This week we have no major planetary aspects causing trouble, and the week begins with the energies of the Virgo New Moon (catch up here if you missed it) lingering for the first few days. New Moons bring that sense of a clean slate, and here we have a trine from Uranus which helps to break up old patterns and stuck energy to help us to formulate a plan under the Virgo influence.  The New Moon is exact on September 6th at 8:51 pm if you choose to celebrate this new beginning with a little more formality.

There’s really no more big influences to discuss, so let’s go right to the weekly forecast!  (Dates and times are given in EDT and UTC, please adjust for your own locality.)

Monday September 6. Venus and Mars are active in the chart of the New Moon, and also during the first few days of the week.   Mars, in Virgo where the details are important to make everything work, harmonizes with Pluto (trine) Monday morning helps us to focus our energies into something important, but Venus in Libra, craving harmony and peaceful exchange, has just formed a challenging square to Pluto on Sunday evening.  Relationships could be somewhat intensified and perhaps if there are any power issues that need rebalancing, but on Monday Venus harmonizes with Jupiter in a beautiful trine that really could not be more fortunate.

All of these energies are embedded in the New Moon chart which carries us through much of the week.

Tuesday September 7.  The New Moon continues to infuse us with its urge to realign our lives in more effective patterns under the Virgo influence.  The Moon, still in Virgo most of the day, is quite active:  urging us to detach for a time and discover more flow and magic in the morning EDT/early afternoon UTC, empowering our goals and ideas around 2 pm EDT/6 pm UTC, and inspiring action and impulsivity around 3:30 pm EDT/7:30 pm UTC.  (opposite Neptune, trine Pluto, conjunct Mars.)

A stressful opposition from Mercury in Libra to Chiron which culminates on Wednesday will be building throughout the day on Tuesday.  Under Mercury in Libra, we are uncomfortable with disharmony and the stressful aspect to Chiron could bring up some distressing emotions which need to be dealt with and released.  The Moon shifts from Virgo into Libra at 11:20 pm EDT/3:20 pm UTC on Wednesday, and for a few days finding a balance point among the chaos will be of primary importance.

Wednesday September 8.  The Mercury/Chiron opposition described above culminates at 12:30 am EDT/4:30 am UTC, and the Libra Moon creates more sensitivity and a greater need to rebalance.  This is a good morning for a meditation practice to help us to breathe out any emotions that can’t find an outlet, and re-center our focus.

The Libra Moon is quite active today, engaging the assistance of Saturn to find that much needed stability at around 12:30 pm EDT/4:30 pm UTC, but in the evening EDT/early morning UTC there may be a re-emergence of some emotional discomfort which can easily be translated through reason and awareness.  (Moon opposite Chiron 7:16 pm EDT/11:16 pm UTC, Moon conjunct Mercury 9 pm EDT/1 am UTC)

Thursday September 9.  The lunar energies prevail on Thursday, and the Libra Moon prepares us for Friday’s shift into Scorpio with a square to Pluto around 5 pm EDT/9 pm UTC.  The sensitive Libra Moon is not at its best under a stressful Pluto aspect, and any hidden resentments could emerge.  Pluto demands Truth, so this is not necessarily a bad thing!  A nearly simultaneous trine from the Moon to Jupiter, though, will help to soften the hard edges and bring about a renewed sense of optimism.

Friday September 10.  The Moon moves into Scorpio at 2:04 am EDT/6:04 am UTC, and with Venus also entering Scorpio on Friday we are beginning to feel the first hint of Scorpio season.  In the Northern hemisphere Scorpio corresponds to the shedding of the leaves and the beginning of the dark time when we rediscover that which is hidden as we retreat from the outer world into the darkness.

Scorpio season won’t officially begin until the Sun enters Scorpio in a couple of weeks, but we can use this Scorpio Moon for the next few days to re-examine our own inner world and see what treasures may be lurking there for us to find.

Saturday September 11. Today we again have only lunar aspects, but there are lots of them.  When the Moon is this active, especially a watery Moon and in this case a Moon with both water and fire (Mars rules Scorpio after all!), there can be a lot of emotional ups and downs.  Today’s lunar aspects are primarily harmonious, inspiring good feelings and hope, as well as a desire for greater abundance. (Moon opposite Uranus 2:36 am EDT/6:36 am UTC, sextile Virgo Sun 10:07 am EDT/2 pm UTC, trine Neptune 2:50 pm EDT/6:50 pm UTC, square Jupiter 7:08 pm EDT/11:08 pm UTC, sextile Pluto 7:13 pm EDT/11:13 pm UTC.)

Sunday, September 12.  The Moon enters Sagittarius at 4:34 am EDT/8:34 am UTC, bringing us from the hint of darkness under Scorpio into a more optimistic and sunny outlook for a few days.  Venus is still in Scorpio of course, so our relationships will take a turn towards the intense and dramatic.  But with the Moon in Sagittarius now we can use that Sagittarian optimism to amplify our ideas of what is possible and look a little further into the future to find a sense of freedom and adventure.

A fairly quiet week overall, and we need that right now! ❤️

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