This week we have a new month, a new year, and a Capricorn New Moon – an abundance of fresh new energies to help sweep away the cobwebs and help us to have a fresh start.  No matter how well my life is going I always love that feeling that each morning is a new day and a new opportunity to awaken in a different way.

If you missed my 2022 forecast you can catch up here. Spoiler alert: We are not out of the woods yet. 😃  Meanwhile though, this week Jupiter enters Pisces on December 28th/29th which will give us a push into the dreamy optimism of Jupiter traveling through its own sign. Jupiter was already in Pisces for part of 2021 and this is its last vacation before entering Aries in May 2022 when the energies will become more forceful and dedicated towards self-preservation rather than the communal justice that Jupiter seeks in Pisces.

Venus has been within range of a conjunction to Pluto for the past few weeks and it will finally begin to separate after this week.  If you’ve been experiencing difficulty in relationships of all kinds we can blame this aspect between the planet of connection (Venus) and the planet of destruction (Pluto).  Still, Venus is retrograde for another few weeks and we are looking back over the past to see where repairs can be made in problematic areas.

Finally, the New Moon in Capricorn takes place on January 2nd – a new beginning in the creation of structures (Capricorn) to serve our new reality. I suppose technically reality won’t change much between December 31 and January 2, but this is such an excellent opportunity to facilitate a new resolve and a new vision to open up portals of new possibilities.  Capricorn is grounded in the fact-based world where we can not only take advantage of the long-range vision of Jupiter in Pisces, but also devise strategies (Capricorn) to help our new vision take root.

And now, the week ahead! Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your own locality.

Monday December 27.  We are just coming off a harmonious sextile from Mercury in Capricorn to Neptune in Pisces that occurred at 9:38 pm on December 26th – an aspect which bestows creative inspiration but is less interested in practical matters. This influence will still be active for at least part of the day on Monday but will begin to wane, so if there are difficult decisions to make we can use the earlier part of the day to visualize outcomes, and the later part of the day to make the actual decision or plan.

Otherwise the Libra Moon is quite active today, activating old wounds in the early morning but finding balance and steadiness in the afternoon (opposite Chiron 7:38 am, sextile Mars 10:07 am, trine Saturn 12:55 pm).

Tuesday December 28.  The Libra Moon is active again today with challenging squares for much of the day. Under the Libra Moon we seek balance and equanimity, and that will be in short supply on Tuesday until evening when a short but sweet trine to Jupiter brings harmony back into the psyche just before the Moon enters Scorpio at 9:16 pm.  (Moon square Mercury 8:56 am, square Venus 12:19 pm, square Pluto 2:06 pm, trine Jupiter 9:10 pm.)

Meanwhile Mercury and Venus are beginning to align in Capricorn, helping us to prepare for the New Moon a few days later. This aspect culminates on Wednesday but the effect is already within reach, easing communication and facilitating greater understanding and a greater ability to create a path forward.

Jupiter enters Pisces at 11:09 pm EST – sweet dreams!

Wednesday December 29.  The Mercury/Venus conjunction culminates at 10:27 am but the effects will linger throughout the day, something that will help a challenging square from the Sun to Chiron which could illuminate particularly tender spots in the psyche or the heart which are ready to emerge and be released once and for all.

The challenging square from Saturn to Uranus that was the Story of 2021 (radical reactions and social unrest) has just culminated but is still active, and it is further activated by the Scorpio Moon on Wednesday.  Scorpio isn’t afraid to dive into the most treacherous emotional spaces so watch for emotional triggers and land mines today. This is especially intense because of a conjunction from Mercury (mind) to Pluto, Scorpio’s modern ruler, which begins building on Wednesday.  We will all be more intense than usual but a soft aspect from Mars in easy-going Sagittarius harmonizes with Saturn to promote an easier path through choppy waters (culminates just after midnight on Thursday morning).

Thursday December 30.  That Mercury/Pluto conjunction peaks at 9:53 am EST so if there is a great deal of tension it will begin to relax somewhat after that time, although we may continue to hold onto the stress while the Moon is in Scorpio.  Fortunately a series of harmonious lunar aspects will soften these energies (Scorpio Moon trine Neptune 7:51 am, sextile Venus 1:18 pm, sextile Pluto 4:27 pm, sextile Mercury 5:10 pm.)

The Moon enters Sagittarius at 11:08 pm EST and forms a strong square to Jupiter just before midnight to bring a determined optimism and a tendency to go overboard.  This aspect lasts only for a few hours but under this influence you may think you can do anything so maybe wait til Friday to make any important decisions.

Friday December 31. Today is full of happy and positive energies.  Some nice lunar aspects help to promote general good feeling, and an earthy trine from the Capricorn Sun to Uranus (new possibilities) shines the light on the promise of a brighter day ahead.  (Moon trine Chiron 12:51 pm, sextile Saturn 6:14 pm, conjunct Mars 8 pm.)

Saturday January 1.  Happy New Year!  The Sun shines brightly astrologically today, no matter what the weather is in your part of the world, with this trine to Uranus.  A beautiful day to awaken hope for the future and a brighter New Year.

The Moon enters Capricorn at 11:07 pm, bringing our attention to the strategies that will help us to build a strong foundation.

Sunday January 2.  The Capricorn New Moon at 6:33 pm EST locks in harmonious aspects to Jupiter and Uranus, the two planets of freedom and liberation.  This is a very positive aspect to facilitate the unfolding of new patterns and pathways which can result in a new kind of wisdom and manifestation. A square from the New Moon to Chiron could evoke a longing from the past and a wish for healing which can be immediately honored by the positive energies of Jupiter and Uranus.

Shortly after the New Moon Mercury leaves solid Capricorn for brilliant Aquarius. Reason and intellect will prevail while Mercury is in Aquarius, at least until the Pisces New Moon when a Pisces stellium (including a Jupiter/Neptune conjunction) will elevate sensitivity and creativity and potential illusion.  But that’s a story for another time, so stay tuned!

Have a great week, and a blessed New Year. ❤️

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