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When the moon is in the 7th District

Does U.S. Rep. Julia Carson use astrology to make important office decisions?
A Capitol Hill newspaper recently quoted a Carson aide saying the Indianapolis Democrat consults the stars to make such decisions as whom to hire.

“In job interviews, she reportedly always asks for birthdays so she can check up on the astrological sign of the potential hire,” wrote The Hill, which quoted Carson scheduler Aarti Nayak adding: “She’s usually dead-on.”

Carson spokesman Chad Chitwood on Wednesday said the office disputes “the accuracy of today’s Hill article, both in general intent and with regard to specific quotes.”

Asked whether Carson uses astrology at all, Chitwood did not respond.

The Republicans, as might be imagined, are having a field day with it all.

The National Republican Congressional Committee blasted out a news release saying that Carson “consults the stars, not her constituents.”

Her reliance on astrology, the GOP charged, would explain “her record of voting for massive tax hikes and cuts to Medicare.”

“Apparently, Julia Carson’s constituents will have to wait for the stars to align in order for her to start providing the kind of representation they deserve,” the Republicans said. “(Voters) never know what Julia Carson’s crystal ball might have in store for them next.”

They made no mention — though The Hill did — of the fact that a pretty prominent and popular Republican, former first lady Nancy Reagan, also was known to be a fan of astrology.

Considering the oracles the Republicans have been consulting lately, they could do a lot worse than hiring an astrologer. I’m available, if anyone is interested!

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