Astrological update for the week of September 12-19, 2022

Peak retrograde. With Mercury having just turned retrograde last week, there are currently seven planets in apparent retrograde motion. Repeating my comments from last week: When there is a preponderance of retrograde energy it can feel like we’re spinning our wheels, especially if those planets are triggering something in our chart. Mercury retrograde issues tend to be specifically about communication, but we also have Jupiter retrograde (examining missed opportunities), Saturn retrograde (revisiting our obligations), Neptune retrograde (urging a more creative sense of reality) and Pluto retrograde (the insistence of fate to take the wheel). With the addition of Chiron retrograde (peeling off the scab one more time in order to heal the wounds), there is a great deal of looking into the past that needs to be done.

As one reader commented last week, retrogrades can bring challenges as well as gifts and that is true for everything related to astrology. The persistent pulling back the veil to reveal one more error that needs to be corrected can be annoying and irritating and can make it difficult to feel that we’re getting any traction, just like in the old movie Groundhog Day. Sometimes we just have to keep re-doing our lives over and over until we get it right.

Saturn/Uranus square. The Saturn/Uranus cycle of 2021 brought up a fervor of revolutionary (Uranus) rebellion against the structures which hold our societies in place (Saturn).  This cycle ended last year, but the two planets are just a degree apart from an exact alignment now and that will continue to tighten until mid-October. This is a reactionary time which, considering the retrograde forces at work right now, will require a great deal of caution. This would not be a great time to act impulsively as there are many factors to consider which may be forgotten in the heat of the moment.

Speaking of decisions, Mercury is retrograding back through Libra right now and while this helps us to be more open-minded, it also can make decisions more difficult as there are many valid viewpoints. Mercury will approach a stressful opposition to Jupiter, planet of optimism and confidence, which is currently in impulsive Aries. There are not many planetary aspects this week to distract us from these more important forces which should help ease the situation.

My recommendation is to take especially good care when making commitments this week.  ❤️

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