Sunday morning at 11 am Eastern!  Tomorrow’s show, the first in a few weeks due to my bad flu which rendered me voiceless, will be a discussion of the Ceres archetype.  Ever since Ceres was reclassified with Pluto as a dwarf planet (I actually like the original name given to Pluto, Ceres and Eris:  The Plutoids), issues associated with Ceres such as the plight of women around the world and the health of the ecology of the planet have been at the forefront of global awareness.

We’ll be discussing Ceres, and then you’ll have a chance to call in with questions about your own chart if you’re a new caller.  To listen live, click on the player below at or after 11 am Eastern time on Sunday morning the 21st.  If you click on the player before that time you’ll get the last show.  The number to call in, or to listen to the show on your phone, is 646-478-5731.

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