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I have some good news this week!  This harmonious sextile from Jupiter (good fortune and urge for expansion) to Uranus (radical change and breaking free from outmoded paradigms) technically doesn’t culminate until February 17th, but the two are just two degrees from the exact aspect which will continue to tighten over the next couple of weeks.   This is a supremely beneficial aspect for positive change, and will help to awaken any part of us that feels dead and hopeless IF we pay attention.  Mars (action) and Venus (relating) are making harmonious aspects to both Jupiter and Uranus which should help soften some of the difficult energies at work in the world right now.

Speaking of that, the US Pluto Return is tightening the noose as we get closer to the exact alignment on February 20th, 2022. Pluto may be small but its influence is mighty, and it is exerting a powerful force right now. Knowing this will help us not to be too dismayed by the stress and pressure the US is going through right now. If this is new to you and you need to catch up, here are some posts from the past few years about this significant alignment.

Meanwhile, Ceres re-enters Gemini on the 8th after having retrograded back into Taurus for a few months. In Gemini Ceres brings its focus on self-care and wellness into the realm of thinking and communication which fits in very nicely into the story told above!  Over the next few months (until Ceres moves into Cancer in mid-May) it might be useful to tend carefully to the thought patterns and information you take in to be sure they are feeding the soul as well as the mind.

But back to this week! Here’s what you need to know. (Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your locality.)

Monday February 7. The Moon begins the week in Taurus, instilling a sense of calm and equanimity that will help us to deal with any problems that arise. Harmonious lunar aspects on Monday further facilitate this enhanced ability to find our center and find the still point from which smart decisions can be made. (Moon sextile Jupiter 10:57 am, trine Mars 2:12 pm, conjunct Uranus 3:22 pm, trine Venus 7 pm.)

A lovely trine from Mars to Uranus is building on Monday to culminate on Tuesday, activating and stimulating our creative imagination to find new solutions to old problems.

Tuesday February 8. The Mars/Uranus aspect culminates Tuesday morning but its effects will linger throughout Tuesday and Wednesday. This period between Monday and Wednesday is really excellent for any kind of problem solving or brain storming. The Moon is quite busy on Tuesday, perhaps holding back from change in the morning (square Saturn 2 am, square Sun 8:50 am) but facilitating creativity and positive mental activity in the afternoon and evening (sextile Neptune 12:39 pm, trine Mercury 8:48 pm, trine Pluto 11:47 pm).

Wednesday February 9. The Moon conjoins its own North Node at 1:11 am, which seems symbolically significant. The North Node represents the path to the future, and it marks the intersection of the path of the Moon with the Sun. There may be a small but significant event, or perhaps a dream given the time this occurs, that marks a course correction. It may be nothing, but it might be useful to pay attention!

The Moon moves into Gemini at 5:26 am Wednesday and the rest of the day is marked by a lack of planetary interactions.  However, Mercury, planet of the mind, is approaching its third conjunction to intense and transformative Pluto on the 11th, and both planets harmonize in a trine to the North Node of destiny over the weekend, between the 12th and the 14th. We create our world through our mind, both the small mind of knowledge and the higher mind of wisdom, and under these aspects there is a portal that leads directly into our future. This is a spectacular time for vision work, for re-imagining areas of your life where you would like to find better direction and purpose.

Thursday February 10. Lunar aspects on Thursday are mostly harmonious, but the approaching Mercury/Pluto event will dominate the astrological airwaves. This is a time of intense mental focus, and there is the potential for verbal combat and disagreements (do we really need more of that??). If there is a challenging interaction occurring for you at this time, using the power of Mercury’s mental vision combined with Pluto’s depth of perception will go a long way to facilitate a transformative evolution. The Gemini Moon, ruled by Mercury and concentrated in the realm of information and ideas, will help to facilitate any changes (Moon sextile Chiron 1:01 am, trine Saturn 3:20 pm).

Friday February 11. The Mercury/Pluto alignment peaks at 9:03 am but will linger for a day or two. The Moon is in Gemini for much of Friday, aiding in any readjustment that is needed, and then enters Cancer at 6:26 pm on Friday. The Moon is most at home in Cancer, its own sign, where we become more interested in our tribal alignments and ways in which we can feel more at home ourselves. However, Cancer is the most emotional of all the signs, so feelings and the vulnerability they cause may be an issue over the next few days. Especially since …

Saturday February 12. The sensitive Cancer Moon bumps up against some difficulty today with a combination of challenging and supportive lunar aspects. This could have the effect of some surprising mood swings and hurt feelings combined with general optimism and excitement over new possibilities. (Moon square Chiron 2:06 pm, trine Jupiter 2:34 pm, sextile Uranus 4:49 pm, opposite Mars 11:21 pm.)

Sunday February 13. Sunday is a relatively peaceful day, with the Cancer Moon trine Neptune in the afternoon to encourage time spent in the realm of imagination and creativity. A good day for cooking, for example!  Very late in the evening EST the sensitive Cancer Moon will confront Pluto which could create some issues, or difficulty sleeping (1:06 am Monday morning) but these lunar events last only a few hours.

I hope you have a beautiful week! ❤️

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