Jupiter enters Aries tomorrow (Eastern time) and aligns with Uranus and the Moon is present as well.  We’ll be talking about Jupiter in Aries what what it is likely to bring over the next year or so, especially since it will be part of the Cardinal Drama.

As always, you’ll have a chance to call in with questions about your own chart or anything else.  I like to start with first-time callers and then if there’s time others can call as well.  The call-in number is 646-478-5731 and you can use that number to listen to the show on your cellphone if you’re not near a computer.
If you register at Blog Talk Radio you can ask questions in the chatroom too.  I’m always there 15 minutes before the show starts and that’s a good time to get your questions in.  Registration is free.  Here’s the link to the show page, and to listen live either click the player on the show page or the player below (before the show starts the player will open up the previous program.
The show will be archived and available for download within about 30 minutes after it ends, and you can also download the podcast or subscribe to it on Itunes.
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