This week we have Neptune turning direct and the first of a pair of eclipses with the lunar eclipse at the Gemini Full Moon.  I talk a little about the election even though I tried not to, and give you a run down of what you can expect throughout the week.  I started including time codes in the video so please let me know if you find them useful!  I’m also curious about how relevant people find the charts sprinkled through.  Transcript as always is below the promo stuff.

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Transcript (transcribed by machine and roughly edited for readability, please excuse errors!)

Hey everybody, its Lynn Hayes. Welcome back to my channel. And if you’re new here, I’m glad you decided to join me today. In today’s video, we’re going to be talking about the astrology for the week from November 23 to the 30th 2020. And what a year it has been! On the day that I filmed this, the results of the election are pretty clear. But the winner has not actually been certified. I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about this, I have spoken about it in the past few videos. And if you’re interested, please take a look. I will do a post mortem once things are finalized, and we can move on.

One thing I do want to just mention, a lot of astrologers are talking about the fact that Mercury turns direct on Election Day, and proposing that this is why there were so many problems with the election. And one thing about astrologers, we can’t agree on anything, it’s not uncommon for astrologers to disagree. It certainly is not a subtle science. But I have not really seen in my practice for 35 years, that Mercury really causes huge events. Mercury is a fast moving planet, it generally acts as more as a trigger. And the reason the election is so problematic this year, is — you know, I’m doing this again, I keep saying I’m not going to talk about the election, and then blah, blah, here it comes. But the reason the election is so close is because the country is so divided. That’s not because of Mercury turning direct on election day. That’s because of the nature of what’s going on in the US. And I will be talking about that more in the coming weeks.

But for now, I’d like to talk a little bit about what’s important for us right now, with our mental health. There are so many challenges that we’re facing right now between the pandemic election uncertainties, economic uncertainties, this is a very challenging time. And it’s very important that we be able to maintain our sanity, I’m doing a lot of readings these days, which I’m grateful for. But a lot of people are wondering, you know, when is the astrology going to change and the astrology is probably not going to change the underlying situation. And it’s very important for us to learn how to live healthily in the circumstances that we’re in, we can always find ourselves in circumstances that are very joyful, that are very fortunate, very lucky. Sometimes there’s trauma and challenge in our life, we have to find a way to develop a center inside of ourselves, where we can go for nourishment and for nurturing and for that inner strength that we need to carry on. And one thing that I have found for myself to be very important, is to try to limit my time on the internet. And that’s so hard for me, you all know that I love to write, I’m always thinking about things to post. I love Facebook, I really like interacting with my friends, especially now it’s the only time I see them, most of them. So it’s been difficult. But it’s been so important because when I’m off of social media, and when I have more time just to be present in my own body, in my own self in the world around me to be able to look at a tree and really feel so grounded in that moment. That is really critical right now for our mental health. I hope you’ll find in your own lives that wellspring where you can find that center and find that strength within your own self as we go forward in these situations.

This week, we have Neptune turning direct. If you’ve been following me or any astrologer over this past year, you’ll know that this has been a particularly incredible time of retrograde planets. We had seven planets retrograde at one time, and we had six planets retrograde for quite a long time on almost unparalleled situation. Over the last several hundred years of my research. I didn’t go back farther than the 1600s but in the past 300 and some years we have not had that kind of situation with so many retrogrades currently at the beginning of the week, we still have Neptune retrograde when Neptune turns direct on November 28. We’ll be down to one and that’s Chiron. A lot of this energy that we felt about being held back and sort of really feeling stuck, unable to move forward and the direction that we’re, you know, hoping to be carried, that’s all likely going to ease up, it’s already started to ease up as the planets one by one have turned direct. When a planet is getting ready to change direction, many of you have heard me say this many times, the planet slows down or it appears to slow down from our perspective as we observe the movement of the planets. When the planet is appearing to be at a standstill in the sky, it’s at its strongest, it has a very strong effect on us.

Neptune is the planet of spirituality. It’s the planet of creativity and imagination at the stone is this wonderful sense of spiritual enlightenment and growth and connection. But it can also, if we allow ourselves to become overly enamored with Neptune’s graces, we can lose some touch with the cold hard realities of our lives. And when Neptune is stationary in the sky, as it has been for the last month or so, and it will continue to be stationary for another three or four weeks, it’s very important to understand where that boundary is. Neptune is not a planet that really loves boundaries. Neptune’s job in fact, is to dissolve the boundaries tear down the walls between us and our imagination and our creative wisdom. With Neptune so strong in the sky right now, we just want to be rather careful, because we do still have Saturn at the last degrees of Capricorn, where it demands that we pay attention to those cold hard facts that we observe the boundaries, the proper boundaries and the limitations that we need in order to survive. But we can still take advantage of this magical Neptunian experience, we just don’t want to get lost in it.

We also have a lunar eclipse at the Full Moon on November 30. This eclipse is at the eighth degree of Gemini. And at the lunar eclipse, where the lunar light is obscured, there can be an unmasking of something that needs to emerge, a truth that’s been hidden, something that maybe has been lurking under the emotions that we’ve been processing, feeling talking about. underneath there is something more. And because this lunar eclipse is in the sign of Gemini, which is all about information. It’s all about learning. It’s all about experiences and having different experiences that inform the way that we experience our life. This is a very active time, it’s a time when our emotions are more deeply connected to our thoughts. So we have greater access to them in some way. And it’s a very good time for journaling. You know, often when we write when we’re talking or expressing ourselves in some sort of verbal or written way, we discover truths that could not be discovered any other way. And I think that this is something that can really take place during this lunar eclipse in Gemini. We also at the time of the eclipse haven’t nearly exact square, a challenging aspect between Neptune and the nodes of the Moon, the nodes of the Moon tell the story of our evolutionary journey from the past to the future. And with Neptune and a challenging square to the nodes. There is a sense that the key to our moving from the past to the future is in letting go of our ideas of what needs to happen. And this is all part of this lunar eclipse. I feel that it’s going to be a time of awakening and of inspiration.

The next eclipse is December 14th, the day when the electoral college meets. And the eclipse which is a solar eclipse sits right on Donald Trump’s Natal eclipse. So it’s going to be very interesting to see what happens on December 14, but eclipses tend to come in pairs. One eclipse, I have found, kind of opens the door and the second eclipse shows us how to walk through it.

The last thing I want to say before we start talking about the astrology for the week ahead is that Mercury which has been in Libra for quite a long time, because of its retrograde passage, Mercury went into Libra. Then it stepped into Scorpio briefly and it and then it retrograded back into Libra and went back into Scorpio where it is now. Mercury in Scorpio has a strong drive to discover the truth. Our style of communication is more intense and this has certainly been happening over the past, however long Mercury’s been in Scorpio and on December 1 which is the day after this video ends which is usually on Monday. Mercury is going to move from Scorpio into Sagittarius. Anytime there’s a planetary shift, and that includes the Sun or the Moon, there’s a shift of energy and Mercury going from Scorpio, which has been so intense and so concerned about power and control. When Mercury moves into Sagittarius, it’s much more optimistic. It’s much more expansive. And that’s going to be a general lift. The Sun is already in Sagittarius. So we’re moving into Sagittarius season. And when Mercury goes into Sagittarius, that’s going to just enhance that feeling of optimism and openness.

So now let’s talk about the week ahead. On Monday the 23rd, the Moon starts out in Pisces and it will be in Pisces all day. We also have Ceres in Pisces and I’ve talked about that before – Ceres being the asteroid/ planet which has to do with our own self care with our own taking care of our body in our incarnation. And with Ceres in Pisces. There’s a strong need for that spiritual grounding in order for us to feel comfortable in our own bodies. So with the Moon in Pisces, it’s going to be transiting over Ceres. It’s going to also be transiting over Neptune and it’s going to be in a harmonious trine and also on Monday to Mercury which is in Scorpio. So this is a lot of water and a lot of dreaminess, we have Pisces and Neptune and Scorpio. Monday is the day to flow. It’s not a day to try to push the river or make something happen. It’s a day to allow things to unfold as they do. And it’s a day for creative imagination.

On Tuesday around 10:04am and that’s eastern time, the Moon’s going to move into Aries. The shift from Pisces to Aries is pretty significant. We go from the sort of dreaminess of Pisces that go with the flow to Aries which is the warrior you know which takes out the sword and wants to either go on the attack or go on the defense. So in the Moon as an Aries we tend to have more energy and more passion. The Moon will stay in Aries for a couple of days with the three planets still in Capricorn, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn that we’ve been talking about all summer, this heavy, strong Capricornian energy of restriction and discipline and hard work and slowing everything down. Any time the Moon goes through one of the cardinal signs, which is Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn, it’s going to bump up against us Capricorn planets. And that’s and that’s especially difficult for Aries because Aries doesn’t like to be controlled. Aries doesn’t want to be limited or restricted. So we’re going to have this this week with the Moon going through Aries and squaring those Capricorn planets, which it will do on Thursday.

But before it gets there, the Moon is going to harmonize in a trine with the Sun which is in Sagittarius. in the morning and the early afternoon. Later in the day, the Moon is going to transit over Chiron which is also an Aries when the Moon hits Chiron.  Chiron is the planet of wounding and healing. That point is emotionally sensitive. If there are any unhealed wounds, we can be triggered by any contact with Chiron. So this can be an amazing time of healing. You know, emotions come up and we just release them, which is a wonderful experience or the Aries Moon which is aggressive and can be kind of needle-y, and especially because all of us are being affected by this Aries Moon and we may accidentally hurt somebody’s feelings that we didn’t even realize we had done. Especially when the Moon is conjunct Chiron those triggers can have an effect. So when the Moon aligns with Chiron, which it will early evening on Tuesday Eastern time, it might be useful to just be a little careful with other people’s feelings. Everybody may be a little more raw than they typically are.

Wednesday in the early evening eastern time the Aries Moon will transit Mars.  Mars in Aries has been challenging the Capricorn planets in a square aspect for the last few months. It’s out of range of that square now but as the Moon moves over Mars, which will early evening on Wednesday eastern time, it’s going to fairly soon by Thursday start to trigger these Capricorn planets. And again we’re looking at Pluto Jupiter and Saturn and that aspect begins on Thursday morning. The Moon will hit Pluto first in the morning and then it will hit Jupiter in around noon early afternoon and then early evening it will hit Saturn. So on Thursday watch for there to be some dissonance, maybe some struggle, maybe a sense of restriction, frustration, irritation. However, the Sagittarius Sun that day also aligns in a trine with Chiron that’s going to help to facilitate the healing of any energies that come up on Thursday with all these planetary energies. The Moon in Aries is driving us towards the action the Capricorn planets are holding us back. This is not a bad time to try to get things done or to start something new. But just understand there might be some frustration there may be a period of time where you have to hold back thanks may not happen at exactly the pace that you’re looking for. And then later that evening eastern time around 10:43pm the Moon will move from Aries into Taurus and that will be a very grounding, calming influence that will take us into Friday.

On Friday we have some lovely harmonious transits from Scorpio Mercury sextile to Pluto and from Scorpio Venus sextile Uranus.  The sextile from Mercury to Pluto is very good for anything that requires mental focus and concentration. Mercury is already in Scorpio which is ruled from a modern perspective by Pluto. So the deeper thinking the concentration the focus is already there. The harmonization to Pluto is that a word harmonization the sextile to Pluto helps to facilitate that depth and that focus. So it’s a wonderful time for writing anything having to do with communication and information. And with Venus which is in Scorpio intensifying our relationships makes a harmonious sextile to Uranus. There’s a bit of a sense of freedom – Scorpio can be very sort of you know holding on and jealous it can get a little dark sometimes and then Uranus encourages us to break out of patterns that are not serving us these two cycles last only a day or so. But this harmonious boost can be really useful. If there’s anything that you’ve been wanting to do that you’ve kind of felt frustrated and maybe you’re feeling a little hopeless. These two aspects on Friday can really help to give you a boost and some encouragement. And that takes us to Saturday November 28 when Neptune turns direct and the Taurus Moon harmonizes with Neptune that day. So I would say this is really Neptune’s day. This is the day for creativity, for art,  for inspiration for meditation, for anything having to do with enhancing a flowing your life.

We also have Scorpio Mercury continuing to make its way across the Capricorn planets in a nice sextile. A sextile is an aspect of ease and harmony. But unlike the trine, which tends to be kind of just flowy without a lot of action. The sextile is a little bit exciting. There’s some stimulation there. So when we have a sextile it’s not just that, Oh, I feel so comfortable here. It’s that, Oh, I’m kind of excited about doing this thing. And so here’s the Scorpio Mercury and a sextile to Jupiter which is expansive, which is optimistic. And so our mind and our thoughts and our conversations with other people take on this Jupiterian optimism.

Then on Saturday night we have some more lunar aspects that go into Sunday morning the Taurus Moon will harmonize with the Capricorn planets starting with Pluto on Saturday night. And then on Sunday morning, the Taurus Moon will harmonize with Jupiter. So because all of these planets and the Moon are in earth signs, there’s more grounding. There’s more of a sense of practical what’s needed for me to live my life and because we’re generally in a Neptunian time right now, with Neptune stationing direct and being very dreamy and flowing, this Capricornian emphasis on what’s practical and what is organized and structured will help us to keep our feet on the ground at 11:16am. On Sunday, the Moon will move into Gemini.  Gemini is an air sign it has to do with conversation and communication and the processing of information. But Gemini also is a bit of a shapeshifter under the influence of Gemini. We’re curious about a lot of things we want to try on different ideas and different ways of living. So when the Moon is in Gemini there generally in the world is a lot more flexibility, a lot more fluidity. Now the Moon goes through Gemini, of course every month, but right now we’re in the situation with the election in the United States. And we are so bogged down with information and ideas and thoughts and opinions. And I’m very hopeful of it. Mercury moving into Gemini, even though it’s only for a couple of days, will help to sort of get things moving and get things flowing.

The lunar eclipse takes place on Monday, November 30, but the energies of the eclipse begin to build a few days before. So definitely on Sunday, certainly after the Moon has already moved into Gemini. And we’re already feeling its effects. This sort of open doorway of the eclipse is likely to begin to have an effect, we’re likely to begin to start to see possibilities and start to open windows into our own emotions. Because remember, we’re talking about the Moon, the Moon having to do with the emotions, and what is really going on in our heart, which often can be difficult for us to discover. And a lunar eclipse can really help that to be revealed. So Sunday, Monday, these energies are going to sort of come to a crescendo with this lunar eclipse. And of course, I’ll be writing in great detail and I’ll be posting on my blog, everything that you need to know about that eclipse and that takes us to the end of the week. I really appreciate your being here with me. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments, and I’ll look forward to seeing you next week.

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