This week begins with a scintillating New Moon in Aquarius just after midnight (EST) on February 1st.  I say scintillating because Aquarius carries just that kind of energy that can break up stuck patterns and shake us into a completely new modality of living.  This particular Aquarius New Moon conjoins Saturn and squares Uranus, setting off that planetary cycle which I called the Story of 2021 – the pressure against control and domination (Saturn) by a rebellious force for change and liberation (Uranus).

That Saturn/Uranus aspect is on the wane but it will still be within range for much of this year and will be triggered by the faster moving planets (Mercury, Mars especially) and by lunations such as this one. This activation will continue until the Sun makes the final transit of Saturn for the year on Friday February 4th so expect these themes of conflict and rebellion to continue.

Aquarius is itself ruled by both Saturn and Uranus – the double edge of activities taken for the good of society are a critical influence right now. Under Saturn Aquarius is the rational scientist, but Uranus elevates the cold reason with innovation and a push for change.

This week we have primarily fast-moving lunar influences which are fleeting but can correlate with changeable moods, especially if you are a lunar type (Cancerian or prominent Moon). We also have Mercury turning direct on Thursday February 3rd which means that Mercury will be stationary virtually all week as it makes that change of direction. The effects of retrograde Mercury may linger for a week or two as Mercury returns to its normal speed.

And now, here is your forecast for the week (dates and times are for Eastern time zone, please adjust for your locality).

Monday January 31. The Moon enters Aquarius at 4:42 am EST, opening the portal of Aquarian energies for the New Moon.  You may have difficulty sleeping Monday and Tuesday, not under the potency of the New Moon but also because the Moon squares Uranus late on Monday.

Tuesday February 1.  The New Moon occurs at 12:46 am EST with all of the influences described above in the introduction.

art by Jacqueline Talbot

Wednesday February 2. The Moon enters Pisces around 6 am, liquifying the sparkly electricity of Aquarius into a pool of deep peacefulness and a yearning for stillness. Harmonious lunar aspects facilitate integration and positive energies (sextile Mars 5:32 pm, conjunct Jupiter 6:57 pm).

Thursday February 3. Mercury turns direct late that evening, but this is typically not something we notice as we go about our daily lives. Still, communication and information demand our attention with Mercury stationary in the sky, and with Mercury nearing its final conjunction to intense Pluto, these communication issues will be even more important.

Meanwhile the Pisces Moon creates harmonious alignments to support and ease any difficulties. (Moon sextile Uranus 12:30 am, sextile Venus 1:34 am, conjunct Neptune 6:53 pm, sextile Mercury 11:55 pm.) We also have a harmonious Mars aspect building which culminate on Friday to build confidence and enthusiasm (Mars sextile Jupiter).

Friday February 4. With that sympathetic Mars aspect today, and the Moon entering Aries, Friday will be relatively active and a good time to put things in motion. Don’t expect everything to go smoothly though, since the Sun conjoins Saturn around 2 pm which could put the kibosh on any plans that have not been well thought out.

Saturday February 5. Our Aries Moon is combative today (square Mars 1:27 am, conjunct Chiron 3:04 am, square Venus 7:56 am), and a challenging square from Mars to Chiron builds today to culminate Sunday morning. Under this aspect we may be more sensitive and defensive, perhaps more combative if this hits something sensitive in your own chart. This aspect lasts only for a day or two but is a good time to take action to heal a difficult issue.

This weekend may be stressful, but while it is not a good time to stuff our feelings, lashing out may not be that fruitful. Physical activity is a good way to channel excess frustration until we are able to productively communicate the things that bother us, and that will be easier after the Moon moves into Taurus around 6 pm on Sunday. Fortunately the Moon harmonizes with Saturn and the Sun in the afternoon which help provide some grounding and practical support.

Sunday February 6.  The Mars/Chiron situation peaks around 8 am EST, and the Aries Moon is still combative (square Mercury 7:42 am, square Pluto 12:20 pm). Once the Moon enters Taurus at around 6 PM EST there will be more stability, and then on Monday we have harmonious lunar aspects to help smooth the rough edges.

I hope you have a great week! The February Planetary Illuminations astrological forecast comes out tomorrow so sign up below if you’re not already on the list. ❤️

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