This week is packed with astrological juju: we have a very juicy Pisces Full Moon which includes, among other goodies, a harmonious sextile to Uranus to wake us up out of a rut and heighten our intuition.  Two planets (Mercury and Venus) change signs, and Mars prepares to turn retrograde on September 9th.  Transcription is below the video for those who prefer to read, but as always the video includes graphics and charts to illustrate more fully these planetary movements.


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Hey everybody, its Lynn Hayes. Welcome back to my channel. I really appreciate your joining me here. If you’re new, every Monday I post a video about the astrological influences for the upcoming week and how you can get the most out of these influences in your own life.

In today’s video, we’re going to be talking about the upcoming Pisces Full Moon which will give us an infusion of magical energy, creative inspiration, spiritual focus, and hopefully a lot of really good things. We also have two planets that are changing signs which suggests a shift of energies that will create some movement in our own lives. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Let’s talk first about the Full Moon in Pisces. When the Moon is full, that means that the Sun, currently in Virgo, is opposite the Moon which is currently in Pisces. This is the culmination of the waxing lunar cycle. The lunar cycle starts at the New Moon where we craft our intentions, we plant our seeds, and then during the waxing phase there is a period of growth and the Full Moon is the culmination.  Since the Moon represents the soul, essentially it’s our our deep emotions, our deep feelings – how we react instinctivel,y how we react at the soulful level, whereas the Sun represents how we react at the conscious level. The solar energy is much more consciously aware. The lunar energy is often hidden even to ourselves. So the Full Moon gives the Moon an opportunity to shine. It’s big in the sky. It’s radiant, it’s shining its light on us.

When the Moon is full in Pisces, as it will be this week on September 2,  it’s the last sign of the zodiac. It’s the sign where we’ve made our whole mundane journey through the human experience and then we are poured into this transcendent experience of Pisces. Pisces has to do with imagination – it’s creativity, it’s spirituality, it’s a connection with the divine. It’s the divinity that we experienced when we’re at the ocean, or if we’re looking at a beautiful painting and we just feel this radiance within us. All of that is a Piscean type of experience.

Pisces is opposite the sign Virgo, which is none of those things. Virgo is all about the details of life, the mundane boxes.  I talked a lot about that last week under the influence of Virgo we are creating order in our life. We are selecting what’s going to go here and what’s going to go there and we’re organizing all of the the little details that we have to take care of. At the Full Moon in Pisces, the Moon is opposite the Sun.  We have the Pisces dreaminess, the transcendent imagination, needing some balance from the Virgo sense of order. So it’s kind of like like a seesaw where we have the need for details in reality on one side, and on the other side, we have the need for magic and expansion. With the Full Moon, though the Moon is in its ascendancy, and so the Piscean influence is going to be stronger.

How do we balance these two opposing energies? How do we balance the need for order with the need for magic and transcendence? The best way that I know is to create a routine out of our spiritual life, to have rituals to have an established practice of meditation that can help to take us more deeply into a spiritual experience to practice our creativity even just to go for a walk in the woods or something. We’re in nature where we hear the birds and we have an experience where we’re taken out of ourselves and we feel the magical flow of life. That’s the Piscean experience that we’re looking for here in this Pisces Full Moon.

When we’re dealing with the sign of Pisces, we’re actually dealing with two planetary rulers. The traditional ruler is Jupiter which expands our consciousness and opens up a doorway to higher realms of understanding. We’re also dealing with Neptune and outer planet a transformational planet which inspires us which inspires greater magic. So both of these planets are very expansive, and they raise our vibration they raise our consciousness. Jupiter operates at a more personal level. It has more to do with our understanding our theology, our own personal meaning and the way that we develop a sense of meaning in our life. Whereas Neptune As transformational inspires us to just go beyond the human realm altogether. So Pisces is definitely a very magical sign.

And at the Full Moon, we have the assistance of Virgo, we also have Mercury in the sign of Virgo and Mercury is the planet of the mind. So with Mercury in Virgo, that also really helps us to kind of ground our thinking into something that’s a little more orderly. The energy of the Full Moon typically takes a few days to build. This video will be posted on Monday, which is a few days before the Full Moon and we can start to think about how we’re going to experience this Full Moon – how we’re going to approach our experience of this Full Moon. We may want to set aside some time to do a little Full Moon ritual or even just to be outside and look at the Moon, and if we can’t actually see the Moon from where we are, we can just honor the Moon.   We know that the Moon is there.  The Moon is a very heart opening planetary body, which is something that we absolutely need.  If we are to have any experience of personal growth or spiritual expansion, we really need the Moon which opens up the doorway to the soul.

There are some other aspects in the Full Moon chart that are going to be significant. One of those has to do with the planet Uranus, which is the Awakener it inspires change. It kind of wakes us up and shakes us out of our routine.  The presence of Uranus in this Full Moon experience can really help to awaken something in us to bring us some insight or some new understanding that seems to come out of nowhere.

Adding to the grounding experience of Virgo and the Full Moon and the sort of Virgo Pisces polarity helping to Add some stability is a harmonious trine from Venus to Saturn, which will really help us to ground. The other thing that’s going on this week is that Mercury is going to leave Virgo for the sign of Libra. It’s going to move into Libra on September 5, and it will stay there until September 27. When Mercury is in Libra, the sign of balance the sign of polarities, we tend to think about things in a much more relational way that if this thing happens, that other thing has to happen, that if this thing is true, this other thing must also be true. This is the sign of the diplomat of the tactician, being able to see all sides of the question. So when Mercury is in Libra, hopefully there’s going to be a greater effort to try to understand all points of view.

Remember, in the sky, we still have these three planets in Capricorn, Capricorn being the son of corporations and business And governments and Jupiter and Pluto and Saturn all together in Capricorn is creating a lot of disruption. And this is especially true with Saturn and Pluto which have been in this stance since the beginning of the year. So over the last few weeks and over the last month, Mars in the sky is in a challenging square to all these Capricorn planets. If you’ve been watching these videos, you’ve heard this over and over. But Mars is the planet of aggression and desire and it fuels the fire. So there’s a lot of fire, a lot of arguments, a lot of revolutionary activity really in the world right now. And so with Mercury moving into Libra, there could be more of an ability and a desire to understand more points of view and to try to bring more harmony into the global discussion.

Mercury also is very interested in art and the aesthetics and beauty, and it helps us to have beautiful things to have artistic expression to feel more balanced internally. And with Mercury in Libra, you may in your own life in your own world, find yourself gravitating towards bringing more beautiful things into your life into your home. Maybe do a little bit of minor redecoration so that you’re surrounded by things that help you to experience that equanimity internally.

With Mercury in Libra towards the end of the month, meaning anytime after the 20th or so of September, Mercury is going to be entering the fray with Mars and the Capricorn planets. So I expect the towards the end of the month, there’s going to be even more robust if I can say robust rhetoric, rhetoric, arguments, inflammation, and of course in the United States, this is right before our election. So just watch For that, it might help you in your scheduling to maybe avoid that period for any kind of really difficult conversation. If you need to have a talk with your boss about something that could create some stress for both of you, you might want to do it earlier in the month, rather than later in the month when all of this starts to potentially blow up.

Speaking of blowing up, when a planet appears to stand still in the sky, as it prepares to turn retrograde, the planet can appear to be at a standstill as it’s making that turn. Of course, planets don’t actually turn in the sky. But we observe the movement of the planets from our perspective on earth. And sometimes they appear to turn backwards, but Mars only retrogrades every couple of years. And what’s happening this year, of course, is as Mars retrogrades it’s triggering the Capricorn planets and things are not going to really settle down until the middle to the end of October. So just watch for a lot of intense confrontations, potentially a lot of arguments. And if these are taken to the streets, there could be a continuation of the kind of violence that we’re seeing at the moment.

On September 6, Venus is going to move into Leo and Venus will be in Leo until the 27th. Venus is a very fast moving planet, its influence can be very subtle as it moves through the sky. Venus represents the way that we interact with other people. It’s the force of attraction. So it has to do with the powers of attraction, the powers of magnetism, it has to do with our values, and it has to do with wealth. When Venus is in Leo, I expect the financial markets to be pretty strong because there’s a lot of confidence with Leo. We tend to in our personal relationships under this Venus Leo influence, we may find ourselves feeling much more generous, feeling much more open and more sociable. Depending on where you live. This could be dangerous. So I just want to caution you not to take that Venus in Leo to extremes. It’s wonderful to get together with people and to share our love and to be, you know, to kind of show off our new outfits and to be seen as our best selves. But in quarantine, right now, under the COVID situation, you want to be careful not to express yourself too much to too many people too intimately. You know, that’s what Facebook is for. So, just kind of watch for that because Venus and Leo our confidence and our desire for that kind of social interaction is intensified.

So now let’s talk about the week ahead, in the last few videos have been talking about the lunar movements separately from the other planetary events, but that started to get kind of confused in my head, because it’s not like they happen separately. They’re all happening together. Mercury is moving and the Moon is moving and Venus, they’re all moving together. The faster moving influences may only last for a day or two, but they can be very significant in our personal lives if we are able to watch them and use those influences. So you’ll see that this week, I’m just lumping them all together.

When this video is posted, the Moon will be in Aquarius and it will be there until September 1 while the Moon is in Pisces Of course we will have the Full Moon when it’s opposite the Sun at 10 degrees. While the Moon is in Pisces interacting harmoniously with the Capricorn planets and a sextile aspect. It’s very good for creativity and this is awesome. It’s going to help us to anchor and to ground the Full Moon a little bit more. When we add more Earth, we talked about how Virgo could help us to ground and create some order. The harmonious aspect to the Capricorn planets can help us to use these imaginative, magical energies towards accomplishing our goals, which is what Capricorn is all about. However, the Pisces Moon is still very dreamy and a little bit ungrounded so it’s not the best time for any kind of work that requires a lot of focus or careful intention. It is very good for adding imagination and creativity to any goals that you’re setting with the Capricorn influence which can be sort of far reaching, you know, we can see a longer distance when we’re dealing with the Capricorn influence. So when you combine the imagination of Pisces with this long range view of Capricorn it can be very productive, but we’re not necessarily all that focused until the Moon moves out of Pisces and into Aries.

Now one thing that is going to help us to be more grounded and to find more focus is the fact that Mercury is going to be in a harmonious trine to Pluto. So the date that that culminates is on September 1, but it’s going to start building around the 31st, maybe even the 30th of August, and for about a day afterwards, Pluto is the planet of depth and intensity and when Mercury the planet of the mind is harmonizing with Pluto, we want to go deeper. We want to think more deeply. We want to understand at a deeper level. It’s a really good time to excavate our motivations to learn more about why we do the things that we do. It’s a very good time for introspection. It’s also a good time to think more about our goals and about what we want, because we’re thinking more deeply, it’s no longer about our superficial desires and our dreams. It’s really about the core of the soul and what is really going on in the deepest part of our psyche.

On September 2, Venus will oppose Saturn, that can be a time where we either feel lonely and isolated, or it can be a time when we really cherish our solitude. And both of these things can happen simultaneously. We can feel lonely and cherish our solitude. But Venus is all about relating and then when it’s in a challenging aspect to Saturn, which can which can have a lot of pressure and really demands a fair amount of solitude and hard work. That can also cause a sense of deprivation. If We’re in a situation in our life where we are experiencing that deprivation, it can be heightened at that point. And remember, we are in the Full Moon period at this time too. So the Moon is stronger, the emotions are stronger. So just watch for that as we move into the early part of the week, see if there’s some way that you can kind of buttress yourself, to be prepared for this solitude. And to find a way to really honor it. This will be facilitated by the fact that the Sun will be in a harmonious relationship to Uranus and Uranus, brings in a sense of newness, some excitement. So when we combine this solitude and potential isolation, with excitement about the future, it can be a very radiant experience that takes us out of any sense of internal oppression that we might feel under the Saturn influence.

Then just after the Full Moon we have a beautiful trine of Mercury to Saturn. This aspect is actually embedded in the Full Moon chart, but it doesn’t actually culminate until September 3. So when Mercury which is still at the very late degrees of Cancer at this point is in a trine to Saturn, our thinking is more grounded, we are more practical. You know, that’s a very good time for planning. If there’s anything that you have to really get done, that’s an easy time to do it. Also, because the dreaminess of the Pisces Full Moon might have knocked you off your sense of stability. This is going to help to reground you and to help you to find your sense of balance again.

Now that afternoon eastern time around 430 the Moon is going to move into Aries when the sensitive Moon moves into the sign of Aries.  Aries is a sign of initiation and action. There’s a real shift in the way that we feel. When the Moon is in Aries, we have more energy, we have a desire to be more active. And anytime there’s a lot of fire energy, if it’s not expressed, it can come out in irritation and frustration. So it’s better, in my view, to meet this fire energy head on and utilize it, go for a walk, do some exercise, if there’s a conversation that you really needed to have, but you’ve been putting it off because it’ll be difficult. Go ahead and do it. Because if it builds up under the Mars Moon, there could be some kind of explosion. It’s better to just take the bull by the horns, use that Mars energy, you’ll be feeling strong, you’ll be feeling confident and just take that action.

The Moon will be in Aries from the afternoon of September 3 Eastern Time to September 6. So there’s about two and a half days. This fire energy that we can use around the fourth just after the Moon moves into Aries, Venus in the sky is going to form a challenging square to Mars, the ruler of Aries, the planet of fire. So while we’re feeling all this fire energy, we could have some stress in our personal relationships. Venus is all about relating to others, you know, finding that balance between my needs and your needs. And let’s just be partners, and let’s do everything together. And Mars is like, “no, it’s all about me. I want to have it this way”. So when Venus is in a square to Mars, and we have the Moon in Aries, there’s a lot of pressure for this kind of discussion. So this is going to be a time where if your expression of your own needs is out of balance with your desire to take care of everybody, that duality is really going to come up now. So use that Mars energy use that Aries energy. If there are any difficult conversations that you need to have, have it now or while you’re thinking of it, use that Mars energy use that Aries Moon. Because if you wait, if you hold back and it starts to build up, there could be some kind of explosion. And that makes it more difficult to come to a resolution. But we can use the fire to give us more confidence.

And then on September 6, Venus moves into Leo. We’ve already talked about that at the beginning of the video. But that’s going to be a time of more sociability, there will likely be a heightened desire to bring more joy into our personal relationships, really to have more fun. If we’re in a rut in our marriage or in our partnership or in a friendship even if we’re feeling kind of stale. That Leo infusion is going to really help us to walk To have more fun, and to find ways to bring that into our life. So bringing more fun and more joy into our life seems like a great place to end this video. So thank you again for joining me. If you like these videos, I hope you’ll subscribe and click the notification bell so that you will be notified of future videos. Give it a thumbs up and I’ll see you next week.

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