The first week of April could be a bit confusing, especially between the 1st and the 3rd of April.  With four planets in mystical and magical Pisces, the focus is more on imagination and illumination than practical matters.  Mercury has turned direct, but it conjoins Neptune on the 2nd and the two are intertwined for several days afterwards. This period is wonderful for creativity and spiritual exploration but maybe wait until at least the 5th of April before making decisions that require a lot of careful thought and consideration.

Meanwhile, transformational Pluto triggers the South Node to activate the undoing of karma.  When this transit (culminating April 4th) occurs in the chart of an individual, we often find an eruption of an old pattern that hits us in the face as we realize a change needs to happen.  When this transit occurs globally, as it does every 19 years or so (the last Pluto alignment with the South Node occurred in Sagittarius in 2002), there is a purge of collective karma – an eruption and release of the past to enable passage into the present and future.  If Pluto is currently transiting your own chart, this will affect you more personally than others who are not individually triggered by Pluto at the moment.  Saturn and the South Node will complete the dance at the end of the month, making this a month-long adventure in cleaning up the past.  Even if you are not personally activated by this event, you might as well join in and clean out the metaphoric basement of your psyche: old patterns, toxic relationships, outmoded beliefs.

This could bring up some emotional pain between April 1st and the 6th or so as Mars (aggression and motivation) challenges Chiron (emotional wounds) to heal those old sensitive places.  At some point these wounds do heal and there is less material to be coughed up in a cosmic hairball, but if there ARE lingering issues you will likely experience them during this time.  That makes this a powerful time for potential emotional release and clearing.

The New Moon on April 5th is in the fiery sign of Aries which will help to fire up our motivation and inspire us to take action.  NOW is a good time to initiate new things and take advantage of the fire of Aries to begin a new adventure.  The New Moon is stabilized by Saturn, so it will be important to seek a practical application for your new inspiration and this will help a great deal if you are a person who finds it difficult to begin something new.  There has been some heaviness with the other planetary aspects this week, and the Aries New Moon helps us to wipe the slate clean and begin with a new face to the world.


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