Astrological update for the week of November 14-21, 2022

Post-eclipse wrapup.  In my monthly Planetary Illuminations report for November (see the subscription form in the sidebar) I wrote that the total lunar eclipse on November 8th would have two segments: the dark time before the eclipse and the light time after the eclipse. I wrote “Eclipses aren’t inherently dangerous, but they are usually portals through which difficult truths may emerge. The lunar eclipse on November 8th conjoins the North Node of the future, suggesting that any challenges which come up at this time will drive us more easily towards a more enlightened fate. ”

We have entered the post-eclipse phase, with a watery trine to facilitate the flow of feeling and intuition. Over the past few days with the Moon in Cancer this trine became a Grand Trine, an endless circle of emotions, moods and sensibilities but on Monday the Moon enters fiery Leo and all of that feeling and emotion becomes very personal and begins to burn with a brighter flame.

Still, with five planets in water signs working together in harmony, this week has the potential to bring some good fortune and optimism into the mix, along with enhanced creativity and a burst of inspiration. (Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces trine Sun, Mercury, Venus in Scorpio.) With Venus the first planet to move from Scorpio to Sagittarius, we begin to say goodbye to the intensity of Scorpio season and move into the lighter realm of Sagittarius with all of its optimism and positivity.

Ceres opposite Neptune. Ceres is beginning a three-phase cycle with Neptune which will last until June of next year. Ceres is the planet which bestows the grace of good nutrition and a sense of being embodied in the world; we get to Ceres through what is now called “wellness” – the care of the body, mind and spirit to fully integrate a healthy incarnation.

Any Neptune opposition can bring with it a tendency towards illusion and deception, or at the least some confusion and uncertainty, especially as it relates to the ways in which we nourish and nurture the body. Under this influence it may become more difficult and therefore more important to take additional care with our nutrition and our body’s energy.  The exact alignment occurs on November 25 but the opposition is growing tighter this week and next.

A few words about Twitter. I’ve been posting more and more on Twitter lately. In the old days I’d write a 500 word blog post, but the world moves more quickly now. I’ve found Twitter to be the perfect spot for some of my political and cultural observations. You’ll see my Twitter feed in the sidebar of this blog, but you can also follow me there for commentary on the intersection between astrology and real life. And yes, Elon Musk is a train wreck, but so far it hasn’t affected my use of the platform despite the calls to jump.

And now let’s look at the week ahead! Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your locality. 

Monday November 14. The Moon enters Leo just before 8 am which helps us to celebrate the positive energies that are available to us this week. Our thinking is clear and communication flows easily (Mercury sextile Pluto), and that enhanced

creativity and inspiration is easily available if we just relax enough to become aware of it (Sun trine Neptune). These aspects peak late in the evening on Monday but linger into the next day.

In addition, the super lucky trine from Venus to Jupiter builds all day Monday to peak early morning on Tuesday. The cards are stacked in your favor today if you take advantage of the great astrological weather! (Mercury sextile Pluto 9:27 pm, Sun trine Neptune 10:43 pm).

Tuesday November 15. That lucky Venus/Jupiter trine peaks in the early morning but the positive energies from Monday linger well into Tuesday. There is some potential for conflict in the late afternoon and evening on Tuesday if we let our ego get in the way of our interactions with others, but these are lunar aspects and they will soon pass. (Venus trine Jupiter 4:35 am, Moon trine Chiron 9:11 am, Moon square Uranus 5:23 pm, Moon opposite Saturn 10:17 pm.)

Wednesday November 16. Venus enters Sagittarius and the optimism party continues. Under this influence we may tend to feel more social and less bogged down with small resentments that may have come up under Scorpio. A Mercury/Jupiter aspect bestows greater positivity and an expanded sense of possibilities, making this a good day for conversation and negotiations.

The Leo Moon gives way to Virgo at about 8 pm and provides some welcome earthiness to this new rosy optimism which can get out of hand if not grounded at some point. (Venus enters Sagittarius 1:08 am, Moon sextile Mars 7:11 am, square Sun 8:27 am, Mercury trine Jupiter 10:43 am, Moon square Mercury 6:55 pm, Moon enters Virgo 8:03 pm, Moon square Venus 10:14 pm.)

Thursday November 17. With Mercury joining Venus in Sagittarius today the shift into a more buoyant experience continues. There are no lunar aspects to cloud the bright sky, so enjoy this sunny day!

Friday November 18. The overarching influence today is a lovely Sun/Pluto sextile to enhance and empower our day. Solar aspects last only a day or two, but this aspect is a gentle but potent reminder to point us in the right direction.

Meanwhile a challenging Mars aspect to Neptune is beginning to build, and the Virgo Moon draws out those energies in the afternoon. Mars represents action and Neptune can blur intentions and take us down a path of illusion so Friday and Saturday would not be great days to make an important decision without careful thought and consideration. (Moon trine Uranus 4:22 am, Moon conjunct Ceres 11:34 am, Moon opposite Neptune 4:11 pm, Moon square Mars 4:35 pm, Sun sextile Pluto 4:37 pm, Moon trine Pluto 11:25 pm.)

Saturday November 19. The Moon is generally happy today which will help to ameliorate some of the effects of that Mars/Neptune challenge which peaks at 10:43 am after the Moon enters Libra. Venus-ruled Libra can bring out an interest in the arts, and there may be a surge of creativity which is one of the best ways to navigate through a difficult Neptune period. (Moon sextile Sun 12 am, opposite Jupiter 3:46 am, Moon enters Libra 5:57 am, Mars square Neptune 10:43 am, Moon sextile Mercury 12:53 pm, Moon sextile Venus 2:15 pm

Sunday November 20. Any debris from Mars/Neptune confusion is swept away today by a beautiful trine from the Sun to optimistic Jupiter. This is simply a lovely aspect to open up our eyes and our minds to see our lives with a new perspective. The Libra Moon helps to facilitate equanimity and encourage harmonious integration. (Moon opposite Chiron 4:53 am, Moon trine Saturn 5:18 pm, Moon trine Mars 10:37 pm, Sun trine Jupiter 11:07 pm.)

What a great way to end the week! ❤️

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