Astrological update for the week of May 2-9, 2022

For the first few days of the week we are still under the influence of the April 30 solar eclipse at the Taurus New Moon which is nice grounding influence to help balance the mystic wonder of a Pisces stellium of four planets.

Pisces’ modern ruler Neptune is in a challenging square to Ceres, the planet that inspires us to care and nurture our physical bodies, so it’s important right now not to become so wrapped up in the Pisces care for the soul that we forget the other two legs of the stool, the body and mind.  The exact aspect was May 1st, but the influence will remain in effect for a couple of weeks and then Jupiter will square Ceres later in the month (May 18th).  This could lead to a tendency towards over-indulgence so establishing a good habit now will really help us to maintain our balance throughout the month.

One of the four Pisces planets is Mars, and when Mars (action) is in Pisces we often wonder where our “get up and go” went as the old saying goes. Taurus isn’t a very energetic sign either, so we may feel that it’s difficult to motivate ourselves.  This will start to lift when Venus (relating) enters Aries on May 2nd and begins to invigorate our interactions with others.

Jupiter, planet of optimism and expansion, is in a harmonious aspect to Pluto which peaks on May 3rd, and the entire first week of May will be infused by a boost of self-confidence and a clear path to our goals. The faster moving planets are helpful now with this endeavor; the Sun and Mars both interact with Uranus to stimulate new ideas and inspiration to break through any obstacles that hold us back.

Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your locality.

Monday May 2nd. The Taurus Moon harmonizes with Jupiter, Pluto and Venus all morning for an enhanced sense of stability and peaceful harmony.  The Moon moves into Gemini at 6:46 am and will align with Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, and that will begin to shake things up a bit. Watch for the mind to become much more active, and once Venus enters Aries at 12:10 pm the heavy earth influence of Taurus will continue to lift.

Tuesday May 3rd. Today is the exact Jupiter/Pluto shower of blessings to boost our confidence and empower us to achieve anything that we wish for. A square from the Moon to Mars may feel somewhat irritating but also energizing, and the Gemini Moon harmonizes with Chiron at around 11 am to facilitate the healing of blocks that stand in our way.

Wednesday May 4th. Jupiter and Pluto are still in kissing distance and will be for the entire week, and today Mars harmonizes with Uranus to energize new ideas and facilitate the emergence into new experiences and activities. The Gemini Moon is always up for anything and is quite active today, squaring off against Jupiter and Neptune which could make it easier to veer towards the impractical, so just watch for that as you enjoy the confidence of the day.

The Moon enters Cancer at around 7:05 pm, and for a few days we may feel more emotional than usual (unless you are a Cancerian type, in which case the rest of the world may be more understanding of the deep feeling of this watery sign).

Thursday May 5th. More sparkly energy for change today with the Sun conjunct Uranus! This is the perfect day to try something new, or simply just enjoy the stimulation of this planetary combination.  There is more beneficial planetary support with a harmonious Mercury/Venus sextile which is building today, encouraging easy conversation and interaction with everyone around you.

Today also marks the astrological Beltane, the cross quarter point between the equinoxes at 15 degrees Taurus. Read more about Beltane here.

Friday May 6th. It just keeps getting better this week, and today that Mercury/Venus aspect culminates in the wee hours of the morning. Meanwhile the Cancer Moon is quite active, engaging in harmonious dances with no less than four planets throughout the day.  Harmonious lunar aspects help us to feel at ease.

We also have yet another harmonious solar aspect building all day on Friday to culminate on Saturday: A sextile from the Sun to Mars.

Saturday May 7th.  The Sun/Mars dance lights up the sky throughout the day, and with the Moon trine Jupiter around 6:30 am it’s truly a beautiful planetary day. The potential for joy increases even more when the Moon moves into Leo at 7:49 am and then harmonizes with Venus and Mercury, infusing our relationships (Venus) and thoughts (Mercury) with the light of Sun-ruled Leo.

Despite all of this great planetary juju, around 8:20 pm EDT the opening square of the lunar cycle could bring some tension if we are not in alignment within ourselves. This is the first quarter Moon and something new may want to emerge.

Sunday May 8th. With the Moon in Leo we are generally geared towards seeking a more joyful expression of our lives, and that is the theme right now. This could be temporarily interrupted by a stressful opposition to Saturn at around 8:30 am EDT, but this will be a minor blip.

And that’s it for the week!  On Monday Mercury turns retrograde and Jupiter enters Aries, so enjoy the peaceful easy feelings of this week. ❤️


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