Astrological update for the week of September 26 – October 3, 2022

Fresh on the heels of the Libra New Moon (September 25, 4:34 pm EDT), we have a week full of positive energies to help navigate through any issues that we may be dealing with. The planets are always doing something, but this week we get a boost from harmonious alignments which provide support and ease us through challenges.

There is a dearth of the water element in the skies at the moment, with only Neptune carrying the influence of feeling and intuition, so we may find ourselves somewhat disconnected from our inner senses and focused more on the outer experience. We can counteract this by spending more time in quiet contemplation, tuning in to the sights and sounds of nature to soothe and calm any jangling of the nerves.

We do still have seven planets (including Chiron) in retrograde motion, and Mercury (mind) is at a virtual standstill as it prepares to turn direct next week. With so many planets retrograde it can feel like we are stuck, that it’s difficult to get anything off the ground. Patience furthers, as the IChing says, and if we stop to listen we will soon discover the solution to any problem.

We also have the challenging square between Saturn and Uranus at its tightest point since 2021 during the month of October: that conflict between the old way (Saturn) and the new (Uranus), the pressures of rebellion (Uranus) against conformity (Saturn) – expect to see all of these issues re-emerge for one last time.

Without a lot of big planetary interactions the faster moving planets and lunar energies become more evident. Here’s what else is happening this week (dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your locality.)

Monday September 26. The week begins with the Moon in Libra, fresh off the New Moon the evening before. Under the influence of Libra we crave harmony and peaceful relations with others, and this is strengthened by Venus and Mercury aspects which help to improve communication, mental focus, and the quality of our connections with others. A Sun/Jupiter aspect expands our confidence in our abilities all day, but under this aspect we tend to be a bit reckless and following our impulses may not be the wisest course of action.

Watch for a bit of emotional tension around 3 pm EDT, but otherwise this is a feel-good day which should help us to find our balance if we have been off-kilter. (Venus trine Pluto 1:45 am, Mercury conjunct Venus 1:58 pm, Sun opposite Jupiter 3:33 pm, Moon opposite Chiron 3:33 pm, Moon trine Mars 10:54 pm, Moon trine Saturn 11:44 pm.)

Tuesday September 27.  A Mercury aspect to enhance our mental focus which began building on Monday will culminate around 9 am on Tuesday (EDT), and with a minimum of planetary aspects on Tuesday this would be an excellent day to tackle a task which requires mental clarity.

Around noon we may feel a bit intense, but that just paves the way for the Moon moving into Scorpio at 7:14 pm EDT. When the Moon is in Scorpio we all take on that Scorpionic penetration of will and desire, and a harmonious Mars aspect will be building on Tuesday to help us to focus that will and empower our intentions. (Mercury trine Pluto 8:56 am, Moon square Pluto 12:20 pm, Moon enters Scorpio 7:14 pm, Mars trine Saturn the next day 1:48 am.)

Wednesday September 28. Today there are no aspects other than the Mars influence which began building the previous day. This will help clear away distractions and enable that force of Will represented by Mars to become laser-focused on a particular intention or decision.

I plan to use Wednesday for some long-range VisionCrafting™ to hone my long-range plans and ideas! (Mars trine Saturn 1:48 am).

Thursday September 29. Venus enters Libra at 3:49 am. Venus rules Libra, and is happiest in this sign of harmony and balance. Venus is usually associated with love and beauty and that is all true, but there is a more empowered side to Venus as well. The predecessors of Venus, Ishtar and Inanna, were goddesses of power and creation. Libra is often described as the iron fist inside the velvet glove, although the craving for polite niceness can be detrimental to any Venusian empowerment.  Venus will remain in Libra until October 23rd, putting the focus on not only personal relationships, but our own relationship to the world around us and how well we balance our needs and desires with the necessity for compromise.

The Scorpio Moon is quite busy on Thursday, passionate and intense in the morning EDT but in primarily harmonious alignments after noon to foster and encourage emotional stability. (Venus enters Libra 3:49 am, Moon opposite Uranus 3:49 am, square Saturn 4:57 am, trine Neptune 1:02 pm, sextile Mercury 2:57 pm, sextile Pluto 5:19 pm.)

Friday September 30. Happy lunar aspects today, and with the Moon having just entered Sagittarius (12:03 am EDT) the feeling of optimism is more easily attained. Give yourself a break on Friday and take some time to enjoy what comes your way. (Moon sextile Venus 2:03 am, trine Jupiter 5:38 am, sextile Sun 1:05 pm).

Saturday October 1. The Moon is in Sagittarius all day – a good day to schedule a party or social gathering, especially with Venus and Jupiter smiling in the wings. Even the most introverted among us will find social interactions easier and more rewarding with one caveat: it is easy to overstretch ourselves under these influences so pay attention to your own needs for space and quiet. (Moon trine Chiron 1 am, sextile Saturn 8:47 am, opposite Mars 11:03 am, Venus opposite Jupiter 2:11 pm, Moon square Neptune 4:44 pm, square Mercury 5:46 pm).

Sunday October 2. Mercury turns direct! It will take some time (about 10 days) for Mercury’s speed to normalize so don’t celebrate quite yet, but with the Moon still in Virgo for a few days we may want to clean up any lingering mess that the Mercury retrograde cycle brought with it.

The Moon enters Capricorn at 3:37 am, turning our attention and mood to tackling the hard projects that are essential to a stable life experience. The Capricorn Moon engages in a few challenging aspects which could create a bit of distress but just know this is temporary and follow the Capricornian spirit of hard work and focus on the goal.

Take care, friends, and have a great week. ❤️

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