If you’re on my mailing list you received an announcement about the change to this blog, but some of you have emailed me wanting to know what has happened so here’s the scoop (the abbreviated version):

Many of you have been with me since the beginning in 2005 when I was on the Blogger platform.  In 2007 I was contacted by Beliefnet who wanted to carry my blog on their site, and in 2008 I agreed and signed a contract with them.  They pulled the RSS feed of all of my posts at that time.

As some of you know, over time the advertising on Beliefnet became more and more offensive and I started carrying an ad-free copy of the blog on my own website.  Last year Patheos contacted me about moving my blog to their site, and in January of this year I made the decision to move to Patheos. (Mars was stationing before turning retrograde but it was about a week from the retrograde turn.)

Everything was going fine until Patheos received a threatening letter from Beliefnet attorneys stating that they OWN the trademark and the blog Astrological Musings.  Rather than provide me with an opportunity to defend this charge, Patheos followed the advice of their attorneys and took the blog down.

Of course all of this is occurring with both Mars (aggression and defense) and Pluto (destruction and nuclear warfare) stationary in the sky, forcing latent conflicts into the open where they must be fought. I have filed for the trademark Astrological Musings and have sent a letter to the Beliefnet attorneys but in the meantime Beliefnet has hired another writer to write Astrological Musings on their site.

It’s hard to say how much effect my letter to Beliefnet will have – after all, I am just a tiny fish and Beliefnet is a large corporation with a phalanx of lawyers on staff. It doesn’t really matter – and other than fighting for the principle of the matter it’s the writing that’s the point here at this blog – there are plenty of other sites that incorporate “Astrological Musings” into the title.  Transiting Uranus (innovation and change) is in an exact trine to my progressed Ascendant (my evolving persona in the world) this week, so there is a sense of liberation here and freedom for greater self-expression. So I thank you for your support, and for continuing to find this blog no matter where it lives!

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