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Fasten your seatbelts, friends – this week we have a lunar eclipse in Taurus and an argument between the aggression of Mars, the warrior, and the radical influence of Uranus, the rebel.

The eclipse is a partial one and less powerful astrologically because the lunar nodes are in a different sign, an “out of sign” conjunction.  It’s the conjunction from the lunar nodes of fate, marking the gateways from past to future, that makes a lunation an eclipse and an out of sign conjunction is weaker and has less effect.  But what will make this eclipse a stronger influence is the fact that it is, according to NASA,  the longest of the century – lasting for three and a half hours.  The midpoint of the eclipse occurs at the exact time of the lunation (the opposition between Sun and Moon) which occurs at 3:57 am EST on Friday November 19th.

I will feature a more in-depth article about the eclipse in the next few days, but it’s something to consider when planning out your week.

In addition, if you read last week’s forecast you may remember that Mercury and Mars activated the square from Saturn to Uranus that is the story of 2021: Control vs Liberation.  Society vs Independence.  Mars is an active force, and when it triggers a planetary combination it can serve as a force for change that is more powerful than its influence is normally when acting solo.  Last week Mars squared Saturn, and this week it opposes Uranus.  We can expect more rebellion and perhaps some reckless behavior this week, but there is also an energetic factor with Uranus that can awaken us to new realms of possibilities which may have never considered before.  These are times of rapid change, and it’s time to let go.  This is just the week to let that happen!  The exact aspect is Wednesday November 17th, but the influence will be felt throughout the week.

Here’s your forecast for the week ahead. Dates and times are given for the Eastern US time zone (EST), please adjust for your own locality. 

Monday November 15.  With the Moon in Aries, we begin the work with a higher level of energy than normal, but also perhaps a bit more sensitive with Venus just coming off a conjunction to Chiron which can expose old wounds and heighten emotionality.

A strong square aspect between the Scorpio Sun and Jupiter helps to expand our self-confidence and optimism but since it’s a hard angle (square) aspect, we may find ourselves taking on too much risk or activity.  Under a strong Sun/Jupiter aspect it can be useful to use this time for planning and vision work, but wait until the aspect passes to actually make the practical plan.

Tuesday November 16. The Aries Moon is active in the morning (EST) but by noon will settle into a more peaceful place.  A harmonious sextile from the Sun to Pluto helps to empower and facilitate the manifestation of goals and intentions.

The Moon enters Taurus at 9:17 pm EST on Tuesday, and for a few days we will want to pay closer attention to the things that give us comfort and a sense of security.  The energies of the eclipse will begin to build now that the Moon is in the sign opposite the Sun.  This is an important time to be present and pay attention to our intuition and the inner voices that provide guidance even when we don’t really listen.

Wednesday November 17.  The Mars/Uranus opposition culminates today.  Mars is in Scorpio where it doesn’t mess around – it urges us to seek greater personal power and to delve into the secrets of power and the power of secrets.  It’s important to be somewhat careful now as the tendency for action without consideration or thought is strong right now.

Meanwhile the Taurus Moon is very active all afternoon and evening, setting off the whole dynamic with Mars, Saturn and Uranus.  While Taurus seeks stability and comfort, when activated it can erupt with tremendous force and power (think about the bull who is peaceful in the pasture until crossed).

I say all of this not to frighten, and it’s possible that you may not even notice any of this. But if we know there’s potential for a tornado to come our way, it’s a good idea to be prepared! This is a good time for meditation, to practice mindfulness, to be kind and to attempt to avoid conflict for a few days until tempers cool.

Thursday November 18.  Thursday is like a cool shower after a hot storm, with a harmonious watery trine from Mercury to Neptune, facilitating creativity and inspiration as well as opening the heart to a higher and more divine love. The Taurus Moon is busy but mostly harmonious as it activates the inspiration of Mercury and Neptune, urging confidence and expansion in a square to Jupiter, and facilitating greater potency in a trine to Pluto.

In addition, a lovely trine from Venus in Capricorn to Uranus helps to ground and center the need for change into something that can be more easily digested and assimilated into our daily lives.  This is a nice preparation for the eclipse which technically begins late on Thursday, especially on the west coast of the US, and continues into…

Friday November 19.  With such a long lasting eclipse, the effects will linger well into Friday and potentially Saturday as well.  It is said that the effect of an eclipse can last for six months or more but I have not seen that as a practical matter.  But since there is potential for something to be awakened or unmasked during an eclipse, it often doesn’t just disappear in a day or two.

The Moon moves into Gemini at 9:32 am which will bring more of a focus to the mental realm of communication and thought.  This is a great time to take out your journal and see what your inner heart has to say.  You may be surprised at what emerges!

Saturday November 20.  There is a lot of mental energy today, with the Moon in Gemini activating the mind, and a strong square from Mercury in Scorpio to Jupiter.  Mercury in Scorpio wants to know everything, and Jupiter can exacerbate that and make it difficult to turn off the noise.  The lunar aspects are soft and supportive, though, and will help to calm the mind enough so that we can utilize the information received in positive ways.

That’s especially true as Mercury in Scorpio begins to move into a soft sextile to Pluto which culminates on…

Sunday November 21.  This Mercury/Pluto sextile is a great boon for deep understanding and to help us move through any blocks or obstacles.  Conversations are more productive, and problems more easily solved.

The Sun enters Sagittarius at 9:33 pm EST and we start to move out of Scorpio into the lighter realm of Sagittarius.  And the Moon shifts into Cancer at 10:32 pm to end the week on a watery note to help soothe and calm the fiery energies of the week.

I hope you have a great week and enjoy this powerful crescendo of energies! ❤️

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