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Astrological update for the week of March 21, 2022

If you can identify this artist please let me know in the comments! As the week begins the energies of last week’s Equinox are still winding down, forcing adjustments in expectations and laying the groundwork for a new season. The March Equinox occurs when the Sun enters Aries in the tropical system – the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere and the beginning of the zodiacal wheel. Aries is the sign of initiation, of blazing a new trail and forging ahead with courage and confidence, and there is a significant Uranus alignment in the chart of the Equinox.

Uranus is the planet that inspires us to break out of outmoded paradigms and ways of living which no longer fit the current reality, and this week Mars will form a challenging square to Uranus. Mars is in Aquarius right now where the primary motivator is innovation and change but also reason and intelligence, so the added influence of Uranus can help to break down barriers to progress. However, Uranus can inspire Mars to be somewhat reckless so it would be wise to exercise some caution.

Here is what you need to know for the week ahead. (Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your own locality.)

Monday March 21.  The Moon is newly in Scorpio on Monday, intensifying feelings and evoking a sense of urgency where emotions are concerned. Fortunately a harmonious Mercury/Jupiter aspect culminates in the very early hours on Monday which helps us to find more emotional balance and general good vibes.  Mars builds all day towards a harmonious aspect to Chiron (sextile) to facilitate the flow of natural wisdom and positive energy.

The Moon is quite busy all day, creating some tension in the morning but working towards greater balance and harmony in the afternoon. Late in the evening EDT a feeling of frustration may seep in but it will last only a few hours. (Moon square Mars 7:16 am, opposite Uranus 8:57 am, square Venus 12:33 pm, trine Jupiter 8:08 pm, trine Mercury 10:25 pm, square Saturn 11:49 pm).

Tuesday March 22.  The challenging Mars/Uranus aspect described in the introduction peaks Tuesday afternoon but is in effect all day. The Moon connects with the South Node of the past to evoke a tender memory or an incident which may require some resolution, but the feeling of this is generally positive thanks to a harmonious Pluto aspect to facilitate empowerment and personal growth.

The Moon enters Sagittarius at 2:58 pm EDT and trines the Aries Sun for a blossoming of positive fire energies to inspire and motivate.

Wednesday March 23. Today Mercury in Pisces conjoins Neptune, a beautiful harmonic dance of creative inspiration and the potential for spiritual connection. With Mercury trine the South Node there may be messages from the past to facilitate a greater spiritual connection.

The Sagittarius Moon is mostly harmonious today, helping to facilitate healing and energize our relationships. (Moon trine Chiron 11 am, sextile Mars 1:11 pm, sextile Venus 7:28 pm, square Jupiter 11:59 pm).

Thursday March 24. The planetary weather is relatively quiet on Thursday, with only a few lunar aspects before making the shift into Capricorn at 5:53 pm EDT.

Friday March 25. The Capricorn Moon encourages us to get down to business – responsibilities and plans for the future take center stage.  A square from the Moon to the Sun can create a bit of tension between our impulses (Aries Sun) and the need to pursue a path to future success (Capricorn). This may be particularly problematic around 2 pm EDT when the Moon squares Chiron and stimulates greater emotional sensitivity, but this will soon pass as the Moon harmonizes with Uranus to inspire avenues of change.

Our thinking and communication may become crystal clear towards the end of Friday under an aspect from Mercury to Pluto which facilitates deep thinking and a stronger connection to the inner voice of intuitive wisdom. This aspect will build throughout the day on Friday and culminate on Saturday morning.

Saturday March 26. The Mercury/Pluto aspect peaks at 6:34 am. Meanwhile we have a very busy Capricorn Moon, making this a good day to plan a very big to-do list! There is confidence and spiritual connection and a sense of purpose in the morning and an intensification of emotional clarity in the late afternoon, evening before the Moon moves into Aquarius at 8:55 pm. (Moon sextile Jupiter 3:48 am, sextile Neptune 9:36 am, trine North Node 10:07 am, conjunct Pluto 6:03 pm, sextile Mercury 7:50 pm.)

Sunday March 27.  Mercury enters Aries on Sunday at 3:44 am EDT, so prepare for some increased impulsivity and strong ideas. Mercury in Aries loves debate and is relatively unconcerned with finding agreement, and with Venus conjunct Saturn on Sunday there may be some small issues in our personal relationships.

Venus is in Aquarius which can be somewhat detached, and the conjunction to Saturn demands that the rules be followed – not the #1 priority of Mercury in Aries! So Sunday is a day for independent thinking and activities and would not be the best day to try to forge greater intimacy or connection.

The Moon will leave Aquarius for Pisces on Monday March 28th at 12:31 am and take us into a softer emotional environment – more about that next week! ❤️


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