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This week we have a lack of the fire element in the planetary energies, and Mars, the fire planet, will oppose watery Neptune.  Fire signifies drive, purification, frustration, motivation – it’s active in nature and energizes the processing of our experiences.  Chiron is in Aries, but since Chiron represents the unhealed wound it activate our wounds in these areas rather than provide the fuel for actualization).  When there are no planetary bodies in fire, the force for change is missing – the air of thought and intellect is present (Libra, Gemini) along with Neptune in Pisces to inspire transcendence and the letting go of fixed ideas, but the motivation is lacking.

This will be especially true in the early part of the week when Mars opposes Neptune. The alignment culminates on Wednesday September 2nd, but its influence will be felt throughout the week.  Mars is in Virgo now, motivating us to examine and order the details of life, and the Neptune factor makes that more difficult.  Neptune is like the Sirens of Homeric myth, calling us with its magic song to leave the ordinary world behind and step into magic.  Beautiful and mystical, but not very practical and therefore antithetic to Virgo Mars this week.

I recommend that we all be very careful when making decisions under this influence.  Neptune casts a glamour that can make the unrealistic look very attractive, and with the Virgo New Moon approaching on September 6th, we will want to keep our Neptunian eyewear from blurring our ability to see the facts.  By the end of the week we will move into a harmonious trine from Mars to Pluto which will facilitate any changes that need to be made in a positive direction.

And now, the week ahead.  (Dates and times are given in EDT and UTC, please adjust for your locality.)

Monday, August 30

Mercury (mind) leaves detailed Virgo for Libra at 1:09 am EDT/5:09 am UTC, and thoughts of equanimity and balance will become more important, especially in the chaotic world we live in today.  In Libra, Mercury is more sensitized to disharmony and it will be important to be sure you are getting enough mental rest, especially since the Sun forms a challenging square to Ceres, planet of self-care, which is in Mercury-ruled Gemini (along with the Moon) and demanding that we give our brain a rest now and then in order to attend to the delicate network of body/mind/spirit connections.

Saturn trines Ceres on September 1st, and I doubt that anyone will really notice it but it does provide an underlying support for our attempts to regain balance lost by too much obsession over world events.  Of course many of us are in real distress right now, between hurricanes and political strife and upheaval – there’s not much Saturn or Ceres can do there except to provide that motivation to take care of ourselves and our physical and mental health while we deal with the challenges at hand.

Tuesday August 31

The Moon enters Cancer Tuesday at 1:25 am EDT/5:25 am UTC, taking us deep into the waters of feelings and nurturing.  This is a welcome respite since there has been no water in the skies other than Neptune, and a great deal of air and mental energy.  Now we are better able to understand our inner motivations and our true sensitivities.

On Tuesday and Wednesday Mars, in Virgo where we tend to desire greater organization and order, opposes Pallas and Neptune which are both in Pisces, the sign of mystical creativity and spiritual transcendence.  Pallas is an asteroid and a storyteller rather than story creator, but she governs the realm of divine wisdom, the realm in which we understand the higher truths.  Mars in Virgo deals more with the facts on the ground, so with this tension between Virgo and Pisces there may be some instances here in which we find we need to trust the voice of the unknown rather than what we believe to be true. (I wrote about the Mars/Neptune opposition above in the introduction.)

Wednesday September 1

Today is the exact opposition from Mars to Neptune at 1:42 pm EDT/5:42 pm UTC.  The Moon is still in Cancer and very busy today, interacting with Chiron, Uranus, Venus, Neptune and Mars.  There’s no point in delineating each of these energies which lasts only a few hours, but suffice it to say that this is likely to be a moody day with quite a few changes of emotion, and with the Mars/Neptune opposition at work all day and into tomorrow we won’t want to get too attached to any particular feeling or idea. (Moon square Chiron, sextile Uranus, square Venus, trine Neptune, sextile Mars)

Thursday September 2

Today the Black Moon Lilith (moral outrage against oppression) squares Jupiter and trines Pluto, and tomorrow she trines Mars and is sextile Neptune.  The Black Moon Lilith moves fairly quickly and I usually don’t mention her in any of these reports, but Jupiter and Pluto are both big players in the astrological pantheon so there may be some significance here over the next few days in terms of resistance to oppression, either in our personal lives or on the global stage.

The Moon enters Leo at 11:58 am EDT/3:58 pm UTC, and there will be a shift to a more personalized experience in which we seek the approval of others and a way through to joy.

Friday September 3

Black Moon Lilith continues her journey today, harmonizing with Mars and Neptune.  I am hoping that this will bring some good news about the treatment of women in Afghanistan, since more than anything BML represents the oppression of women by men, although we can broaden the interpretation to include any kind of oppression.

Meanwhile the Leo Moon is very busy with Mercury, Saturn, Ceres, Chiron and Uranus.  When the Leo Moon forms this many alliances, both challenging and harmonious, it can be a bit disruptive since Leo, a fixed sign, does not adapt well to change.  Watch for some emotional ups and downs. (Moon sextile Mercury, opposite Saturn, sextile Ceres, trine Chiron, square Uranus).  Meanwhile, Mercury trines Saturn today, a nice aspect of balanced mental harmony and focus, which should help the situation quite a bit!  This is a good day for anything requiring focused work.

Saturday September 4

A square from Venus in its own sign of Libra to Pluto today could cause some problems in our interactions with others.  Venus in Libra is particularly sensitive to disharmonies, and a challenge from Pluto can mean power conflicts or some sort of disruption which aims to get at the underlying truth of a situation.  There is also the potential for breaking through a problem to a permanent resolution if we work with a situation rather than against it.

We also have a harmonious trine from Mercury in Cancer to Ceres which facilitates our ability to take care of ourselves as well as others.  This aspect is a bounty for foodies – Mercury in Cancer seeks ways to care for others, often with meals, and Ceres inspires us to feed our own physical incarnation with food as well as other methods of self-care.

In addition, two harmonious trines are building today which won’t culminate until Sunday: A trine from Mars in Virgo to Pluto described above in the introduction, facilitating a smooth accomplishment of anything to which we set our minds, and a harmonious trine from Venus in Libra to Jupiter.  This latter aspect is an especially lucky one: Venus in its own sign of Libra where the power of attraction is at its strongest, harmonizing with Jupiter, the planet of luck.  It doesn’t get better than this!

Sunday September 5

On Sunday those trines culminate in the morning EDT/early afternoon UTC, but their energies continue to linger and are locked into the Virgo New Moon on Sunday evening (8:51 pm EDT/ 12:51 am Monday UTC), making this an exceptionally fortuitous lunation!  The New Moon also harmonizes with Uranus, signifying the introduction of innovation and exciting changes which can help us to break into a new pattern altogether.  I’ll write more about the New Moon later this week so watch for that.

I hope you have a good and safe week! ❤️

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