This week on Sunday morning at 11 am EDT we’ll be discussing the conjunction of Pluto to Ceres and the environmental (Ceres) destruction (Pluto) from the past few weeks and what we might expect over the next few months as the cardinal planets continue to align and realign in their cosmic dance.

We’ll also talk about the Mercury retrograde cycle and how to more or less gracefully navigate its end next week.

There will likely be more time this week for first-time callers to ask questions about their own chart.  The call-in number is 646-478-5731 and you can listen to the show on your cellphone with that number if you’re away from your computer.

To interact in the chatroom register for a free account at BlogTalkRadio, and you can chat with me and ask questions for about 15 minutes before the show begins.  Just visit this link before the show, and after the show is over it will be archived so you can listen later.

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