Retrograde update:  We currently have five planets (including Chiron) in retrograde motion: Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, and Chiron.  Mercury, in preparation for its retrograde turn on September 27th, has slowed down and we are in the “shadow phase” of the Mercury retrograde cycle, where communication becomes more personal and therefore more important.  Mercury is retrograde when it is closest to Earth, and its influence becomes more critical.  Once Mercury is retrograde there will be seven planets retrograde for a short time, the peak of the 2021 retrograde season.  During these periods our world seems to be at a standstill, making it difficult sometimes to make new plans until the old situations are resolved.

Full Moon on Monday September 20:  The energies will begin building this week for next Monday’s Pisces Full Moon which follows last week’s Virgo New Moon, taking us from the details of life which is Virgo’s domain into the Piscean realm of fantasy and spiritual transcendence.  I’ll be writing more about this later in the week so stay tuned.  Full Moons are times of potential peak experiences, and in Pisces there are opportunities for moments of intuitive breakthrough and surges of creativity.  Not, however, the best times for dealing with important details especially with Mercury preparing to retrograde so just use the best common sense you can muster in those situations.

And now, the week ahead… (dates and times are given in EDT and UTC, please adjust for your own locality)

Monday, September 13.  We begin the week with the Moon in Sagittarius, and around 10:30 am EDT/2:30 pm UTC it makes a pleasant sextile to Mercury, helping to instill positive thoughts and optimistic viewpoints.  The Moon is active all afternoon, forging the waning square to the Virgo Sun around 4:30 pm EDT/8:30 pm UTC and triggering the Sun/Neptune square.

This challenging opposition from the Sun to Neptune in Pisces is building all day and culminates Tuesday at 5:20 am EDT/9:20 am UTC, creating mists of confusion that wrap us in enhanced intuition and creativity but makes it difficult to see clearly so the warning given above about common sense are certainly true for Monday!

Tuesday, September 14. The Sun/Neptune opposition described above culminates early in the morning EDT/late morning UTC, and the Moon conflicts with Mars at the last degree of Virgo around the same time.  Added to the Neptunian confusion, then, we have some irritability and restlessness which will last for a few hours.

This fog and dust should clear when the Moon enters solid Capricorn at 7:34 a:13 m EDT/11:34 am UTC and brings us all down to earth.  Shortly thereafter, Mars enters Libra at 8:13 pm EDT/12:13 am Wednesday UTC.  Mars in Libra bestows a passion for peacemaking, and let’s hope that has a positive effect on our world right now!

Wednesday, September 15.  There is a strong Black Moon Lilith influence today, with the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto all interacting with this point of mystery and personal outrage.  Expect these themes to emerge at times today and notice if there are areas of unresolved rage that need to be explored.

The Moon is active once again, with the Capricorn Moon pressuring old wounds around, exciting us with new ideas, creating tension with emotional needs, and ending with a burst of creativity. (square Chiron 3:15 am EDT, trine Uranus 8:30 am, square Mercury 5:40 pm, sextile Neptune 9:01 pm, all EDT)

A challenging square is building from Venus in Scorpio to Saturn in Aquarius that will culminate on Friday, but we will begin to feel its effects at least a day earlier. Venus in Scorpio is not an easy-to-get-along-with Venus  – it demands truth and accountability, and in this challenging square to Saturn we may find ourselves somewhat isolated or lonely for a few days.  This will likely accentuate the themes of the Black Moon Lilith experience.

Thursday, September 16.  The Moon leaves Capricorn for Aquarius at 11:23 trines Mars and Pluto, a harmonious day of integration and solid preparation.

Friday, September 17.  The square from Venus to Saturn mentioned above culminates at 2:14 am EDT/6:14 am UTC, but the Aquarius Moon conjoins Saturn and squares Venus and Uranus just after midnight EDT.  This could make sleep difficult on Thursday night especially combined with the lunar energies of Monday’s Full Moon.  Feelings of loneliness and/or isolation may be fleeting, or they may tell a story which we need to listen to.

Fortunately the Aquarius Moon harmonizes with Chiron and Uranus in the early part of the day which will help us to use the reason of the higher mind to work out a progressive solution.

Saturday, September 18. As we continue to prepare for Monday’s Pisces Full Moon, we have a pretty quiet weekend astrologically speaking, with only lunar events.  On Saturday the Moon, still in Aquarius, harmonizes with Mercury and conjoins Jupiter in the very early hours of the morning EDT/dawn-ish UTC, to lift us out of emotionality into the realm of reasoned thinking and hope.

The Moon moves into Pisces at 4:22 pm EDT/8:22 pm UTC which takes us firmly into the energies of the Pisces Full Moon.  These Piscean influences dominate on Sunday with helpful aspects to Venus and Uranus to soften our relationships and bring in plenty of new ideas to forge during the creative flow of the Full Moon.

Stay tuned for more Full Moon details, coming later this week!

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