As astrological weather goes, the weather for this week is fairly mild. But just as a quick intense thunderstorm can stir up a lot of debris, the tightening vise of Venus, Mars and Pluto could wreak some havoc in our personal relationships. On the positive side (and you know I always like to present all possibilities for you!) this triple conjunction can have the effect of squeezing superficiality out of our interactions and replacing it with truth and empowerment. Maybe I’m just a contrarian (ok, I AM a contrarian), but sometimes the easy opportunity times are the ones that trap us with their glitz and glamor and cause us to be unprepared for the storm. The challenging planetary cycles build resilience and wisdom.

Anyway, this week is relatively peaceful overall – no lunar events, no outer planet alignments to confront our sense of reality. The Sun, newly in Pisces, joins Jupiter and Neptune (co-rulers of Pisces) for a festival of divine love, compassionate hearts, and boundless creativity. And the faster moving planetary alignments are harmonious and supportive. So the only potential challenge is the tightening of Venus, Mars and Pluto.  Venus and Mars have been a team (conjunct) for the past couple of weeks, inspiring us to better integrate the yin (Venus) with the yang (Mars) principles in order to achieve greater harmony. Mercury was conjunct Pluto for weeks (it was stationary within a few degrees of Pluto as it turned direct), intensifying communication and mental focus (maybe not the best time for a US/Russia conference!).

Venus conjoined Mars on February 16th and since then hasn’t moved more than one degree from Mars, meaning the two continue to act as a team. Venus can soften the assertive qualities of Mars, and Mars can energize Venus and inspire action and good boundaries. The two planets are in Capricorn so they are practical and seek results, which is a positive influence for relationships. The challenge could come a little later this week when Mars and Venus get very close to the intensity of Pluto. Pluto often demands the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and this can get confrontational so watch for that towards the end of the week. The means to the end are the important thing under the Capricorn influence.

Oh and let’s not forget the US Pluto return! You can read all about that here.

AND NOW the week ahead. (Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your own locality.)

Monday February 21. The week begins with the Moon moving into Scorpio at 4:19 am, transitioning our focus to the deeper meanings and hidden Truths after having aligned in a square to Pluto in a short trip into the Underworld of the psyche.

There is a gentle trine from the Moon to the Pisces Sun at around 9:30 am which may unlock intuition and creativity – this is a beautiful morning for meditation or communing with nature.  Around 5:30 the Moon forms a stressful square to Mercury which may inflame communication somewhat since the Scorpio Moon tends to inspire us to hold onto grudges until the facts are resolved. This aspect will last for just a few hours, but the Scorpio Moon demands that kind of intensity over the next few days.

Tuesday February 22. Today brings lots of fast moving lunar aspects which are both harmonious and stressful so it may feel a bit like an emotional roller coaster.  Just after midnight we may feel restless and unsettled, but a couple of hours later we are optimistic and happy. But then just before noon we may feel a bit negative and perhaps blocked from pursuing our dreams. After about 1 pm though (all EST) the coast is clear and a series of harmonious lunar aspects bring some peace and greater stability. (Moon opposite Uranus 12:10 am, Moon trine Jupiter 1:45 am, Moon square Saturn 11:53 am, Moon sextile Venus 4:54 pm, Moon sextile Mars 5:58 pm, Moon trine Neptune 7:00 pm.)

Meanwhile a harmonious Mars/Neptune sextile is building which will culminate on Wednesday. This is a glorious burst of positive energy to inspire and motivate all kinds of creative imagination and spiritual connection.

Wednesday February 23.  The Mars/Neptune sextile peaks at 2:11 pm, and meanwhile the Moon will have moved into Sagittarius around 8:30 am, shifting the energy from Scorpionic intensity to Sagittarian optimism. With that Mars/Neptune aspect fostering greater inspiration, this is the perfect day to imagine great things and find a new perspective which will help us to break through blocks and boundaries.

A brief square from the Moon to the Sun, the closing square of the lunar cycle, may force an adjustment of some sort for a few hours around 5:30 pm EST. This won’t last long and will be eased by an approaching Mercury aspect to Chiron which will aid in greater understanding and healing.

Thursday February 24. This is a very busy day astrologically and for much of the day the energies are supportive and promote ease. The Sagittarius Moon is open and expansive, and interacts positively for healing and mental balance. We have a beautiful Venus/Neptune sextile that peaks at around 11 am which will be in effect for much of the day, opening the heart and stimulating creative juices.

However, a simultaneous challenge from Mercury to Uranus could upset the applecart and foster some anxiety or irritation. This aspect peaks at 9:20 pm EST but will also be in effect for much of the day, weaving in and out of the peacefulness fostered by Venus. This is a day for action – if these energies are utilized through focused intent (creative projects, writing, active meditation practice such as yoga or tai chi) they will have a more beneficial effect.  (Mercury sextile Chiron 12:06 am, Moon trine Chiron 2:06 am, Moon sextile Mercury 2:17 am, Moon square Jupiter 6:19 am, Venus sextile Neptune 11:03 am, Moon sextile Saturn 3:44 pm, Mercury square Uranus 9:21 pm, Moon square Neptune 10:24 pm.)

Friday February 25. The Moon enters Capricorn at 11:27 am, motivating us to get more serious about the work we are doing and our goals for the future. That’s it for the day!

Saturday February 26 and Sunday February 27.  With no planetary aspects throughout the weekend, and no planetary energies building to culminate later, the lunar aspects take center stage and there are a lot of them.  Saturday we have primarily harmonious influences to support the structure-building of the Capricorn Moon. (Moon sextile Sun 12:09 am, Moon square Chiron 4:53 am, Moon trine Uranus 6:40 am, Moon sextile Jupiter 9:43 am.)

On Sunday the Moon activates that triple conjunction of Venus, Mars and Pluto, all in Capricorn, bringing to light any imbalances in our interpersonal relationships. Venus wants to attach, Mars wants to find independence, and Pluto demands accountability. And here is the Moon, urging us to experience all of these things on a very personal level.

Remember this triple conjunction is in effect throughout this week, and really until around March 6 when Venus and Mars enter Aquarius and make the break from Pluto. Expect these themes of attachment vs autonomy to continue to emerge as we strive to improve our connections.

I hope you have a wonderful week! ❤️  The Planetary Illuminations report will come out March 1st so sign up below if you’re not already on my mailing list.

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