Astrological update for the week of June 6-13, 2022.

Saturn turned retrograde on Saturday which happens to be Saturn’s own day. Saturn of course is the planet of restriction and hard work, but his gift is in the rewards that come as a result. Any planet when changing direction has a more intensely powerful impact, especially if it is affecting your chart in a more personal way and when that planet is Saturn there is more pressure to take a realistic view of our world. Saturn will tend to kick our behinds if we are living in a fantasy land so when Saturn is stationary in the sky as it is right now, barely moving, it wants our attention.

There are a number of planets at 25-26 degrees right now – Saturn is at 25 Aquarius square to Mercury at 26 Taurus, further demanding a serious mind and attention to all matters of communication. Saturn is in an awkward semi-sextile to mystical Neptune, further emphasizing the idea that too much fantasy or idealization (Neptune) will not have a good outcome. Fortunately we have two of the personal planets in earthy Taurus (Mercury and Venus) to help us to ground and center.

Otherwise the planetary activity is fairly mild, with no major outer planet alignments at all during the month of June. In fact, there are no other outer planet aspects for the rest of the year. It’s the outer planets which apply the most pressure in longer lasting cycles, and when those influences are absent we become more aware of the more subtle influences of the faster moving planets and the Moon. That doesn’t mean you won’t personally be affected if one of the bigger players is hitting your chart in a major way! But overall there is less big conflict and upheaval as we’ve seen in 2020 with the repression of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction, and in 2021 with the social upheaval of the Saturn/Uranus square.

So without further ado, here’s your update for the week! Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your locality.

Monday June 6. We begin the week with the Moon in Virgo – an excellent time to get organized and create some order in our lives. Under the influence of Virgo we seek harmony through perfection, and things that are out of place obstruct that sense of harmony to create difficulty.

We may feel that a little more today with aggressive Mars in a challenging square to Ceres, the planet that governs care of the self and the body mind spirit balance. Fortunately, the Sun harmonizes with Chiron, planet of wounding and healing, to facilitate the clearing of stuck energies which may be keeping us from emerging as our best selves. (Moon enters Virgo 2:21 am, Sun sextile Chiron 4:44 am, Mars square Ceres 8:06 am, Moon sextile Ceres 8:48 pm.)

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Tuesday June 7.  Tuesday brings a series of lunar aspects which are mostly harmonious and positive for relationships as well as personal growth. New ideas may excite us, and a trine to the North Node in the evening could activate a step in the right direction although there may be a stuck point in the late morning where an adjustment is needed. (Moon trine Venus 12:05 am, trine Uranus 10:26 am, Moon square Sun 10:48 am, Moon trine North Node 8:57 pm.)

Wednesday June 8. The Moon leaves Virgo for Libra in the late morning, shifting the focus from worldly details to aesthetics and relating. Harmonious aspects from the Virgo Moon to Mercury and Pluto in the morning (EDT) facilitate personal expression and communication.

Once the Moon moves into Libra, an aspect to Jupiter could create a sense of abundance and good fortune. Alternatively, there may be some frustration if our desires don’t match up with our situation. Lunar aspects last for only a few hours, so if you’re feeling out of sorts don’t worry, it will soon pass. (Moon opposite Neptune 2:44 am, trine Mercury 5:55 am, trine Pluto 8:08 am, Moon enters Libra 11:22 am, Moon opposite Jupiter 8:25 am.)

Thursday June 9. Lunar aspects could activate feelings of irritability, unease and perhaps some emotional distress as the Libran need for harmony is upset by brief but challenging aspects. The coast will clear in the evening, though, as the Sun burns off the clouds. (Moon square Ceres 6:33 am, opposite Mars 8:15 am, opposite Chiron 3:52 pm, trine Sun 9:56 pm.)

Friday June 10. Another lunar day, with the Libra Moon creating harmony in the morning and then potential stress in the afternoon as our emotions intensify under an aspect to Pluto. That will lead into the shift of the Moon into Scorpio in the afternoon, and for a few days emotions WILL be more intense. This is especially true with Mercury harmonizing with Pluto on Thursday and Friday which sharpens our focus and deepens our desire to communicate with truth and raw emotion.

Intense emotionality can be frightening or annoying, but this intensity can also illuminate feelings that we may not even know we had. Embracing our feelings, warts and all, can be an enlightening and liberating experience. (Moon trine Saturn 8:27 am, square Pluto 1:436 pm, Moon enters Scorpio 4:41 pm, Mercury trine Pluto 5:21 pm.)

Saturday June 11. A combination of Venus and Uranus on Saturday brings sparkly new energy into our relationships. Venus is in Taurus where things can get a bit stodgy, but Saturday will be a great day to interact with friends and loved ones. There could be some surprises, so try to be flexible if something unexpected pops up. The Scorpio Moon reactivates the Venus/Uranus combination in the evening which may feel a little unsettling, but any feelings of unease will soon pass. (Moon trine Ceres 12:09 pm, Venus conjunct Uranus 6:57 pm, Moon opposite Uranus 9:05 pm, Moon opposite Venus 9:15 pm.)

Sunday June 12. Sunday is a very busy lunar day, and with the Moon still in Scorpio that means a lot of emotional stuff coming to the forefront of consciousness. Early in the morning the Moon conjoins the South Node to awaken something from the past that needs to be resolved before we can move into the future. Later in the morning and until around 6 pm we are buffeted around by some conflicting experiences: isolation and loneliness, magic and creativity, harmonious processing of life’s situations, and over-emotional thinking that prevents logical and reasoned decisions.

The Moon leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius around 6:30 pm at which point a veneer of optimism and positivity could help to resolve anything left undone from a day of emotional ups and downs. (Moon conjunct South Node 6:01 am, Moon square Saturn 10:44 am, trine Neptune 11:01 am, sextile Pluto 3:33 pm, opposite Mercury 5:39 pm, Moon enters Sagittarius 6:31 pm.)

I hope you have a wonderful week! ❤️


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