There’s a lot going on this week, including the changing of the guard when the nodes change signs (read more about that here).   Here’s the video, and the transcript is below.


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Hey everybody it’s Lynn Hayes here. Today’s May 4 2020 and this is your weekly report on the planetary and astrological influences for the week. So before I get into that I want to talk about a couple of very significant things that are happening this week.

One is that the nodes of the moon are changing signs tomorrow. So this is something that occurs only every 18 to 19 months, it’s pretty significant astrologically, the nodes of the moon are like signposts they point, the direction from our past, to our futures, the South node represents the past what we’ve come from what’s familiar what’s comfortable. The North Node represents Capricorn or sorry, the north node represents the future where we are headed. And currently, and for the last 18 months the north node has been in Capricorn. And the South node has been in cancer. So, that’s generally, you know, sort of a directional flow from moving away from the feelings and and what is needed to take care of the community and the tribe and moving towards something that’s more practical more structured which is Capricorn. Though notes are changing signs tomorrow, and the South node is moving back to Sagittarius and the north node is moving ahead, or back to Gemini.

So we’re switching to a whole different axis right now. And this will have some effect on the larger world.

The Cancer/Capricorn axis is very much about our personal lives and our lives in society. And the Gemini Sagittarius axis is more about information and understanding and knowledge and wisdom, and how that’s transmitted. So there’s likely going to be less of an of an emphasis on, you know, families and groups and society and more of an emphasis on ideologies and philosophies and the way in which we think about certain situations. So that takes place this week.

One thing I wanted to mention: the lunar nodes move backwards through the signs. So unlike the planets which move forward, so they would move from Gemini to Cancer for example, the nodes of the moon move backwards through the sign. There’s a sense with the lunar nodes of going back into territory that we’ve already covered, learning, gaining new experiences growing. You know the nodes are after all sort of symbolic of our evolutionary growth. So as the nodes move backwards through the signs we kind of retrace our steps, and we tend to become more. We just gain more wisdom in the areas that we’ve moved through. And that’s significant right now because we are last week I talked about all the retrogrades that are coming up. Pluto turned retrograde last week, I think, and this week we have Saturn turning retrograde. And then we have Venus and Jupiter both turning retrograde on the 13th. So there’s a strong sort of backwards pull right now, the nodes changing signs and moving sort of backwards through the zodiac, and then planets, changing direction. So, by the 13, and we’ll be talking more about that of course next week, but by the 13th there will be four planets retrograde that’s getting to be a pretty big number.

So there’s a lot of energies that are pulling us backwards. We’re looking back, oh what happened there What did I do wrong there. Oh, I see what I should have done that’s a lot of what happens when we have the retrogrades. In terms of the virus. I have no training in biology I’m not an epidemiologist so this is strictly astrological information, but with all of these retrogrades happening right now it seems very unlikely that there’s going to be any kind of end to the virus situation. Not that it won’t get better or that there won’t be improvements, but the idea that, oh we’ve been in quarantine for a month now it’s just going to end. That’s not going to happen.  At least the astrology suggests that it will not happen, that there will be a lot of back and forth. A lot of sort of one step forward two steps back, with all these retrogrades. And just a reminder, the big retrograde cycle really lasts into October, so it’s quite a long time. The whole world right now is kind of on pause. So that’s a very brief synopsis of those two important things.

Because Saturn is turning retrograde on the 11th which is in a week, it, its apparent motion as we observe the movement of Saturn in the sky appears to have come to a standstill. So normally the planets are, you know, moving ahead through the signs. But when they’re preparing to change direction it’s like if a car is doing a U turn right in front of your house. You’ll see it seem to stand still while it’s making that change, and that’s sort of how it works with the planets. So Saturn is at the same degree that it’s been, it’s at about one degree Aquarius and it has been there for a while and it will be there for a while. That’s particularly important for anybody who is having a Saturn transit right now which is especially anybody who’s either between 28 and 30, or anybody who’s between 56 and 59 or so.  Those are big, important Saturn times.

When Saturn is at a standstill when it’s stationary in the sky its influence is potent. And so there is a lot of energy that requires us to face reality Saturn’s a reality check. Jupiter is the planet that says, oh, everything is great, there’s lots of opportunity, “I’m very optimistic that this will take care of the virus” or whatever the situation is, but Saturn is not that way Saturn is”  “sorry folks, here’s the hard data the hard facts, it’s time to look at that and pay close attention.” So whenever we have a strong Saturn influence it’s just a question of endurance – it’s not anything that we can really change or sort of alchemizes into something different. But when there is Saturn, it is important to sort of face facts if there’s anything in your life that you’ve been hoping wasn’t the case but you really knew that it was. This is the time to sort of face up to that.

The other planets changing direction are next week and that includes Venus and Jupiter.   Jupiter is also at a standstill – also very important also strongly desiring expansion and growth, and to evolve out of the situation, and Jupiter is conjunct Pluto. So those two planets are working together, wanting to transform and being in somewhat of a hurry. So that’s of course working against the Saturn, or Saturn’s working against the Jupiter. But we also have Venus moving very slowly right now. It’s only going to move one degree before it retrogrades on the 13th and Venus is in a square to Neptune. Venus right now is in the sign of Gemini, which is very curious very, very much wanting to learn and to understand, and the square to Neptune can really enhance our creativity. It can open up the doorways of consciousness, but it can also create some confusion. It’s the time when we really want to communicate, but we’re not understood so we’ll have to make extra special care with our interpersonal relationships to slow down a little bit, especially today on May 4. The Sun is conjunct Mercury today where the mind moves very quickly, and we may find that we’re more likely to be misunderstood especially during the early part of the week so Monday Tuesday Wednesday.

Venus/Neptune is very good for creativity if you’ve been feeling blocked. You know a lot of us had big ideas for what we would do and quarantine. And those things haven’t really happened but the thing about creativity is, we can’t really wait for it to happen, and then sit down at our creative outlet, whatever that is, when we sit down at the creative outlet, the creativity flows and this is a really good time for that. This Venus Neptune square will open those doorways and help to transcend our normal, the limitations of our ideas and what we think we can do. So that’s going to be really helpful.

Also this week, especially later. We have mercury harmonizing with both Jupiter and Pluto. So I would say between the seventh and the 11th, that’s going to be particularly strong. This is going to be a really good time for just feeling better about everything that’s happening when Mercury is in a harmonious trine to Jupiter, there is this element of optimism and confidence and, you know, sort of expansion of ideas and plans and strategies, and then with mercury squaring Pluto there can be an additional focus. Because Pluto encourages us to go sort of deep, deep into understanding and deep into knowledge and wisdom, and all of that is part of the full moon, the Scorpio Full Moon happens. On May, 7, and is the full moon is in a square to Mars.

This full moon in Scorpio which is very intense anyway – Scorpio is very passionate, intense, very concerned about power and who’s winning. You know, there’s there’s a deep dive with Scorpio so this is going to be a time of a lot of emotional intensity and  that’s going to interact with these other things that I was mentioning: the optimism, the confidence, the creativity. But the square from Mars is going to add even more intensity since Scorpio is ruled by Mars. So the full moon in Scorpio squared by Mars, this is a time where there’s a lot of strength of opinions, powerful potential for conflict or power debates or arguments, but there can also be a lot of passion of all kinds, you know, a physical passion. The passion or the drive to get something done or to to accomplish something or to fulfill a goal, you know, or just to feel just to really experience more deeply. It’s very, very strong for that.

So, I think that that I’ve been talking pretty fast, and trying to keep these under 15 minutes, but I think that pretty much covers things I, I may hop on and do a quick video about the notes of the moon, because I think it would be helpful to expand that a little bit more. So thanks so much for joining me. And if you have any questions please put them in the comments. Any suggestions anything you’d like covered this these videos are for you. So thanks again and I look forward to seeing you soon. Take care. Bye.

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