I may have neglected to mention last week that yesterday’s Capricorn New Moon was a SuperMoon, and today here on the East Coast of the US we are enjoying the meteorological effects.  We are under a heavy influence of Saturn currently – not only do we have the waning energies of the Saturn-ruled Capricorn New Moon, but six planetary bodies are ruled by Saturn right now: Sun, Venus, Moon and Pluto in Capricorn, and Mercury in Aquarius along with Saturn itself.  Saturn demands accountability and responsibility, so even though Jupiter has entered Pisces and we all want to relax and thing everything will be blissful from now on, it might not be that easy.  In my view the best way to manage these opposing forces is to hope for and visualize the best (Jupiter in Pisces) while preparing for the worst in a disciplined fashion (Saturn).

Here’s your forecast for the week ahead. Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your locality.

Monday January 3.  The energies of the Capricorn New Moon will be waning for a day or two, so this is a great time to be organized. The Moon will leave Saturn ruled Capricorn at 5:43 pm today and move into Saturn-ruled Aquarius so the six planetary bodies in Capricorn will still be in effect until Wednesday when the Moon enters Pisces.

The Moon is quite busy on Monday as it passes by Venus and Capricorn in the morning and forms a harmonious trine to Ceres in the afternoon.  Structure and functionality are the keywords for today.

Tuesday January 4.  The Aquarius Moon activates the challenging square alignment between Saturn and Uranus (the Story of 2021 as I called it all last year).  Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn (traditional rulership) and Uranus (modern transformational ruler), and demands that we find a way to integrate the need to break out of rigid and outmoded ideas while maintaining a solid and grounded footing.

This alignment will be strongest between around 10 am and 3 pm EST and we may feel a bit stuck, after which we also have a supportive lunar aspect to Mars that will help us to put plans into action. We also have a soft Venus/Neptune aspect (sextile) building today which will culminate Wednesday.

Wednesday January 5.  That harmonious Venus/Neptune sextile peaks at around 11 am EST, making this a wonderfully creative day full of compassion and sensitive connection. This will be even more true when the Moon enters Pisces at 7:16 pm and conjoins Jupiter at around 10 pm EST.  Neptune and the Pisces Moon open the heart and the doors of inspiration, and the lunar aspect to Jupiter encourages confidence and optimism.

By Wednesday some of that Saturnian influence will have lifted, although this Capricorn/Aquarius concentration will linger for a few weeks.

Thursday January 6.  Thursday is relatively quiet astrologically, with only a brief dance of the Pisces Moon with Uranus at about 2 pm. This may bring a bit of excitement about taking on something new, but otherwise we will have a fairly peaceful day.

Friday January 7.  The Moon is activate today – creating some irritation around 2 am (this could mean difficulty sleeping for those of us in the US), but then engaging in some harmonious aspects for the rest of the day.  (Moon square Mars 1:54 am, sextile Venus 5:41 am, conjunct Neptune 7:39 am, sextile Pluto 5:23 pm.)

The Pisces Moon tends to inspire dreaminess and creativity rather than organizational skills, so this period from Wednesday through Friday is better suited for anything requiring imagination.

Saturday January 8.  The Moon enters Aries at 12:25 am EST and fires up the engines, providing a boost of physical and mental energy with a supportive sextile to Mercury around 2:30 pm.  The Sun conjoins Venus at 7:47 pm that day, a beautifully optimistic, hopefully and generally lucky influence that will last throughout the day.

Around 4:30 pm there may be some emotional discomfort as the Aries Moon triggers subconscious wounds with a conjunction to Chiron at 4:30 pm, but that will soon lift.

Sunday January 9.  Sunday is a generally harmonious day with plenty of opportunity for positive energies. The Aries Moon is active with a combination of supportive and challenging aspects (sextile Saturn 12:26 am, square Venus 11 am, trine Mars 12:57 pm, square Sun 1:11 pm), but Mercury harmonizes with Chiron (peaking at 9:07 pm) to help us to integrate lessons learned through difficult experiences.

All in all this is a great week to re-group and find our footing after a difficult year.  Mars is building all week towards a square to Neptune in Pisces that peaks on January 11th, potentially causing some confusion and lack of direction. Organizing loose ends in the early part of the week will help to ameliorate some of those difficulties. ❤️

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