This week we have two planets changing direction, phase II of Jupiter conjunct Pluto, Mars enters Aries.  Did I forget anything?  Whew!  There’s a transcript below the video and promo stuff.

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This week we’re going to talk about the astrological influences for the upcoming week, we’re looking at the week of June 22, to the 29th. And there has been so much going on all throughout the year, there’s a few things I’m going to need to say every week just to make sure if there are new people here that they know about it. But this is a particularly unusual year astrologically and not just because of COVID-19.

This year, between the middle of June and the middle of October, there’s going to be between five and seven planets retrograde and that is extremely unusual to have so many retrogrades for such a long period of time. So what that means is that there’s going to be a lot of going back over old territory.  Revising our ideas for the future, there’s not a lot of energy to really propel us forward, to make plans for the future and to really put them in action. There’s going to be a lot of having to redo things. And not that we don’t want to try, we always want to try. But I feel like understanding the nature of the energies that are at work will help us to avoid, or to try to avoid, some frustration if we feel like we keep knocking our head against a brick wall. You know, we have to kind of keep trying what we feel impelled to do. But this is a challenging year astrologically as well as just in the world. Personally, I feel like those two things are like connected, but but it’s a really important time.

One, one of the important things about this time is that the virus has compressed our lives, our lives are are really small now, and many of us are resisting. We’re trying to go back to normal, but the virus is going to likely keep our lives more compressed for quite some time to come. So while our lives are compressed, we’re much more limited in what we can do. We’re more kind of stuck with ourselves, you know, any of the personality traits that we don’t like about ourselves, they’re in our face right now. So we’re having to kind of work on ourselves. We have to work on our relationships. Maybe your partner’s driving you crazy. I know my single friends are pretty happy right now because they’re not having to deal with somebody in their house 24 hours a day, seven days a week! But hopefully that’s not true for you. Hopefully your own life right now is going well. If you have any comments about that, you can leave them in the comment box.

Looking back a little bit at last week, the summer solstice happened on the 20, late in the 20th, when the sun moved into Cancer, and shortly after that we had the new moon in Cancer. So this was a big turning point for a lot of a lot of us. Those Solstice points are important portals of change and have kind of a shift in focus. And now we are in that next phase.

That could be a little confusing because of Neptune, the planet of spirituality and creativity, and transcendence and magic and bliss, all those wonderful things, but also confusion, illusion and delusion. It’s the planet that inspires us to think outside of the box or not even to think to expand our lives beyond the box that we’ve put ourselves in to have experiences of spiritual connection spiritual bliss, divine creativity. So Neptune is a wonderful planet, it’s turning retrograde on the 23rd. When a planet turns retrograde or appears to turn retrograde (obviously planets don’t move backwards, but we look at the planets from earth) so when a planet is appearing to turn retrograde, it’s at a standstill for quite some time and Neptune is a slow moving planet. It’s been at a standstill for about a month. That’s a pretty long time when Neptune is shining this laser beam of Neptunian confusion. Neptune is in its own sign of Pisces, and this is a long discussion that we don’t really have time for right now.

Neptune went into Pisces in 2012 and it will be in Pisces until 2025, so we’re more than halfway through. Pisces is the sign where we surrender – it’s a sign of transcendent experiences. So Neptune is very strong in its own sign of Pisces. And it’s strong for us right now because it’s kind of shining this laser beam where we’re really being called to maybe understand the deeper meaning of what’s going on, you know, where we can understand things with our small mind. Or even with our small vision, we have to develop trust, we have to develop some faith in the process of life.

Pisces actually was originally ruled by Jupiter so Jupiter and Neptune are connected. In this way, Jupiter has to do with where we find meaning in life. And Neptune has to do with finding meaning and stuff. something greater than ourselves. So that’s really a focus this week with Neptune changing direction. While Neptune is turning retrograde Venus, which has been retrograde, is turning direct – it will appear to move forward again on June 25, Venus, the planet of love and beauty and desire and harmony between people. aesthetic beauty, equanimity, peacefulness. Venus right now is stationary in the sky as it prepares to turn direct. Venus and Neptune are somewhat related. I think of Neptune as being a higher octave planet of Venus. Venus has to do with love and beauty. Neptune has to do with divine compassion, and the beauty of transcendence. This can be a very magical, creative time, it’s not going to be a time when we can particularly have a lot of focus, or really get stuff done.

Mercury has just turned retrograde so communication is not happening the way that it usually does, we may have to go back and redo some of the things that we had thought, we might have to reconsider some of the decisions that we’ve made. There’s a lot going on right now with the planets and whenever there’s this much, this planet turning retrograde, this planet turning direct, it can be difficult to know well,  is this Neptune or is this Venus, we’re not going to really be able to know. Just know there’s a lot of planetary activity right now tat’s working on us to kind of let go and feel more deepl, y to continue more deeply with with the flow of what’s happening, and with the things that we can’t control.

That’s been a big lesson of this virus: what can we control, and what can we not control. And it’s an important lesson that’s difficult to learn.

Mars, the planet of action, the planet of activity and desire is going to be in a challenging square to the north node of the Moon on the 26th. The North node of the Moon is like a trajectory from the past to the future. When a planet triggers it with a square – which is a challenging aspect that implies conflict – with Mars squaring the north node, which is the future point, there could be a decision. There could be an important choice. You know, if you take one route, you’ll go in one direction. If you take this other route, you’ll go in a different direction, which do you choose? That’s going to be the choice that’s coming up on the 26th, maybe the 25th, maybe the 27th.

That’s also significant because Mars is going to shift into Aries on the 27th. Mars is at home in Aries. Aries is its own sign. Aries is the sign of adventure and independence and, and doing things you know, that we want to do following our own desires following our own path. And so Mars in Aries is typically what only lasts for maybe five weeks. But because Mars will be turning retrograde in early July and a few weeks, Mars is going to be retrograde while in Aries so it’s going to be in Aries for a very long time. It will be in Aries between June 27 and January of 2021. I think I talked about this last week as well. But if you understand your chart, see where Aries is in your chart, and that’s the area of your chart where Mars is going to be stimulating action and activity, it’s going to be energizing and inspiring you in that area of your chart.

So the other important thing that’s happening this week is that Jupiter and Pluto, which have been in a conjunction since April. The second phase of those two planets is going to happen on June 27. So the first phase  was in April and then Jupiter and Pluto moved away from from each other, but they were never really more far apart than about three degrees. As they come closer together, this intensity of ideological conflict is likely to continue to intensify. The first phase is, is when we first started seeing so much conflict over the George Floyd murder, over elections, over mask wearing, you know, and this is especially true in the United States because the United States has moved into the era that’s approaching the Pluto return. I’m going to make a whole video about that because that’s very significant for those of us in the US.

But Jupiter and Pluto right now are coming together. So This has a lot to do with ideologies and the ideologies that we use to create the structures. The two planets are in Capricorn. So the idea of building solid structures that will support us as communities as individuals. This includes police that includes corporations and includes governments. It includes the CDC and the WHO, you know, non -governmental organizations are all Capricornian entities, structures that people build. And so with Jupiter conjunct Pluto the idea of what are the ideologies, what’s the meaning behind these organizations? are they serving us? Do they need to be blown up? We have Pluto here. There’s transformation through destruction.

So I think that’s a good place to end for this week. I hope you found this useful and helpful, and I look forward to seeing you again next week.


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