As you may know, I’ve been calling the square from Saturn to Uranus the story of 2021 – the pressures between control for the sake of society (Saturn) versus the rebellion and radical motivations of Uranus.  There is no more vivid representation of the Saturn/Uranus square than the global battle over masking and vaccinations during this pandemic and the extreme path which this debate has taken.

Saturn and Uranus are five degrees apart from an exact square, but the aspect is tightening over the next month until it culminates in mid-December.  Every time a faster-moving planetary body activates Saturn or Uranus, the themes of the square are also activated even if it’s the Moon which lasts just a few hours.  This week Mercury (mind and communication) aligns with Mars (aggression and motivation), and both planets will ignite the Saturn/Uranus dynamic.  Expect the themes of rebellion and domination to be more pronounced, and with Mars in Scorpio the power of passion will be intensified.

In other words, duck.  Try not to inflame already heated situations if you can help it. If you can, speak your truth with conscious intention and the light of awareness, without seeking blame or needing to win (both Scorpio themes).  This is not a good week for difficult conversations or confrontation, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen so be prepared. We often can’t avoid situations that emerge in challenging planetary times because these times are meant to promote personal and global evolution.

Here’s the forecast for the week.  Dates and times are given for Eastern time zone, please adjust for your own locality. ❤️

art by Keith Malett

Monday November 8.  The planets are relatively quiet on Monday and Tuesday with only lunar aspects. The Moon is in Capricorn where we tend to feel more practical and grounded so we can take advantage of this time to integrate and find balance, especially with a trine to Uranus in the afternoon which helps to bring in some new ideas and anticipation for change.

Tuesday November 9.  Today’s lunar aspects help to facilitate creativity and good will, beginning with gentle sextiles to the Sun (12:06 am) and Neptune (6 am). This is a good day to get things organized, and then the Moon enters Aquarius at 10:03 pm EST.  The Aquarius Moon tends to be a period of restlessness and a burning desire to change things that aren’t working and this will begin to activate the patterns of Mercury and Mars which culminate on…

Wednesday November 10. Today we have Mercury aligning with Mars in Scorpio for some passionate conversation and intensive mental activity. Conjunctions can be helpful or challenging, depending on the planetary energies. Mars can vitalize Mercury to think outside the box and generate great ideas, and Mercury stimulates Mars to think rather than just act from the reptilian brain.

Mercury and Mars both conjoin Saturn on Wednesday, which can be a grounding influence but also suggest that your desires and thoughts may be under pressure from an outside force. The compulsion for change and action is strong, but Saturn applies the brakes to add a layer of frustration. Meanwhile the Aquarius Moon forms stressful aspects to Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Uranus to fan the flames of rebellion and potential reckless activity.

This is all not necessarily bad – these kinds of influences can stimulate enormous creativity and incredible new experience which forever transform our viewpoints and our path forward. But they can also bring out our worst instincts and reveal some unpleasant truths. Mercury and Mars are both fast moving planets so these energies will peak on Wednesday and subside within a few days.  (You may have already planned something challenging for Wednesday! This is the way life goes, and astrology is just a weather forecast. Bring your emotional umbrella just in case.)

Thursday November 11.  The Moon remains in Aquarius throughout the day, squaring the Sun in the morning which may require an adjustment of perspective, and aligning with Jupiter in the afternoon for a deep breath of expansion and release.  The Sun will harmonize with inspirational Neptune (trine) on Friday, and these energies are beginning to build on Thursday.  There is an opportunity now for greater harmony and creativity, and perhaps some imaginative ways to break down any personal barriers which may have been erected over the past few days.

art by Sharon Johnstone

Friday November 12.  The energetic intensity will continue to calm down, especially when the Moon shifts into imaginative Pisces at 2:53 am EST on Friday.  The Sun forms a harmonious trine to Neptune that day, inspiring creativity and spiritual connection, and the Moon harmonizes with Venus and Mars for a beautiful day of emotional integration.

There is potential for a bit of tension on Friday as a strong Mercury/Uranus aspect begins to build.  This can either bring excitement at the prospect of change and new ideas, or it could evoke some anxiety if change is an uncomfortable prospect right now.  In either case, the Pisces and Neptune influences can help us to visualize the best path forward.

Saturday November 13.  That Mercury/Uranus aspect culminates around 11 am EST and from there we have nothing but harmonious lunar aspects to soften any hard edges and fill the heart with peace and inspiration.

Sunday November 14.  This is a VERY quiet day astrologically, a good day to take a break and enjoy the stillness. The Moon is in Pisces in the morning EST, inspiring revelation and insights, and then enters Aries at 10:48 am EST.  The Aries Moon brings with it an easier embrace of new things.  Suddenly we become the adventurer, ready to scale new heights and enjoy the excitement of the changes that surround us.

I hope you have a great week, blessed by the gifts of planetary insight. ❤️

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