Elizabeth Warren birth chartElizabeth Warren has gained fame over the past few years as a passionate defender of the economic rights of American citizens.  She has an enthusiastic following and talk grows daily of a presidential run – talk which is continually denied by Ms. Warren.

Elizabeth Warren was born on June 22, 1949 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  When I begin to work on an astrological profile I generally try to find a birth time and Astrotheme is often a good source for that.  Astrotheme scours the internet and other sources for accurate times, but sometimes they are not so accurate. Astrotheme cites a 1:51 pm birth time for Elizabeth Warren that seems to have originated with a rectification procedure by this astrologer.  Rectification is a process whereby life events are carefully considered and compared with the progressed chart to identify placement of the angles (the Midheaven and Ascendant) and thereby pinpoint a time of birth.  Rectification is not 100% reliable, and without a confirmed birth time I will not be looking at the houses or Ascendant or Midheaven.

Still, we can easily see where Ms. Warren’s radical fight for fairness for the common man originates in the chart.  Her Sun is in Cancer – a placement which I have found often denotes an individual who is painfully and personally sensitive to global pain and suffering, and her Sun conjoins Uranus, the planet of radical thought and behavior.  Sun/Uranus people march to their own drummer – in fact, they set the beat and it’s nearly always something unique and surprising.

Sun/Uranus people seek fairness and liberty.  Although Ms. Warren ran for office as a Democrat, she has voted for both parties saying that neither party deserves to dominate.

In addition, her Mercury (communication) is conjunct Mars (aggression and assertive behavior) giving her that forceful communication style for which she is known.  In fact, she was a debate champion in high school and won a debate scholarship to George Washington University.  I would argue that a debate is different from a conversation because someone WINS – it is a quality of Mars to want to WIN an argument or a discussion.

We can see the lack of security in the square from Pluto (devastation and rebuilding) to her Taurus Moon (The Moon shows our need for emotional security and Taurus craves material security, so the Taurus Moon has an intense need for both.)  Her father’s illness when she was twelve resulted in severe economic hardship and the need for both herself and her mother to work to support the family.  (At the time her progressed Moon had just entered Scorpio, the sign of intense experiences that alter us forever.)

Her chart also shows a challenging square from Saturn (the teacher)  to Chiron (healing old wounds).  Saturn/Chiron people carry with them a sense of woundedness throughout their lives although as they age and grow personally they tend to work through those wounds and emotional sensitivities to become teachers and mentors.

Her political career began in 2008 when she was appointed by Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid to head the Congressional Oversight Panel.  At the time transiting Pluto was opposite her natal Sun/Uranus conjunction.  Pluto transits can be devastating periods of loss, but they can also be times when we discover our latent strengths and emerge into great periods of personal power as we see here.  Between 2008 and 2009 while this transit was occurring, Ms. Warren gained fame as an advocate for consumer protections and in 2009 she received tremendous national recognition through various awards and was named Time’s person of the year.

In 2011 and 2012 transiting Uranus (restlessness and change) made a square to her natal Sun/Uranus conjunction.  This is typically a time when we become frustrated with the status quo if it’s not working for us and become inspired to make great changes in our lives. During this period Ms. Warren’s passion for consumer protection put her at the center of the national discussion.  At the same time her progressed Sun aligned with Saturn in her natal chart to give her strength and the ability to endure a difficult campaign for Senate.

Currently there is talk of Ms. Warren running for President in 2016.  She has said she is not running, and her Senate term runs through 2018.   She has some challenging transits of Saturn and Chiron from the summer of 2014 through 2015 which makes me wonder if she will have some health problems, we will need to wait and see about that.

In the meantime she continues her passionate work on behalf of the common man, in true Sun/Uranus fashion.  (Source for much of the biographical data: Wikipedia)

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