This week’s eclipse at the Sagittarius New Moon is second in a pair of eclipses which began on November 30th with the lunar eclipse.  I’ll be posting more about that separately, but the energies start building this week!  We also have Chiron stationing direct this week, and lots more so dive in.  (I know, it’s a very silly photo!!)

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Transcript (transcribed by software genies and roughly edited for readability. Please excuse errors!)

Hi everybody, my name is Lynn Hayes Welcome back. And in today’s video we’ll be talking about the astrology for the week from December 7 until the 14th. The big news this week is the solar eclipse that happens on December 14, this is 2020. Still, the solar eclipse is coming on the heels of a lunar eclipse on November 30. These eclipse seasons bring us a pair of eclipses a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse. In this pair of eclipses we had the lunar eclipse which was conjunct the North Node of the Moon. The nodes of the Moon, as you may recall, are the points in the sky where the path of the Moon cross the path of the sun, the ascending node is called the North Node, the descending node on the downward path is called the South Node. These points are known to be points of fate, the South Node has to do with where we come from what’s familiar, the South Node also talks a little bit about what holds us back. Sometimes the things that are the most comfortable, the most familiar the places where we retreat in order to feel safe. Sometimes those things are the same things that hold us back from the future, which is the North Node and the North Node, of course, is always in an opposite sign with the nodes, we’re dealing with polarities.

And right now we have the Gemini Sagittarius polarity. The South Node is in the sign of Sagittarius, which is a sign of belief systems, optimism, faith, and expansion. But when we’re talking about when we’re talking about the polarity between Gemini and Sagittarius, we’re really talking about how we process ideas. They both have to do with ideas and learning. But with Sagittarius, we become very fixed with a certain idea that gives our life meaning and it becomes our truth. Now, because Sagittarius is always looking ahead, we then start to look at the next truth. But we’re still looking for that one thing that’s going to give us meaning. Whereas with Gemini, we’re more open minded, more curious, we can also be dilettantes we can be in discriminatory, non-discriminating might be a better word, we can just look at everything and not really make any kind of judgment. Neither is good, and neither is bad. But because we have the South Node and Sagittarius right now, that suggests that our belief systems that have controlled us for our whole lives and for quite some time, will need to fall away.

I think we’re seeing that right now with the COVID situation. Because our lives are so different and there’s so much that we can’t do. So many of our beliefs are falling away as we start to reconstruct our lives in a different way. The North node is in Gemini, which suggests that we keep an open mind. Gemini is really about trying on many, many different experiences to see which one is going to work. The lunar eclipse was conjunct the North Node and the lunar eclipse was at the full Moon in Gemini. We have the Moon in Gemini opposite the Sun conjunct the North Node. The North Node is pulling us into the future and the South Node conjunct the Sun saying let go of your ideas let go of the things that you thought supported your life because we’re in a different phase. Now, of course, I’m adapting this interpretation for our current situation.

Now we have the solar eclipse the Sun and Moon are aligned. It’s the New Moon in Sagittarius. We’re building new belief systems. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, it’s the sign that has to do with religions and philosophies has to do with travel and exploration of other belief systems. With the Sun conjunct the Moon in Sagittarius and we also have mercury conjunct the Sun and Moon all in Sagittarius conjunct the South Node. This is very much about ideas and philosophies and really examining our belief systems to see what we can take forward with us and what we have to leave behind. It’s an interesting paradox. We have the New Moon which is a new beginning, conjunct the South Node which is the past, so we have to let go of the past before we can really forge that new beginning. And I feel like that’s the lesson of this solar eclipse. In the solar eclipse the shadow of the Moon of course darkens the Sun, the Sun represents our conscious intention and the Moon represents our instincts, the way we operate on a more internal level when nobody’s looking. It’s our deepest feelings are deepest fears, all of the things that come out at night are associated with the Moon. So in the solar eclipse the conscious light of you know, this is what I want. This is who I think I am, is eclipsed by the shadow of the Moon. And so these lunar instincts are able to come out in a way that they might not normally be able to do, because remember, the New Moon, the Moon is actually dark. It’s the Dark of the Moon. It’s the end of the lunar cycle. We’re letting go anyway, we’re sweeping out the debris at the past, and we’re leaving room for the future. So there’s a big release during this solar eclipse of outmoded ideas, anything that you feel no longer suits you, which makes it a wonderful time to begin to create a new philosophy, a new way of looking at the world.

We have assistance in this New Moon from Mars, which is an Aries harmonizing with the Sun, giving us an infusion of that fiery energy to help motivate us provide passion, there is a strong mental component because Mercury is here tied in with this eclipse, this New Moon, but there’s also the force of Mars and fire, all these planets in Sagittarius. They’re helping to fuel and energize us and motivate us to create this new way of living, of looking at the world. Many of us do this routinely. We’re always looking at our life. And we’re always saying, you know, this isn’t working anymore, I really need to bring in this other thing. What else can I do instead? But a lot of us are not like that. A lot of us prefer to be comfortable. This is how I’ve always lived my life. It’s worked for me, why should I change now. And of course, the world is changing around us. So we really have to make this change. And the solar eclipse can really give us the pop that we need for that to happen.

I would be remiss in my duty if I didn’t point out once again, that the solar eclipse actually falls exactly on the eclipse that lives in President Trump’s chart. So I have no idea what that means. As I said last week, I looked back into another eclipse that was in December of 2001. That was also right on his eclipse. And I couldn’t really find anything remarkable that happened at that time, except he was certainly out there in the public eye. But he’s sort of has always been that way anyway. So it’ll be interesting to see what happens. There’s a lot of potential scandals. And of course, there’s a big fight against the results of the election. And who knows how that’s going to shake out. It’s possible. Let’s take a look next Monday, I think it is, to see whether there are any big developments in those areas. I have my popcorn ready and we’ll talk about that next week.

I’d like to give you a little retrograde update – we’ve had a tremendous amount of retrogrades this summer, a historic number.  We’ve had between five and seven planets retrograde for many months, and that started to end in October, we started to see planets turn direct, well, really September, but then we had Mercury turn retrograde, which sort of turned the energy back around. Now we have Chiron turning direct this week. When a planet changes direction or appears to change direction from our perspective, it comes to a standstill in the sky, it shines a laser beam of its particular energy down on us. And Chiron is very much about releasing the wounds of the past. Chiron isn’t really so active right now in terms of interacting with other planets. But if Chiron is hitting a sensitive point in your chart, if you yourself are having a car on transit, and the way to know is if you all of a sudden have this eruption of crying and and just emotions and feeling really sad and abandoned and neglected and nothing is actually occurring in your life, something from the past is being triggered. And there’s an opportunity always with Chiron, which remember is shining this laser beam down on us from the sky, there’s always the potential that these old feelings once they come up, once we vomit them up, if you will, that they can be released and then we can be freed and liberated from them.

The other thing about this is we will be left with only one retrograde planet, which is Uranus and it will turn direct in January. So we’re pretty much done with the summer of retrogrades. And life is moving forward. There’s a vaccine and it was already approved in the UK. So that will be interesting for all my friends in Britain and Scotland to see how that’s going to affect your lives. We will start to see things turn around but life is not going back to normal and we are having to recreate our lives in new ways. So with the solar eclipse that’s going to shine a big light on how we can most effectively make that change. The other big thing that’s happening is I kind of debated whether to even talk about this because it involves Eris and Eris is a planet that was recently discovered, it was classified along with the dwarf planets. Eris is called the goddess of discord – very briefly, she is the goddess who threw the golden apple into the party. She was mad that she wasn’t invited. So she threw this golden apple that said “to the fairest” and then she let all the goddesses duke it out. That started the Trojan War. T

here’s a sense with Eris of small events that happen that create big changes. What’s interesting about Eris right now is the Pluto is in a square to Eris. Over the past few years, we had Uranus in a square to Eris and Pluto has actually been in this square two areas for quite some time for most of the year. Pluto is the planet of destruction and regeneration. Eris is the planet of discord and chaos. And if you look back at the last year or two, we certainly have had quite a bit of this, this square from Pluto to Eris first began in January of 2020. And that was at the same time that the Saturn and Pluto conjunction was beginning. So Saturn was also square to Eris at that time, there is evidence that’s coming up now that the virus was actually penetrating around the world even last fall, but it started to come out into the mainstream of our consciousness when the Saturn Pluto conjunction happened on January 10, Saturn and Pluto, when they come together, there can be a lot of fear, contraction repression. And you know, we certainly have seen how that played out. And then when you add this influence of Eris, which is chaos and discord, this is not a virus that acts like any other kind of illness, we don’t seem to be able to predict how is it going to behave? Are people that are in symptomatic, contagious or not? Will a young person die from it or not? There’s so much that’s just not known. And there is a lot of discord.

I’m a person that likes to believe that there is a meaning to life. And this is what I love about astrology –  when crazy things happen, we can see that there’s an accompanying planetary configuration usually. So when something is kind of chaotic, and doesn’t seem to have any rhyme or reason. It disturbs me personally, because I like to know the answer. What is the truth, I want to know, we don’t really know right now. And the square from Pluto to Eris is going to continue into October of next year of 2021. So during this period, I believe that things are, you know, it’s like all the balls are going up in the air. We don’t know where they’re going to come down. We’re trying to juggle them. But we can’t even really see them. We don’t know where they are just even knowing that gives me a sense of comfort. Things are crazy right now, and we can’t control them. And so we have to find a way in our own lives that we can manage that we can make it through. I know that a lot of you are having some serious difficulty – people have lost their jobs. People are losing relationships, some people’s relationships are getting stronger. Whatever happens in our lives, there is always the potential to build something fresh to build something out of the ashes that will better serve us than where we were before, especially with the solar eclipse right now. That’s where I feel we need to really put our attention and see how do we want to move forward given the situation that we find ourselves in.

So with that in mind, let’s talk about the week ahead. On Monday, the Moon starts out the weekend Virgo later in the day on Monday the Moon makes a square to the Sagittarius sun and it opposes Neptune which is in Pisces. That translates we call it the upcoming square from the sun in Sagittarius to Neptune in Pisces, which is going to happen on Wednesday. So during these few days, the square between the Moon which only lasts for a few hours, but it kind of activates the square from the sun to Neptune.  The sun is moving closer to being in range of that square. This is a time that can be very creative because Neptune opens up the doors of perception. It opens up the doors of imagination and magic but there’s always a danger with the hard aspects the squares and opposition’s that we might fall into that magic we could fall down some kind of rabbit hole and get lost in our fantasies in our imagination. This will last certainly between Monday and Wednesday and possibly into Thursday as well. Now there’s other influences that will happen at the same time and because the Moon is in Virgo, which is much more concerned with the details of the mundane world that inspires us to want to keep our feet on the ground.

And on Tuesday December 8, the Virgo Moon is going to harmonize with Venus which is in Scorpio, and it will form a trine to Pluto in Capricorn and this is all in the early morning Eastern Standard Time, Please adjust for your own locality. And then in the afternoon the Virgo Moon will form a trine to Jupiter and Saturn. So these are very grounding influences that will help to keep our feet on the ground while we’re being drawn into the sun, Neptune mystical imagination, fantasy. So that’s kind of a good combination to have both of those together, but they can also often pull us in two different directions. In an ideal world, we integrate them. We have our flights of fancy with the sun Neptune, and then we do the things we have to do, maybe organize the creative influences into some sort of a routine or ritual which helps us to combine the imagination and creativity with the structure of Virgo and the Capricorn planets.

Then on Tuesday, around seven o’clock in the evening, eastern time the Moon will leave Virgo for Libra for the next couple of days relationships are very important. When the Moon is in Libra, we really seek harmony, we want our relationships to be harmonious, we want them to be fair, we want to understand other people. So this can be a very good time for your personal relationships. The only caveat to that is because Libra is a cardinal sign anytime the Moon goes into one of the cardinal signs. It will in this case form a square a challenging aspect to the Capricorn planets and that can create some disruption but before that happens on Wednesday morning, the Libra Moon will oppose Chiron which is in Aries .The Moon is very sensitive, very soft and Chiron is a trigger for old wounds. Kyra doesn’t always trigger old wounds because once our old wounds are pretty much healed, which happens as we keep working with them. Then Chiron really teaches wisdom and teaches the wisdom of the soul.

I know a lot of people like to call Chiron the wounded healer  -I like to call it the soul healer, you know, the idea that we’re always wounded and then we try to help other people that are wounded. That certainly is true to a point. But Chiron real job is to release the wounds and to free us and liberate us and this is very early in the morning around 3:30am Eastern time but people in Europe will be awake for this there can be just watch for that in the middle of the Sun Neptune square which culminates on Wednesday, we might not see things as clearly as we normally would.

And then in the afternoon on Wednesday Eastern time, the Moon makes a harmonious aspect, a sextile, to Mercury – that’s a really good time for anything having to do with communication or writing. Because the mind which is regulated by Mercury is in harmony with the heart that would be a wonderful time to have a difficult conversation with a partner or even perhaps to do some journaling or to just think about something that’s been difficult for you to process. And that takes us to Thursday, December 10. On Thursday, we have a harmonious sextile from Venus to Pluto. Venus is in Scorpio where it’s passionate where it’s intense, where it really wants to have a deep deep connection. And Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio and Venus is harmonizing with Pluto. So that’s a great day to bring any of our interpersonal relationships or interactions a little deeper to make them a little more important and to give us more of a sense of real meaning in those interactions. Venus also has to do with our values, it’s connected with money, this is probably going to be a pretty good time for financial markets. It can also be a time which enhances our creativity: we have Venus in a sextile to Pluto, we have the Moon and Libra the sign that’s ruled by Venus. So there’s likely to be a focus on beauty and on aesthetics and what gives our life a sense of you know, just general loveliness under Venus.

Things could get a little bit intense because Venus is harmonizing with Pluto but at the same time the Moon in Libra is in a square to Pluto. The lunar aspects just last for a few hours. They’re just like a breath in the wind. So I feel like the Venus sextile is going to have a stronger effect. But watch for that square from the Moon to Pluto at about 10:30 in the morning. If you can help it that wouldn’t be the best time to try to have an argument with somebody for example, because Pluto tends to deal with issues of power and the Moon and Libra doesn’t like conflict after the Lib