There’s so much to talk about this week, and the video went a bit longer than usual.  I’m using timecodes now so you can go right to the parts that interest you, and it also makes it easier to go back to things you want to listen to a second or third time.  The Moon is New in Scorpio this week, and it’s a SuperMoon (I’ll be writing a blog article about that too a little later in the week).  Mars turns direct this week.  Mercury goes back into Scorpio. And it’s the final phase of Jupiter conjunct Pluto, and Pallas is in there too so I have a little blurb about her as well.  Transcript follows, but give the video a try. I’m curious, who is still reading the transcript and who has switched over to watching the video? 

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Transcript (roughly edited, please forgive errors I have missed!)

Hey everybody, it’s Lynn Hayes. Welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, I appreciate your joining me. I seem to have a lot to say today. And that’s without talking about the election at all. I want to go ahead and get started. I am going to leave some time codes in the description box so if you don’t want to wade through all of the information, you can find what it is that you’re looking for easily. I’ll probably be talking more about the election in the next couple of weeks once things settle down a little bit more.

It should be no surprise to anybody following the astrology that there would be some confusion. This was only the second time in a century that Mercury has changed direction on election day. The last time was the year 2000. You might remember there were hanging chads that affected the outcome. And that was the day that Mercury turns retrograde on election day. This year, we had Mercury turning direct on election day, but there still is quite a bit of chaos. This video will likely be a little longer than I’d prefer for these videos, but I will leave time codes in the description box. So if you are pressed for time, or if you want to come back and listen again to a certain part, you’ll find those links in the description box. So let’s talk about the major events for the week ahead.

The first thing I’d like to talk about is the conjunction of Jupiter to Pluto. Now I spent quite a bit of time on that last week. And if this is all old hat feel free to skip ahead a couple of minutes. The first phase of this conjunction from Jupiter to Pluto was actually in April of 2020. This is all part of the big drama with the Saturn Pluto conjunction. The triple conjunction in Capricorn and Mars was in Capricorn at the same time. This was back in March in April. So that sort of began all the hubbub that we now know as 2020.

Jupiter is the planet of abundance. It’s the planet of positive energy. It’s the planet of growth and expansion. And so Jupiter is often considered a planet of good fortune, but it also expands whatever it comes into contact with. When Jupiter is in Capricorn, which it has been since December of 2019. There’s a real love of rules, you know, it’s rules and structure, which is what Capricorn is all about, hat helps to give more meaning. Under the influence of Jupiter, we’re looking for more meaning. We’re looking for a way to live our life that helps us to fit into a greater whole. And with Jupiter conjunct Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn that’s created a lot of disruption because we have Jupiter expanding. Then we have Saturn contracting, then we have Pluto destroying and blowing everything up. So those three, I don’t have to tell you how crazy this year has been.

When Jupiter is conjunct Pluto, the planet of creative destruction – I think is a nice way to put it – Pluto tends to also show us where there is potential for our undoing. In the natal chart, the placement of Pluto shows where you can be very powerful where you can feel empowered, but also what can break you down. So with Jupiter conjunct Pluto, expanding this ability of Pluto to break down the structures that are working the decayed old structures that no longer work for us. This has been a pretty intense time. And this aspect is very strong on the chart for the United States. So we’re hearing a lot of talk about how you know the electoral college isn’t working for us. You know, a lot of the structures that created the United States Constitution, the the way the Senate is elected, there may be a big upheaval, which I’m expecting actually because of the Pluto return in the chart for the United States. But that is a story for another time.

In our personal lives. The conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto really stripped us down to the basics of what we really need to find real meaning in our life. And we’ve certainly seen this over the last six months since the advent of the Coronavirus, and we’ve had locked downs which is very Saturn in Capricorn conjunct Pluto. There’s been a lot of restrictions in terms of what we can do. And that’s forced us to come face to face with what is it that we’re willing to let go of, and what are we not willing to let go of what are the things that are really important that we really want to Hold on to, we can either mourn the loss of what we had and fall into sort of a despair or we can find something to appreciate in what’s left, and use that to build a better future. As the old paradigm falls away, there are new paradigms that we can build, to help bring more meaning and more real joy into our life. You know, maybe in your life before you had a lot of things that you were doing, how much of those things did you really love? How much were you sleepwalking through your life and how much were you really living to the fullest extent possible? How much were you really present in your life? That’s what’s really required now with Jupiter conjunct Pluto.

This conjunction of Jupiter to Pluto has been in effect really for the last couple of weeks because the two planets have been moving so slowly, and it will continue to be in effect even after the exact conjunction which we have this week. Also, with regard to the Jupiter Pluto conjunction, we have the asteroid Pallas Athena, Pallas Athena, if you may remember from your mythology, was born from the head of Zeus, she had no mother, she was not born through the body. And she is considered to be the asteroid, a divine wisdom in the astrological pantheon. In Greek mythology, she was a goddess of war and also of healing. And when I looked through some of the old stories, her attributes of healing seem to always have something to do with equalizing a situation where things had gone very wrong, where things had been unfair. So she wasn’t sort of a Glinda the Good Witch kind of a healer, here’s a magic wand, you’re healed. It was more you know, this person was wounded in battle, he had been loyal to her. In order to write this wrong, she healed him. So I see this less of an influence of healing, so much in terms of healing the body, or healing the soul, like we think of with Chiron, but she definitely has this quality of using reason, using our divine intelligence in order to heal situations that are way out of control. So personally, I really love that Pallas as part of this triple conjunction, we have Jupiter and Pluto Saturn is still kind of within range. But Pallas is exactly conjunct Jupiter and Pluto, shining this light of wisdom and of reason. And I feel like it’s a little bit of a grace card to keep us from just kind of going crazy or wild, or whatever you might have it with this Jupiter Pluto conjunction this week. It’s a very good time to use that reason use that divine wisdom and intelligence to think your way through a situation rather than just react.

And this is a good segue to the fact that Mars is going to be turning direct this week. Mars, you may remember has been retrograde since I think September 9. And Mars has been in Aries since early July. When Mars the planet of fire and action and drive is in its own sign of Aries. There’s a lot of this intense energy of will and desire and need. Mars is that primal need that in psychology. It’s the desire that motivates and inspires us. When those desires are thwarted or frustrated, then we can become angry we can become enraged if that goes on for too long. And that’s why Mars gets this bad rap of having to do with anger and being this very negative force. When a planet appears to change directions such as when it turns retrograde or turns direct. It slows down in the sky. From our perspective, it appears to be at a standstill. And Mars has been at a standstill virtually for about a week. Mars turns direct on November 13. And it will take about a week for its motion to start to pick up again. So while Mars is stationary in the sky, it’s beaming this light of intensity of reaction and of this sort of fiery expression of our personal will. Under the influence of Mars and Aries, especially with Mars, stationary, it set a very close point to the Earth right now. It’s very strong. There’s a powerful influence that asks us that demands. What is it that you want?

A lot of times I’ll have a client that will say, Does my chart show that I’ll ever have a relationship? And usually those people have Mars in Pisces, by the way, if that’s you, you might find that familiar. But my question is always: What do you Want. A lot of times when Mars in a natal chart is afflicted in some way, we don’t really know what they want, we don’t really have a connection to that desire. But this week with Mars at a stationary point, we do have a connection, we can discover this. And not that we want to go around being selfish and always satisfy our own desires. But we have to know what we want before we can create any kind of a future or even enjoy a future that’s given to us we have to have some sense of what it is that we want. This is what Mars direct stationary in the sky and Aries is here to teach. As Mars starts to pick up speed, it will form a square to those three planets in Capricorn.

Last week, you might remember if you watch this video, or if you read my daily updates on Facebook, check it out Mercury, the planet of the mind and information was forming a square to Saturn. Mercury who might remember was retrograde last week, it retrograded back form the square to Saturn, then a turn direct. The second square to Saturn was November third, and the third square to Saturn was November 6. So all through last week, the square between Mercury information communication, elections balance was in a square to Saturn delays, disappointments, the need for patience, structures for how things are done. Does that sound familiar at all?  but Mercury is still moving pretty slowly. So the square to Saturn is pretty much behind us but you might still feel it the first few days of the week.

When Mercury is square to Saturn, we have a tendency to sometimes see only the negative. Saturn really wants us to see the real picture. Saturn doesn’t encourage fantasy or any kind of illusion. So sometimes we can use that influence to reinforce any negative feelings that we already have or any kind of negative thinking, Oh, this is never going to work out how come this always happens. These are typical Mercury Saturn kinds of moods. So if you lean in that direction anyway, and especially with what’s happening COVID elections, you might be experiencing this more intensely with Mercury square Saturn. Just know that this is temporary, the purpose of Saturn isn’t to make us depressed, but it’s to really show us where we’re living in illusion, and where we need to form a better plan for the future.

The next thing I’d like to talk about is Ceres. Ceres was elevated to planet status around the time when there was a very strong surge of interest in ecology, climate change. These are all very Ceres type archetypes. With those sorts of correspondences, I felt it was very important to start to use Ceres. And I do use it quite frequently in my client work. If there is a square from the Moon to Ceres or some sort of affliction, to Ceres in the birth chart, I often see people that have difficulty with body image issues. Well, that’s 90% of us but but these difficulties become fairly severe, we can have eating disorders, we can have body dysmorphia. So Ceres I feel is very important on a personal level, having to do with our relationship to the physical incarnation. So this has to do with food. This has to do with how we connect to nature, how we connect to the planet Earth. So this is different really than the sort of Tauras-y archetype, which has to do with the pleasures of the earth, you know, with really feeling connected to the earth Ceres is more about nurture, nurturing and nourishment. It’s not the kind of emotional nurturing the Cancer does either. It’s really a very personal I don’t feel that serious has anything to do with our connections with other people. It’s how do I feel about eating? How do I feel about staying alive? How do I feel about the way that my food nourishes my body? These are big Ceres issues. So this week Ceres moves from Aquarius into Pisces Ceres moves through the signs of the zodiac. It calls attention to the way we view life in a body, as viewed through these different lenses of the different zodiac signs Ceres was in Aquarius since January and it is just this week moving into Pisces where there’s a need for a deeper connection to the soul, a deeper connection to experiences that help us to feel transcendent. That helps us to feel like we’re not kind of stuck in a Monday. day to day life that has no and and that has no magic. Pisces really is a sign that craves magic. And with Ceres going into Pisces, and it will be in Pisces until February 21. This is a wonderful time to bring magic into all of our body type practices. So taking ritual baths, dancing, doing yoga, anything that helps us to feel like we are in a body, that we are enjoying our body. And as I said, so many of us don’t really like our body, we’re so critical of our bodies. But really, they are working for us. They’re our vehicle on the planet, and was Ceres in Pisces. It’s a beautiful time to really anchor into that experience and find ways to deepen it.

And that’s a lot so far, but I’m afraid I’m not done. The next thing I want to talk about is that Mercury is moving into Scorpio on November 10. When Mercury is in Libra, there’s a need for balanced thought. There’s a need to understand the opinions of others. There’s a need to be tactful to be diplomatic. When Mercury goes into Scorpio there are none of those things. Mercury in Scorpio really needs to know the truth. It doesn’t really care who’s hurt by that truth. It just wants to dig up the secrets dig up the truth and bring everything out into the open. So as Mercury, the Planet of the mind and information sort of goes back and forth between Libra and Scorpio. It’s a little bit schizophrenic. On the one hand, we want everybody’s voice to be heard within Libra. But on the other hand in Scorpio, we just why is this happening? Why isn’t it happening the way I wanted to, that’s the right way. So there’s all of this stuff going on. Mercury has been in Libra, it’s moving back into Scorpio and it will be there and it will be there until December 1 when it will move into Sagittarius.

And finally, we have a New Moon this week in Scorpio, the Sun and Moon will both align at 23 degrees Scorpio. The term Super Moon was actually coined by my friend astrologer Richard Nolle, it means a lunar event where the Moon is at its closest point to the Earth. So we think of this in terms of a full Moon when the Moon is big and glorious, but it can also happen with a New Moon. And when a New Moon is a super Moon, its influence is stronger. And the energy of a New Moon is really a new beginning. It’s a New Moon in Scorpio, it’s a new opportunity to find truth, to become empowered to experience things deeply to have that emotional courage to face the hard facts of life and to find something that really drives us with passion. Scorpio does not like to live along the surface. With Scorpio there is a need to live in a way where we are deeply connected to everything. And where we really have a strong sense of purpose. This is especially important for those of us that are over 60 over 70 over 80 over 50 really, because as we move into these later years, and we start to lose some of the things that gave us pleasure before or that gave us a sense of purpose. Maybe we retire from our job, maybe our grandchildren grow up and they no longer want to spend time with grandma. You know, we have to find something that gives our lives this deep sense of purpose. ThisNnew Moon and Scorpio is perfect for that.

And that finally takes us to the end of the big events for the week. And now let’s talk about the week ahead. On Monday, the Moon will be in Leo until it moves into Virgo. That will happen around 8:30 eastern standard time as the Moon moves through the zodiac, which it does every two and a half days or so it takes us through the experiences of those zodiac signs. And this is true for all of us. And it’s more true of course for some of us than others. But when the Moon is in Virgo, there’s just generally a greater emphasis on finding order finding organization, you know, creating some sort of routine, some sort of expectation of how life is going to be lived. A lot of Virgo people tend to be worriers. And this comes from the fact that Virgo does need the sense of order. And when there’s not a sense of order. When there’s chaos, like what we have right now in the world, then that can be very destabilizing.

So with all of us dealing with the Moon going through Virgo in the sky, we may find ourselves feeling a little bit like that: I really want to create some kind of order, maybe I need a new planner, where is my to do list it’s not I have to write down all 80 things that I want to do today. That’s what Virgo tries to do to get some kind of control, we can’t always do it. So we have to take a few breaths when the Moon is in Virgo and do our best, I find it a very good time for house cleaning or for getting organized and maybe you will too, especially because Ceres is going to move into Pisces about two minutes after the Moon goes into Virgo, those two are going to support each other. So with the Moon going into Virgo and being interested maybe in nutriti