There’s a lot of planetary action right now, and here’s what you need to know to get the most out of it.  I can’t believe I forgot to talk about Jupiter retrograde!  I tacked on a bit about Jupiter at the end of the video. You’ll find the transcription below the video.  Thanks for tuning in!  If you like the videos, please subscribe to the channel.  👍🏼


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Hi everybody, my name is Lynn Hayes and I wanted to welcome you to my channel. Thanks for visiting me here!  Today I’m going to be talking about the astrology for the week of May 11.

There is a lot going on this week, and it’s helpful to know what kind of energies are coming up so that we know how to work with them. We can’t always control what happens in our lives, but if we know the kind of weather that’s coming sometimes that can make life a little easier. I always think about a client of mine who always says, “Tell me something good.”  She always wants to know what’s Jupiter doing today, what’s Jupiter doing in my chart. None of us really like bad news and I can see on my Facebook page, where I post every day, the news is not always good. Sometimes there’s going to be a rainstorm, sometimes it’s going to hail, sometimes there’s going to be a big snowstorm. And we’re going to be stuck in our houses. But it helps us to know what’s coming so that we can be prepared.

I live in North Carolina. There’s often hurricane warnings that come up about a week before the hurricane could happen. Everybody gets ready – we go to the grocery store and stock up. We batten down the hatches and board up the windows if we’re at the coast. Sometimes the hurricane comes, sometimes the hurricane doesn’t come, but if you don’t know about it there’s really no way that you can be prepared for it.  So my goal is to try to give you the information that you need to feel comfortable in the ebb and flow of life so that we don’t just feel that we’re being thrown curveballs that come out of nowhere.

So, there’s a lot going on this week. Today, on May 11 as I record this (May 11 2020) Saturn turns retrograde today. I did see that the Supreme Court is hearing a case about whether Trump’s secrets can be revealed. And this is an interesting corollary or example of the kinds of things that can happen when Saturn turns retrograde.  Saturn is all about facing the music. It’s when the chickens come home to roost. I’m sure there’s lots more homilies that I could use for Saturn but Saturn is when the rent comes due;  it’s when we have to face the charges. It’s not unusual for Saturn to turn retrograde, it retrogrades every year. But what’s a little bit unusual about Saturn turning retrograde right now is that it’s number two of what will eventually be seven planets retrograde, and I’ll post a link in the description box to the video that I made about that. This is a year where there’s a lot of retrograde activity, which means a lot of looking backwards having to redo things in our life that maybe weren’t done perfectly the first time or maybe they were done perfectly but life has changed and we have to agree to change something, or many things, in our life.

And of course right now with the virus situation. The world is trying to open back up. Probably we’re going to have to shut back down at different times because of all these retrogrades, and just the nature of what’s happening right now. Anyway, Saturn has turned retrograde in Aquarius. Saturn rules Aquarius and it also rules Capricorn – it rules those two signs which are right next to each other in the Zodiac. When Saturn goes through Capricorn Saturn is very orderly and disciplined. But when Saturn goes into Aquarius, it takes its need for order and it uses that need for order to innovate and create new structures for change. Saturn has just dipped its toe into Aquarius, and now it’s turning retrograde, it’s going to retrograde back into Capricorn on July, 2, and during the summer, we’re going to have a big lineup of Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto, all within a couple of degrees.

This is a lot of intense Capricorn energy which is all about doing the things that have to be done. This is not an energy for, oh I think I’ll explore something new, I’ll just quit my job and trust that something else is going to happen. When we have this much Capricorn we have to be very responsible, very disciplined – we have to work hard. There could be some hardship because of Saturn in Capricorn. And of course we just had Saturn in Capricorn for over a year and most of us are sick of it. There’s been all too much Capricorn starting from last fall, but we’re going to have a little bit more. And really, this summer with all the retrogrades we’re kind of being put on hold. We’re being put on pause. So this is a time to look at our lives to see what hasn’t been working. Where can we improve things, what kind of plan can we make, so that when the train starts going again and life starts to approach something more resembling normal, we can move forward in a way that’s productive and where we feel like everything is fitting together. That’s what Saturn likes to do.

Saturn’s going to retrograde today and already has I think by the time I have posted this video, and you’re not going to notice anything it’s not like, oh whoa Saturn just turned retrograde, it’s not really like that.  Saturn will be retrograde for quite a long time – actually I don’t have the date when  the retrograde is finished, but it will go back into Capricorn and then it’ll go back into Aquarius on December 16 2020. So I hope that’s not too confusing.

Okay, Mercury, the planet of the mind, the planet of communication, the planet of learning and curiosity. Mercury is moving into its own sign of Gemini this evening. When Mercury is in its own sign of Gemini it’s much more flexible than it has been through its journey through Taurus, it’s even more easily able to embrace new ideas. There’s a lot of adaptability to new situations which is something that we could really use right now. And also, more mobility. Mercury also has to do with short trips – short travels, travels in cars, trips between towns ,that sort of thing. So with Mercury moving into into Gemini we’ll probably see more mobility out in the world as well.

On the 12th which is tomorrow Mercury is going to be in a harmonious trine to Saturn. That’s going to be really good for any kind of work that requires focus or, you know, just generally feeling good about things. Saturn provides a lot of stability that’s it’s positive attribute, stability, focus and the ability to concentrate and hard work is what’s offered with mercury Trine Saturn so tomorrow should be a pretty good day without really any real difficulties. I’m happy to say.

On May 13 Mars, which has been in Aquarius is going to be moving into Pisces. Mars will be in Pisces until it goes into Aries on June 27. Mars is not happy in Pisces. I’ll just say it that way. Mars is the planet of drive and action and desire, and what we need and what we want. And in Pisces, all those things become sublimated. Pisces is about spiritual unfolding i- t’s about yearning to merge with the divine soul within us. You know, sometimes we do that through meditation, sometimes through experiencing beautiful art, sometimes through watching too much television, sometimes through drinking too much wine, I think you get where I’m headed with this! So when Mars is in Pisces. It can be really difficult to even know what we want, there can be a lot of passive aggressive behavior in the world, because everybody is affected by this to some degree or another. It might be easier for those of you whose Mars is actually in Pisces because the whole world is working that way. Mars will be in Pisces until June 27 so we have quite a few weeks of that.

Venus is going to turn retrograde on May 13, that same day. Venus only retrogrades about every 18 months so it’s not that typical. This is part of a bigger sort of magical flow of the Venus cycle, and I’m going to do a video on this because it’s so beautiful the way Venus unfolds and becomes an evening star and a morning star. It’s just a wonderful story so I’ll be posting that sometime this week. But when Venus is retrograde. I’ve heard a lot of people say – in fact, a lot of clients ask me- is this is a bad time to start a relationship or to go into a partnership? And it’s not so much that it’s a bad time to start a relationship, but often there’s some old patterns that need to be repaired. We do sometimes often hear from people from the past, friends or loved ones or lovers, where things didn’t work out, and they get in contact because there’s this tendency to kind of look back into the past with any retrograde, we’re looking back to say, oh, remember that person, I wonder what they’re doing. So this is a big thing that can happen when Venus is in retrograde we can see relationships being repaired. We can see some problem solving – a lot of us are confined with our significant others and that may be difficult for some people. With Venus retrograde there’s going to be a focus on that. And this could be wonderful if things are actually repaired. It could also be challenging if you realize that there’s really no repair that’s possible, so just be aware of that. Venus is going to be in in Gemini where it is now, until after it turns direct on June 24. Venus is retrograde between May 13 and June 24 in the sign of Gemini. So the good thing about that is when Venus is in Gemini, it is more flexible – it’s more adaptable, these sorts of changes are more difficult when a planet is in a fixed sign, where we are more fixed in our ideas and we’re changes more difficult.

So I think that’s all that I have to tell you today. I’ll be back this week with a video on Venus retrograde next week, and I will be back in time for the Sun to move into Gemini, and then we’ll have a whole new range of experiences so thank you so much for joining me if you like this video please give it a thumbs up, and I look forward to seeing you next week. Thanks so much.

PS! I also wanted to add a word about Jupiter turning retrograde. Jupiter turns retrograde the same day as Venus. Jupiter and Venus are both called the benefic. Venus is called the lesser benefic and Jupiter is the greater benefic. They both add qualities of beauty and expansion and good luck in our lives. So when Venus and Jupiter turn retrograde the same day, there could be some – there will almost certainly be a shock to the financial system because Venus does have to do with values and money and Jupiter is often associated with confidence consumer confidence. That is what drives the financial markets. So when Jupiter is retrograde which it will be until September of this year September 12. There is a tendency to look back and just like with all the other retrogrades to look backwards and see, what were those opportunities that I’ve missed. And how can I take advantage of them. So just be aware of that as well.

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