day.  We may find ourselves feeling a bit wistful or distracted late in the evening but that will soon pass (Moon square Neptune 10:16 pm).  A great end to the week! ❤️

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