This week we make the transition into 2021.  I’ll be posting my 2021 forecast tomorrow, but meanwhile here’s a look at the week!  There aren’t any major planetary aspects so the Moon has an opportunity to shine, and shine it will on December 30th when it is full in Cancer.  Take a look, and the transcription is below. ❤️


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Hey everybody, my name is Lynn Hayes Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I’m going to be talking a little bit about the astrology of 2021, the year that’s coming up, and also, of course about the astrology for the week.

I want to welcome you back if this is your first time, thank you for joining me here. And let’s go ahead and begin, I’ll be putting a link to my report on the astrology of 2021 in the description box. And I will be doing an accompanying video next week. I have found in doing these videos that in talking, I come up with different information than in writing and vice versa. So I’m still pumping out the written material as well as the videos and I hope you’ll enjoy either or both. Some people I know just like to watch and some people just like to read. And for me I like to talk and write. So that works out perfectly.

In any case, I’m not going to spend much time on the astrology of 2021 right now. But just to give you a little bit of a heads up, it does seem to me that the year 2020 was kind of a compression and destructive energy, things were taken apart, we were under a restriction our lives were sort of broken down. And now with this movement into Aquarius, there’s a rebuilding phase, there’s a phase of new ideas, a phase of change of phase of new ways of looking at the situation that we’ve just been in, hopefully some creative things, we’ll be able to come out of that which kind of leads me into the next topic I wanted to talk about, which is setting goals in a pandemic. There’s this work that I do and I call it Visioncrafting, I actually have a trademark on that name. In the Visioncrafting work, we are crafting a vision, just like it says for the kind of things that we want to bring into our life. In a normal situation where we aren’t so limited in what we can do, that can be a lot easier, you know, we can pretty much the sky’s the limit as far as what we can bring into our life. But in a pandemic, we’re more limited and many of us are under enormous stress.

Usually there’s a big push for setting goals for 2021. I am the biggest goal setter, I love to set goals and create my vision for what the year is going to bring. And I’m also doing that this year, this pandemic is not going to stop me from doing that. But one thing that I really want to bring in this year, and I encourage all of you to do the same is more gentleness and more kindness, we have been in a difficult situation. I know I had many, many pandemic quarantine goals, I was going to learn all my instruments. And I was going to read a book a week and I had a lot of big plans. I feel very strongly right now that we should not be hard on ourselves, that we should give ourselves a lot of love and a lot of space for creativity. And this year may be to bring in more experiences in our life that have a deeper meaning, that engage our creativity that engage our spirituality, that help us to learn more about the world – more about philosophy.

We do have the North Node in Gemini right now and the South Node and Sagittarius. And with the North Node in Gemini, there’s an open mind. We’re like an open book, and we’re just letting the information and the new knowledge sort of pour into it. That’s a good theme for this year. So in terms of goals, perhaps that might be something that you may want to keep in mind when you look at the future and see what you’re going to create from scratch because our old lives – it’s like the boat has sailed. The old life is behind us we’re creating from scratch. And what are we going to bring in that’s going to serve us in a deeper way. Not in a superficial way. Not I want a new car, I want to boat I want to make $500,000 a year. But where is my creative longing going to be satisfied? How do I want to forge real relationships that have a deep soul meaning for me and my friends? This is the kind of thing that I’ll be thinking about this week when I start to look into the future and write down this vision of how I will want my life to look next year.

This week we have a Full Moon in the sign of Cancer, the Moon is ruled by the sign Cancer. When we have a Full Moon, when the Moon’s light is so bright and so compelling, and the Moon is in its own sign of Cancer, that’s a time of a deep blossoming of our emotions and our feelings and our internal connections. This is a time when we may be craving a deeper connection with the people around us. Perhaps with our family-there’s likely to be a heightened sense of needing to find a tribe or to be part of and connect with that tribe. That sense of personal history is very important with Cancer.

In this particular Full Moon chart, the Sun and the Moon, which are in opposition are both in a challenging square to Chiron. When the Sun is in a square to Chiron, the Sun illuminates the inner, emotional triggers that might be a little bit sensitive, or perhaps wounds that may come up, feelings of abandonment and rejection. Those are Chironic experiences. And when the Moon is in a square to Chiron, we feel those things more deeply. The Sun shines a light on those feelings and emotions. But the Moon causes us to experience them at a deeper level. And even though these feelings can be uncomfortable, nobody likes to really feel triggered and rejected. But still, when they come up, and we’re able to see them with clarity, we have an opportunity to release them. So this can be a wonderful time if we attend with some consciousness, to what is happening in our hearts and in our feelings and in our mind. It’s a time when we can really be able to release a lot of old stuff, a lot of old patterns of reaction that we really don’t need anymore.

Once those wounds are gone, then Chiron really brings sort of natural feeling of comfort, integration, personal wisdom, so this can be a beautiful time of self realization. This is especially true because both the Sun and Moon are in a harmonious relationship with Uranus the planet of new paradigms the planet of creating new patterns, there’s an easier letting go. Uranus welcomes change, it invites change and brings opportunities, especially with the Moon in a sextile to Uranus. Uranus can bring a radical, new surprising idea that might help you to shift out of someplace where you might feel stuck or in a place that no longer fits you. This is an opportunity to leave that behind and shift into a completely different experience. One that brings you more heart connection because that’s what we’re dealing with here with the Cancer Moon.

We do have Venus which is in the sign of Sagittarius where it’s more outgoing, where it’s more open, where we are more friendly, and Venus will be conjunct the South Node, which really helps us to let go of any guilt or any anxieties that we might feel about the past this Full Moon and Cancer is a wonderful time to really nestle into the heart and to learn how to live more fully from the heart which is going to be important as we move into this very Aquarian time. The whole year of 2021 is ruled by Uranus really and Saturn, which are the two co-rulers of Aquarius, and then we have Saturn and a square to Uranus throughout the year. So Saturn being the old ways the conventional ways, Uranus being the new information that comes in, and both of them being triggering each other, being activating each other. And Saturn and Jupiter both in the sign of Aquarius, which is about the new it’s about finding our own unique way to live in community in connection with other people yet still retain our individuality.

This week there are very few actual planetary alignments. There’s a couple from Mercury and a couple from Venus, so I’ll be talking mostly about the lunar aspects. Now lunar aspects are not really very critical. Normally, we don’t notice them very much. And I always like to talk about them, because they do open some doors for the other stronger planetary alignments to be able to have an effect. But when there are no other planetary alignments, or very few, then the lunar aspects help to shape our mood. They help to shape our motivations and our actions.

So without further ado, let’s talk about the week ahead.

On Monday, December 28, the Moon will be in Gemini all day it will move into Cancer on the 29th. But until then with the Moon in Gemini we tend to be much more active intellectually, much more active mentally, there’s more conversation, there’s more chatter, there’s more reading, there’s more taking in information and putting out information. In the early morning of Monday the 28th, the Moon will make a square to Neptune. With the Moon in a challenging square to Neptune, the planet of creativity, spirituality, the blurring of boundaries- that can be an incredibly creative time. This is going to be around 7 AM, Eastern time, please adjust for your own locality. When the Moon is squaring Neptune it can be a time where confusion is heightened. All that blurring of the boundaries is wonderful for meditation, for creating art, for creating music. But it’s not a very good time to make an important decision or to try to be very focused mentally. This will only last for a few hours, it’s just the first part of Monday the 28th and then it’s going to move on.

Then in the afternoon, the Gemini Moon will form a harmonious sextile to Mars, which is an Aries when the Moon is sextile Mars, it really activates our energy. That’s a much better time to be making decisions doing any kind of business practice having important conversations. Mars is the planet of action and drive, when we have challenging Mars aspects that can create some frustration and anger. But the positive aspects between the Moon and Mars, especially with Gemini, which is an air sign, air fuels fire, those two elements get along very well. And when Mars is in a sextile to Mercury, the mind is much more kind of clear and much more easily able to work through any problems or difficulties.

On Tuesday, December 29, we have Venus in Sagittarius, approaching a square to Neptune. That aspect doesn’t perfect until the next day on the 30th but all day on Tuesday, this alignment is starting to build. And Tuesday the 29th is also the day of the Full Moon in Cancer so we’re very emotional, the feelings are heightened and intensified at that time. Remember, we have that square from Chiron to both the Sun and the Moon. This is a very important time to connect deeply with our own hearts and to kind of go deep inside and crank open the heart from there. But it may not be the easiest time for relationships with other people. So just be aware of that as you go into that day.

The challenging square between Venus and Neptune will perfect as I said, meaning it will come to its culmination, very early on Wednesday, December 30, at 5:18am Eastern Time, and then it will start to wane. So that’s still a day of creativity, the Moon is still in Cancer, there’s a lot of hard energy, there’s a depth of feeling that we don’t normally have potentially. And on Wednesday and Thursday that Cancerian Moon will be interacting with a bunch of different planets. So it’s very active on Wednesday and Thursday. When the Moon is active, especially in Cancer, our emotions are very fertile. I suppose that could be a time of heightened fertility too, for anyone that’s trying to conceive. Anytime The Moon is in Cancer, it’s generally favorable for this. And so when I’m talking about conception, that doesn’t have to necessarily be a physical baby or physical human. It can be any sort of conception, a conception of a piece of art, a conception of a business, there there’s a fertility and an opportunity to plant a seed that can grow. And with the Moon, very active and Cancer, and it’s going to be opposite Pluto, and it’s going to be in a sextile to Mercury, there’s going to be some harmonious energy and some challenging energy as far as the Moon.

And then on Thursday, the Moon will try Neptune and square Mars. So both of these days are some harmonious alignments, some challenging alignments. These are not days when we’ll be able to avoid our feelings, our feelings are going to be right there in our face. I don’t see that as a bad thing. Because often we don’t have any idea how we feel. And if we don’t know how we feel, it’s really hard to make any kind of informed decisions. It’s hard to connect with people in any kind of real way. So I see this as being a very positive time, especially on Thursday, December 31. Venus is going to be conjunct the South Node of the Moon, the South Node represents our past, it represents where we’ve come from. And it’s opposite the North Node, of course, which represents where we’re going. So when Venus transits the South Node, often there can be some sort of message from the past some sort of connection with somebody that we knew in the past. Or it could also just simply be a dream where a person or a message or some sort of ideal will come to us as a lesson for us to learn something that will help us to move into our future. When Venus is conjunct the South Node, it’s actually opposite the North Node. This is an aspect that comes every five or six months, it’s often a time where we have to make a decision sometimes about a relationship, possibly about an investment or some sort of financial dealing under Venus. And because Venus is conjunct the South Node here, there’s a sense that a pattern from the past that may not be so positive may be holding us back something that we need to look out for at 1:58pm.

On Thursday, December 31, the Moon will move into the sign of Leo. When the Moon is in Leo, there’s a lot of creative personal energy. It’s a time when we want to be seen, where we want to be the best person we can possibly be. With the Moon in the first few degrees of Leo, it’s actually in an opposition aspect to Jupiter and Saturn which have just entered Aquarius, of course, especially between 5 and 7pm EST, that’s when this aspect is going to be the most intense.

When the Moon is opposite Jupiter, we really want more. Leo wants everything Leo wants to find joy and good things and to be recognized and to be popular, and to have a certain amount of fame and respect and admiration. And Jupiter expands all of this, especially in the opposition. But the Moon is also opposed by Saturn. And so Jupiter is very expansive and Saturn’s very contracting. So that may be a time when we feel frustrated. Our ideas are big, but the reality is not so big and not so encouraging. So just watch for that late in the day on Thursday, December 31.

And then of course, we move into the new year of 2021 on January 1. On that day, we don’t have any lunar aspects, so the Leo Moon is able to kind of run rampant. That’s a very good time to put any of your creative ventures out into the outer world. It’s the time when you can be seen when you can be recognized. The Leo Moon is unencumbered by any other planets. And we have a harmonious sextile between Mercury which is in Capricorn and Neptune which is in Pisces. Mercury, the Planet of the mind and Capricorn where it’s very practical our thinking and our decision making is very structured and realistic. But here we have this harmonious aspect to Neptune, which bestows a certain amount of magic, imagination and creativity. This is a wonderful time for brainstorming. Of course, it’s January 1 – I will probably wait until that day to actually work on my goals on my vision for the year because that Mercury/ Neptune sextile is beautifully suited for this.

Saturday, January 2 is also a wonderful day because the Leo Moon harmonizes with Venus which is in Sagittarius, and with Mars which is in Aries. So there’s a lot of fire in the sky. And it’s not the kind of challenging and difficult fire where everybody’s mad and angry. It’s the kind of fire where we can see the blessings of possibilities. We can be more open minded, we may feel more excited and more optimistic and more positive about the future, which is a very important thing because we still do create our reality to a certain extent. Obviously, we can’t single handedly end Coronavirus, but we can change the way we view the world and we can bring positive changes into our own lives.

That evening on Saturday, January 2, the Moon is going to move into Virgo. When the Moon is in Virgo, that’s the time to be practical. That’s the time to put the optimism and the open mind, all the positive thinking, aside temporarily and look at the hard facts. It’s a time to strategize, make a plan, organize your thoughts and organize your life. It’s the time to put all your ducks in a row so that all of your visions all of your desires. All of your hopes and your dreams have a way to move forward into the world. All of these life creation techniques really require a practical application. It’s important to also have a plan to create a strategy for these things. But the vision has to come first – if we can’t imagine it if we can’t see it. If we can’t know it, then we can’t put the plan in place the Moon in Virgo, which on Sunday, January 3.

The Virgo Moon is very active both on Sunday January 3, and also Monday, January 4. It’s interacting with a lot of different planets: with Pluto and with the Sun, it’s opposite Neptune, which can be a little bit confusing and destabilizing. But because Virgo is so grounded in the mundane world, this opposition to Neptune has the potential to just bring in a little more magic to just bring in a little more creativity into the mix.

And then on Monday, we’ll have a new video but we still have a very harmonious Moon all day long. late in the day, it harmonizes in a trine to Pluto, which helps to give us a little warmth of power, a little power boost which is very useful. Thanks again for joining me if you have any comments or questions, please leave them for me in the comment box. I look forward to seeing you next week. I hope you have a fantastic new year and I’ll see you next time.

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