There’s a lot of astrological juice in the skies this week, which means quite a few potent energies swirling around to affect us in a variety of ways. Emotions could be extreme under the Full Moon, and the portal point of the September Equinox will open up doorways of change.  Be ready!  We are heading into Deep Retrograde season with Mercury’s retrograde turn next week, and some potent challenges from Mars which will keep things lively.  😃

Monday September 20.   The Pisces Full Moon culminates on Monday just before midnight EDT/Tuesday 4 am UTC, and is packed with generally positive forces for awakening and illumination. (You can read all the details of the Full Moon here.)  The Moon conjoins Neptune before noon on Monday EDT/4 pm UTC, paving the way for the Piscean burst of spectral magic which can cause a lack of clarity as we make our way through the mundane details of our daily life to reawaken the spark of divine inspiration. 

A harmonious trine from Mercury to Jupiter, Pisces’ modern ruler, culminates at 10:52 pm EDT just before the Full Moon.  This is a beautiful gift of hope and optimism to pave the way for the Full Moon shower of grace.

Tuesday September 21.  The Moon enters Aries just after 3 am EDT/7 am UTC and begins to translate a challenging opposition between Mars and Chiron that is just beginning to form.  Mars is in Libra where we can find it difficult to express ourselves clearly, and Chiron is in Aries and has been since 2018 – calling out areas of our self-expression which have been wounded and require healing. 

The Mars/Chiron opposition will continue to build until it culminates on October 1st, so watch for little land mines to emerge that will force us to attend to our need for self-protection and needs, especially in relationships. Mars and Venus are in mutual reception right now (Mars in Venus-ruled Libra and Venus in Mars-ruled Scorpio) which is often a harmonious alliance, but in the case of Mars and Venus it can lead to stress points in our attempt to find a balance between personal needs (Mars) and the need to find peaceful solutions (Venus). 

Wednesday September 22. Mercury in Libra forms a strong square to Pluto at 1:11 pm EDT/5:11 UTC.  Squares can be a challenge, but they are also powerful alliances between two planets.  While Mercury is in Libra our thoughts are focused primarily on diplomatic ways in which to solve problems, and on this day we have the assistance of Pluto to promote personal empowerment and focus.  I won’t lie, this can be a time of challenging verbal sword fighting and power issues, but it can also provide an intense focus through which resolution can take place. 

The Sun enters Libra at 3:32 pm EDT/7:32 pm UTC, the Equinox point – the point of balance, when the day and night are of equal length and we mark the change of seasons into Autumn in the northern hemisphere. The dark time is approaching in northern climates, and we begin to turn our attention inwards as the world softens and quietens.

Thursday September 23. Watch for potential stress in relating to others as Venus in Scorpio faces off against Uranus at 9:40 am EDT/1:40 pm UTC.  Venus transits are fleeting and generally not very severe, and with everything else going on in the skies this week you may not even notice it.  But in Scorpio, Venus demands nothing less than Truth and an opposition to the liberating force of Uranus can bring out some surprising interactions that result in lasting change. 

This will all begin to smooth out once the Moon enters (mostly) peaceful Taurus at 12:38 pm EDT/4:38 pm UTC. 

Friday September 24. The Taurus Moon is very active on Friday, setting off the challenging square from Saturn (control) and Uranus (radical action) which is the story of 2021.  Taurus craves equanimity, and has a greater natural affinity with Saturn’s stability, yet the challenging square is to Saturn and the conjunction is to Uranus.  

Watch for stress points to emerge on Friday which reveal fear of or resistance to change, but a harmonious trine from Mars to Saturn is building on Friday (culminating Saturday) which will help us to find integrative solutions to encourage greater stability in the midst of chaos.

September 25. The Taurus Moon is active all day Saturday but generally benign, making this a good day to relax and simply enjoy the good things in your life. (Moon sextile Neptune 7:23 am EDT, square Jupiter 10:48 am EDT, trine Pluto 1:09 pm EDT.)

The trine from Mars to Saturn which began on Friday culminates Friday at 9:50 pm EDT/Saturday 1:50 am UTC to settle these energies and assist in the process of integration. 

Sunday September 26. The Moon enters Gemini at 12:36 am EDT/4:36 am UTC, amping up activity and increasing mental acuity as well.  The Moon interacts with the Sun, Saturn, Mars and Chiron throughout the day, and we can expect with Mercury-ruled Gemini that the mind will be quite active. This is especially true because Mercury is as stationary as it will get on Sunday before making the retrograde turn on Monday morning. 

Clarity of communication is of ultra importance on Sunday and indeed this will continue to be true throughout the retrograde period (until October 18th).  

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