There was quite a discussion on my Facebook page Sunday about the sleeplessness of the Aquarius Full Moon!  With Uranus stationary in the sky and modern ruler of the lunation, the Uranian pressure to wake up can happen a bit too literally.  In any case, the Sun moved into Virgo shortly after the 29 degree Full Moon and joined Mercury and Mars which are already in Virgo, taking us fully into Virgo Season.

The sign that the Sun is in acts as a filter for our conscious experiences, and the Sun in Virgo is all about wrapping up the details.  We are nearly halfway through the zodiac, and it’s time to assimilate the experiences of the signs that came before before we make the shift at the Equinox into Libra and complete the passage around the wheel of time.  Transits of the Sun are typically pretty mild – they last only a day or so and simply serve to illuminate or call our attention to something which may have been hidden in the darkness of the subconscious.

This week is pretty quiet astrologically and offers a chance to regain our balance and hopefully get a good night’s sleep!  And now, the week ahead. (Dates and times are given in EDT and UTC, please adjust for your locality.)

Monday, August 23.  Our connections are strengthened all day through a harmonious trine from Venus, in Libra where it is at its strongest, urging us to pursue beauty and love in all things, to Saturn, planet of structure and control.  Venus/Saturn aspects promote responsible interactions and easier commitments, and facilitates greater balance and equality in relationships.  The Moon, in Pisces where we tend to feel more of a desire to find the flow in our lives, is very active on this day: promoting excitement in the late morning EDT/early afternoon UTC, facing adversity around noon EDT/4 pm UTC, and perhaps experiencing some mental confusion around 10 pm EDT/2 pm Tuesday UTC.  Each of these lunar aspects lasts only a few hours, so if you keep breathing you will soon be through it!  (Moon sextile Uranus, opposing Mars, opposite Mercury).

Tuesday, August 24.  Today an aspect of tension develops between Mercury in Virgo, focusing on the small details to better organize our lives, and Neptune in Pisces, the OG planet of the transcendent and divine.  Organization and mystical creativity don’t always go well together, just ask your artist friend!  So there could be some confusion, beginning on Monday evening when the Moon opposes Mercury, continuing into the early morning with a conjunction of the Pisces Moon to Neptune, and all day on Tuesday under the Mercury/Neptune opposition.  Creating a system (Virgo) for your creativity and spiritual practice (Neptune) could be the perfect solution to this dilemma.

The Moon enters Aries at 2:56 pm EDT/6:56 pm UTC, and the fire of Aries will burn off some of the fog and bring some clarity of direction in the approach to the exact Mercury/Neptune aspect.

Wednesday, August 25.  The creative confusion of Mercury/Neptune will linger into Wednesday, with the Aries Moon offering ways to punch through the mists.  The Aries Moon is pretty active between 11 am and 3 pm EDT/3 pm and 7 pm UTC (opposing Venus and conjunct Chiron) which will make it more difficult to find that Venus in Libra harmony.  The Aries Moon whispers in our ears to forge our own path and equanimity is not high on the priority list.  And a Moon/Chiron interaction can instigate some hurt feelings that the Aries Moon is not patient enough to deal with.

Meanwhile the energies are building all day for an opposition from Venus in Libra, seeking beautiful harmony, opposes Chiron at 9:24 am EDT/1:24 pm UTC on Thursday morning.  This can be a challenge for any kind of relationship with hurt feelings being triggered for healing, but a harmonious trine from Mercury in Virgo, creating strategies for smooth operation, to transformational Pluto is also building and this will help us to find the mental balance and inner strength to maneuver through any rocky waters.

Thursday, August 26.  Both of these aspects culminate in the mid-morning EDT/early afternoon UTC, and then begin to subside leaving us with a happy Aries Moon sextile Jupiter at around 5 pm EDT/10 pm UTC.  This is a good day to rebalance and refocus.

Friday, August 27.  The Moon leaves Aries for Taurus just after midnight EDT/4 am UTC, shifting the focus from personal intention (Aries) to comfort and security (Taurus).  Make sure you have some delicious food ready with the Moon in Taurus – the senses and the pursuit of pleasures are heightened under this influence.  The Moon and Sun kiss in a trine around 9 am EDT/1 pm UTC, and then the day is relatively quiet until around 5 pm when the Moon squares Saturn and our inner stability may be rocked by a personal doubt or two for a couple of hours.

Saturday, August 28.  Fleeting lunar aspects prevail today, awakening the spirit at around 6 am EDT/10 am UTC, energizing us around 2 pm EDT/6 pm UTC, and heightening creative inspiration around 9 pm EDT/1 pm Sunday UTC (Moon conjunct Uranus, trine Mars, sextile Neptune).

Sunday, August 29.  The planets are quiet once again, with the Taurus Moon encouraging stillness and connection to Earthly things. A strong square from the Taurus Moon to Jupiter around 4-5 am EDT/8-9 am UTC could temporarily reveal some frustration or the pursuit of a reckless endeavor. But like all lunar aspects this is fleeting and will soon be past.

On Monday, August 30 Mercury will enter Libra for a new mental cycle, so stay tuned for more planetary news next week.

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