financial astrologyA dear friend of mine, who shall remain nameless but I’m sure she’s not alone, been frightened by the dire predictions of another astrologer friend of hers who has predicted that the US economy will collapse in 2014 and 2015.  Contrarian that I am, I have a different view.

Yesterday’s post looked back at 2010 to see how we got to the place where we currently find ourselves.  Economists say now that we entered the global recession in December 2007 which was just before Pluto entered Capricorn in January 2008, and that the global recession actually ended in June of 2009.  The summer of 2009 may have been the trough, but it took several years to pull our way out of the recession and growth is only now just beginning to occur.

Pluto’s entry into Capricorn created the contraction that ended the previous riot of expansion that occurred when Pluto moved through Sagittarius, and once Uranus began aspecting Pluto in 2011 the world began to recover of the shock of the global collapse and begin the process of looking with new eyes (Uranus) towards rebuilding and transformation (Pluto).  By the time the square between Uranus and Pluto began in 2012, the economy was well on its way to recovery.

During this time the US has been particularly hard-hit.  Partly this is because with Sagittarius rising in the Sibley chart that is commonly used for the US, Americans tend to be overly optimistic in general, and consequently were very susceptible to the absolute faith (another hallmark of Sagittarius) that was required for the giant balloon that was the pre-2008 economy.  (Read more about America’s love of money in my earlier post here.)

I’m not sure why my friend’s financial astrologer is so convinced that the US economy will collapse in 2014-2015.  While it’s true that the American civilization is in decline  overall, there are no signals in the chart that this period will be any more challenging than anything we have seen recently.  Uranus and Pluto transited the US midheaven in 2008-2010, the US chart underwent a Saturn Return during 2010-2011.

It’s true that both Uranus and Pluto will make challenging angles to the US chart in 2014 and 2015 which will certainly create major issues for the identity of the nation as a whole.  But I don’t see that this will have a particularly economic effect.

The one time that I am watching very carefully is the US Pluto Return which will occur in 2020-2021.  I was unable to think of one example of a nation that has existed in its current form for the 250 years required for Pluto in the sky to return to its place in the national chart.  Perhaps that is because Pluto cycles require a complete change and transformation, with a new constitution and new governing body?  And with Pluto in the second house of money in the US chart, the financial system will almost certainly undergo a transformation of some kind.

This transformation to the money system in the US will likely begin in 2018 when Pluto enters the second house of the Sibley chart for the US, which will certainly be a good test for the accuracy of this particular chart (there is quite a bit of discussion in astrological circles about the “real” chart for the US).

In the meantime, we are in a period of reality-based economics which makes it more important than ever to avoid things like chain letters, “giving circles,” fad investing.  Instead rely on good old-fashioned Pluto in Capricorn values: hard work, saving, being smart about spending.  Challenging cycles come and go but we can build those solid structures that can support us even in the worst of times.

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