Thanks to Astrococktail for this fascinating link to the Washington Post vote database. where you can track who voted for what by party, state, region, “boomer status,” gender and astrological sign. It also gives a list of how many congresspeople are represented in each sign and who they are. I usually don’t highlight this kind of Sun Sign representation, but it’s interesting to see that three signs dominate the Senate and three are significantly underrepresented.

For example, out of 100 senators, the least represented sign is Leo. Clearly we cannot derive a great deal of information from the Sun Signs alone, but that is an interesting statistic to me since Leo is the sign of SELF-expression. The most represented signs are Aquarius (which you might expect since Aquarius, as the opposite of Leo, is the sign of the expression of the collective), Scorpio (which typically deals with issues of power so you might expect to find them in government), and Taurus, whose realms of concern include physical security.

As you might expect, the Taureans are primarily Republicans (earth signs tend to be more conservative since they dislike change, although other factors in the chart can radicalize them) including the well-known Rick Santorum. The Scorpios included some of the most well-known and outspoken names: Hillary Clinton, Robert Byrd, Ted Stevens, Tom Harkin, and Joe Biden.

After Leo, the next sign that had the least representation is Gemini, with only four senators (possibly because of Gemini’s famous need for constant change and stimulation and those meetings are long). Not surprisingly, the Geminis are split evenly between Democrats and Republicans. Aries is the next least represented sign, with only five members. With the independent streak found in most Aries this again is not surprising, Aries often doesn’t work well in concert with others and prefers to lead their own pack.

There’s endless hours of possibilities here as you can track this for every vote! Sounds like a research project for those slow days in January.

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