I was interested to find this article about the growing acceptance of astrology in the business world, since it has long been my fantasy to work with Human Resource departments to explain the behavior of employees:

Fate and timing have a vital role to play in the success of a business — or so say the soothsayers. Astrology tells us that the time of a year a person is born can influence much about their lives. Now corporate astrology is being applied to businesses from India to the UK, the US and South Africa.

Anita Noyes-Smith, an astrologer who has been involved in the field for over 20 years, primarily in the corporate arena, explained that astrology can provide important insight into planning.

One may be able to find out, for instance, when the best time is to expand or close a business.

“It gives everyone a rational process and a sense of timing which ultimately allows you to minimise your risk. If this didn’t work I wouldn’t be in the business of fate and timing,” said Noyes-Smith.

This does not mean she’s allowed to be a psychic or intuitive — it’s all mathematically based.

“If your business proposal doesn’t have an exit plan, no one will look at it. I apply the same principles of life to businesses. A business is like a giant family.”

Family businesses are potentially the most volatile environment, mixing blood, emotion and business.

In a corporation you can lock the door, hide what you’re doing from your wife or husband. No such luck with family businesses.

People are searching for answers that ordinarily aren’t found through the rational process of teaching, said Noyes-Smith.

“Most people understand the rational and physical at stake. But lots of people don’t have a sense of timing.”

Timing is critical to such decisions as:

# When to market a product;

# Whether to go with a particular partner in a strategic alliance; and

# What staff to hire. . . .

Corporate astrology has taken off worldwide. According to the Financial Times, executives who use astrologers tend to be rather coy about it — though the founder of The Body Shop, the late Anita Roddick, was quite open about her use of astrology.

In India, people are far less reticent. Bejan Daruwallah, one of the country’s best-known astrologers, told the newspaper he makes predictions for some of the largest companies in India. . . .

Some company owners will not select a chairman without first looking at the candidate’s horoscope. Key decisions are also impacted by astrologers’ input.

In the US, the most well-known astrological moneyman is Henry Weingarten, said the Financial Times. He runs several funds that invest on the basis of astrological predictions. Weingarten, who works with several large companies, said astrology gives superior results.

“You can make money without it, but anyone who doesn’t use it is at a serious disadvantage. We do make mistakes, but it is a superior tool.”

If anyone out there is looking for a corporate astrologer, give me a call!!

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