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This week the Moon is full in Leo, a bright burst of joyful energy to help waken up the senses and stimulate the search for true joy and personal satisfaction.  With six planetary bodies in Saturn-ruled signs (four in Capricorn and two in Aquarius), the energies have been a bit heavy recently so a Full Moon in fire will give us a nice boost.

The beautiful alignment between Jupiter and Uranus discussed in last week’s post culminates this week, helping us to break out of old patterns and find new ways to break through obstacles. New opportunities may lurk behind corners, so be sure to pay attention. 😃

We also have Mercury moving from one Saturn-ruled sign (Capricorn) to another (Aquarius), but Aquarius benefits from the modern rulership of Uranus which breaks up outmoded ways of thinking (Mercury rules the mind and all matters of information and communication).  Mercury in Aquarius is the inventor, where Mercury in Capricorn is the scientist. Because of Mercury’s retrograde travels over the past few months Mercury has been in Capricorn for a longer time than it would normally travel through a sign. For the next few weeks we are dreaming up new and innovative ideas and adventures.

And now, the week ahead. Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your own locality.

Monday February 14. Speaking of Venus, the patron goddess of Valentine’s Day, she conjoins Mars for much of the week, in Capricorn where they both are very business-like and practical. Tempers and excitement may run high, so this is a good week to do something active with friends and family rather than sit in front of the tv.

Meanwhile the Moon begins the week in Leo, anticipating the Leo Full Moon by looking for ways to find pleasure and fun. Mercury makes the shift into Aquarius at 4:53 pm EST.

Tuesday February 15.  The Leo Moon sets off the challenging square from Saturn to Uranus that was the Story of 2021 and continues to cause trouble in 2022.  Finding stability (Saturn) in the midst of change (Uranus) and creating new ways (Uranus) to settle old problems (Saturn) is the theme here, and the Moon activates these themes much of the day.

The Sun forms a square aspect to the lunar nodes today. The nodes of the Moon signify the path from past to future, and when there is a significant aspect to the nodes it can signify a course correction, or perhaps a choice that must be made. These are subtle influences, but it doesn’t hurt to pay attention and see what comes up.

Wednesday February 16. The Venus/Mars conjunction culminates today, and the Full Moon occurs just before noon EST so the Venus/Mars aspect is embedded in the chart of the Full Moon. Venus softens the sometimes harsh influence of Mars, and Mars adds fire to the sometimes soft influence of Venus. As with any conjunction, this can be either a challenge or a boon, depending on how we utilize these energies. Adding some fire (Mars) to our interactions with others (Venus) in a positive way can help turn the tide in our direction. Otherwise there could be some irritation and frustration that arises seemingly out of nowhere, and this can be amplified by the Leo Full Moon.

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Under the Leo Full Moon the attention normally skews towards our own self-interest. Obviously some balance is required, but this is a good time to assess your own needs and ask yourself whether what you are doing is bringing you happiness. The Moon will move into self-effacing Virgo at 3:42 pm that day, which will change the theme altogether although the Full Moon energies will continue to linger for a day or two.

Thursday February 17. Today is the culmination of the Jupiter/Uranus sextile, and the Virgo Moon interacts with both Jupiter and Uranus to add even more sparkle to the burst of innovative expansion available to us right now.

It has always seemed an ironic twist of fate that in order to get the most out of the happy planetary aspect we have to really pay attention and utilize those energies, but the challenging planetary energies often just hit us on the head without our participation or permission! This Jupiter/Uranus sextile is one of those opportunities that do require us to wake up and walk through the door of opportunity when it’s presented. It may be presented in the form of frustration with what we’re doing and a desire to do something else, but that in itself is a message to pay attention to.

Friday February 18.  The Sun enters Pisces today, marking the first hint of Pisces season and an emergence out of Saturn-land. This means there are now three planetary bodies in Pisces, and a resurgence of imagination and sensitivity. The Virgo Moon is quite busy opening the heart, giving focus to our enthusiasm, seeking an expansion of creativity, and finally digging into the truth of the matter, all before moving into Libra at 10:50 pm EST. The Libra Moon tends to seek equanimity and peaceful solutions, and for the next few days we will tend to move away from conflict and seek harmony in all things.

When the Moon is this active we can sometimes feel quite emotional, but when the Moon is in Virgo these emotions can be activated more through thought than heart. (Moon trine Venus 12:46 am, trine Mars 1:13 am, opposite Neptune 8:22 am, trine Pluto 6:19 pm.)

Saturday February 19.  Today is relatively quiet astrologically speaking, with only a few lunar aspects at work. The early morning EST is a good time for conversation and creative thinking, and there could be a few hours of minor emotional stress that will pass quickly if it crops up. (Moon trine Mercury 7:18 am, opposite Chiron 4:58.)

Sunday February 20. The Sun forms a challenging square to Ceres today, bringing our attention to ways in which we may be out of touch with the needs of our body. It would be helpful to focus on nutritious and delicious foods today to ensure that the body and spirit are both nourished by the food we take in.

The Libra Moon activates the Venus/Mars square in the morning EST which could bring about some disruption. When the Moon is in Libra, interpersonal conflict is rarely out in the open. Instead it simmers and emerges in sometimes inappropriate ways, and this may occur today under this aspect. If so it will last for only a few hours.

On Monday the Moon will enter Scorpio at 4:19 am, just before next week’s forecast is published, so prepare for some emotional impact on Monday. I hope you have a great week! ❤️

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