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Astrological update for the week of April 4-11, 2022

Before I talk about the hard stuff I’d like to add a preface: These potentially challenging cycles are fast moving, lasting only a few days, and interpersed are lovely periods of harmony and camaraderie that will help to relieve the stress of what I’m about to reveal. 😃

Mars conjunct Saturn April 4. The week begins with a challenging conjunction from Mars to Saturn in the Saturn-ruled sign of Aquarius. The idea that Mars and Saturn are malefic in their nature is something that I am always arguing against.  If it weren’t for Mars we wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning.  Mars is the energy that motivates and excites us – it provides inspiration as well as desire.  When that inspiration and desire is thwarted, Mars can become angry and that can easily escalate into the rage that Mars is known for.  Saturn provides a container and structure for our lives.  It inspires us to make commitments and to set goals for the future.  Saturn’s lessons become difficult when we attempt to ignore the need for rules and structure – then we may get the proverbial bonk on the head from the Celestial Taskmaster.

This conjunction is intensified because it squares the Taurus Moon which may cause some disruption to our equilibrium. The conjunction is also in a strong square aspect to the Lunar Nodes of Fate, suggesting that there may be a reckoning from the past that must be confronted before the path to the future is clear. With any planetary aspect to the nodes there may not be a specific event that occurs but it’s a good idea to keep our eyes open in the early part of the week.

Mercury square Pluto April 10.  Mercury transits only affect us for a day or two since Mercury travels so quickly, but since we are already primed in the early part of the week for potential tension and malice under Mars/Saturn, we may be hyper-sensitive as Mercury in its final degrees of fiery Aries faces off against Pluto.  Mercury is associated with communication and all kinds of information and frankly I don’t know how we would recognize an increase in arguments and fiery rhetoric. But it might be a good idea not to walk into any lion’s dens on the 9th or 10th.

Jupiter/Neptune conjunction. Technically this doesn’t culminate until April 12th, but it is in full effect this week. You can catch up here if you missed my deep dive, but the murky mystical mists of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces could confuse some of the issues that may come up here. This is a good week to be mindful – stay in the present moment, examine your emotions and feelings, and try not to react without thinking and careful consideration. A harmonious sextile from Jupiter to the lunar nodes is in effect for much of the week (culminating  April 8) and could bring an opportunity that could change the course of our lives ever so slightly, even though we may not recognize it at the time.

And now…the week ahead!  Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your own locality. 

Monday April 4. The Moon is quite active today, mostly supportive once we get past a trigger to that challenging square to Mars and Saturn (after 12 pm). The presence of Jupiter in the mix will likely help to ameliorate any real difficulty or conflict that emerges. The afternoon brings a lunar conjunction to the North Node to help us to re-focus, and the support of Neptune for creative inspiration and of Pluto for aid in delving deep into consciousness. (Moon square Mars 11:09 am, sextile Jupiter 11:29 am, square Saturn 11:57 am, conjunct North Node 1:04 pm, sextile Neptune 2:36 pm, trine Pluto 11:59 pm.)

Tuesday April 5. With the Mars/Saturn energies peaking, we begin to assimilate the lessons which may have emerged when the Moon enters Gemini at around 3 am. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, planet of the mind, and under its influence we are more easily able to understand our emotions from a more detached and intellectual perspective. The Gemini Moon helps us to process and digest experiences and move on to the next ones.

We also have Venus moving into Pisces at 3:17 pm, bringing her beauty and softness into the sign of imagination and spiritual yearning. Venus is creative and romantic in Pisces, lubricating our relationships and helping us to find the highest expression of human love in all of its forms.

Wednesday April 6. Today is relatively quiet with only a few harmonious lunar aspects to facilitate the smoothing of any rough edges. (Moon sextile Chiron 4:15 am, conjunct Ceres 9:19 am, sextile Sun 12:31 pm, sextile Mercury 9:56 pm.)

Thursday April 7. A harmonious sextile from Mercury in Aries to Saturn is perfect for any difficult conversations that we may have put off.  This aspect enhances mental focus and concentration, and also calms the fire of Aries Mercury to cool down frustrations and communicate more clearly.

The Gemini Moon faces off against Jupiter and Neptune between midnight and 3 am EDT which could make for some emotional discomfort and sense of unsettledness. This is followed by a harmonious trine from the Moon to Mars to restore confidence just before the Moon enters Cancer and harmonizes with Venus.  The Moon will be in its own sign of Cancer for a few days, heightening sensitivity and potentially bringing out the richness of our feelings. (Moon trine Saturn 12:26 am, square Jupiter 12:41 am, square Neptune 2:53 am, trine Mars 3:14 am, enters Cancer 3:30 pm, trine Venus 8:19 pm.)

Friday April 8. The harmonious Jupiter/Nodes aspect culminates this morning, along with a harmonious Mercury/Mars aspect to facilitate all matters of communication and learning. There could be a few hours around 5 pm when sensitive feelings are hurt, but these are not likely to linger. (Moon squares Chiron 5:20 pm, sextile Uranus 6:27 pm.)

Saturday April 9. Lunar aspects rule the day, although the challenging square from Mercury to Pluto which culminates Sunday is building throughout the day on Saturday. There may be some emotional tension for a few hours in the early morning, but these will be followed by generally harmonious lunar aspects to foster good feeling and inner balance.

It is a good idea to use this time to think about any challenges that could come up on Sunday under these challenging influences and formulate a plan to manage them, especially since after 11 pm the Moon will trigger the Mercury/Pluto aspect. (Moon square Sun 6:47 am, Moon trine South Node 2:02 pm, trine Jupiter 2:36 pm, trine Neptune 3:46 pm, square Mercury 11:25 pm.)

Sunday April 10. The lunar trigger to the Mercury/Pluto conflict continues around 1 am before the Moon enters Leo at 3:59 am. The Leo Moon encourages us to seek joy and good will which will be useful under the Mercury/Pluto aspect which culminates at 8:45 am and will dissipate throughout the day.

Mercury moves into Taurus on Monday April 11 at 2:09 am which will settle everything down and help us to regain any equilibrium we may have lost.

I hope you have a good week! ❤️

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