February 28 through March 7, 2022.  Maybe the US threatening a short dictator with Scorpio rising and Pluto conjunct the Midheaven that his country would suffer untold destruction, under a Venus/Mars/Pluto conjunction, wasn’t the best idea. Especially with Pluto exactly conjunct US Pluto on February 22nd. Sometimes we wish astrology didn’t work quite so well.

Anyway. It’s difficult to predict what will happen, although plenty of people will try. So in the meantime let’s try to change the things we can and not obsess over what we can’t, doomscrolling into the night like I’ve been doing! Let’s donate to the causes that will help the people of Ukraine like the highly rated  World Central Kitchen, feeding displaced people of which there are so many.

In the astrological news this week, we still have no planets in retrograde motion. This is a fairly unusual situation in which all planets are in direct motion so there is no going back and re-doing or re-evaluating – it’s full speed all the way. Under a condition such as this, throughout March and April, we want to think carefully about what we are planning and what actions we take since we will be on a train going in only one directly.

The Pisces New Moon on Wednesday March 2nd will be extra expansive under a conjunction to Jupiter. Under the sign of Pisces we tend to let go of some of the day to day details in favor of a yearning for an experience which is more meaningful – more relaxing, more creative. Imagination is heightened, a yearning for spiritual connection is intensified. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces, and its conjunction to the New Moon deepens the Piscean need to blur the boundaries and escape into a world of illusion. As you can see, this can be positive or negative, depending upon which avenue we pursue.

The triple conjunction of Venus, Mars and Pluto is embedded in the chart of the New Moon which suggests that there is some danger in too much escapism and idealistic thinking. There is a need for adjustments in our personal relationships where necessary, and these adjustments must occur before the peace of Pisces can be realized. The expression “fog of war” unfortunately is perfect for this planetary line-up, and hopefully this fog will erode the plans of warmongers everywhere.

Fortunately, the Sun and Moon harmonize in a sextile to Uranus to inspire innovation and inventive ways through problems, but watch for some negative thinking around the New Moon (Mercury conjunct Saturn in Aquarius). Under Mercury and Saturn, in Saturn-ruled Aquarius)  we can, with some effort, turn negative thinking into constructive plans for change and that is what is called for here. If we take the yearning for peace and Spirit of the Pisces New Moon, add a bit of Uranian innovation and some Mercury/Saturn concrete thinking, we can transform the Mars/Pluto challenges of our lives for the better.

Speaking of Mars, Venus and Pluto, the exact conjunction of Mars and Venus to Pluto is March 3 EST, but this difficult alignment will be in effect all week. There is a powerful drive and ambition to achieve one’s goals, and this can be channeled into positive pursuits to effect great results. However, any areas of resentment or anger are likely to be pushed to the forefront of everyone’s consciousness so be careful on the roads, in the skies, and with any people that are difficult to get along with. Especially because the Moon enters Aries on March 3rd at 7:52 pm EST, and since Aries is ruled by Mars the energy of aggression and dominance will be particularly strong until the Moon enters Taurus on Monday March 6 just after the Venus/Mars conjunction.

The conjunction of the Sun to Jupiter which was incorporated into the New Moon energies culminates on Saturday March 5 EST. This is a lovely and optimistic planetary event which will really be in effect for much of the week because of its New Moon impact. Cultivating a hopeful approach to our lives will go a long way right now.

Last but not least, Mars and Venus both enter Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of reason and social justice but at a time like this we have to remember that social justice means different things to different people. Aquarius doesn’t mean that what we believe will prevail – but the idealism of Aquarius will begin to take center stage. Mercury and Saturn are already in Aquarius, so we will have a pretty big stellium of personal planets carrying the Aquarian energy. Aquarius tends to be detached and emotions take a back seat, but we will also have the Sun and then Jupiter conjoin Neptune in Pisces which will provide an interesting duality of feeling and intuition (Pisces) vs reason and data (Aquarius).

Here’s where the Moon is this week (all dates and times are Eastern time zone, please adjust for your locality):

  • Moon entered Aquarius February 27 at 1:35 pm
  • Moon enters Pisces March 1 at 3:53 pm
  • Moon enters Aries March 3 at 7:52 pm
  • Moon enters Taurus March 6 at 2:59 am

I hope you have a wonderful week! March Planetary Illuminations will be out tomorrow and you can subscribe below (for free).

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