Lwren ScottDear readers – do not despair, I will soon be bringing you soothing words to calm your fears over the upcoming Grand Cross that is causing tabloid news to shiver around the globe.  But meanwhile I have been fascinated with the personage that was L’Wren Scott who took her own life last week.

The birthchart of L’Wren Scott (born 4/28/1964 time unknown) shows someone who was born at the peak of the conjunction of Uranus to Pluto in 1964, with the Sun in Taurus.  The Uranus/Pluto conjunction presided over the huge social cataclysm that we now call “The Sixties” – individuals who were born between 1962 and 1968 carry this archetype in their charts and are driven to create social change and transformation.  Between 1964 and 1966 Saturn and Chiron opposed the Uranus/Pluto conjunction, and all of you born during those years have a certain degree of painful challenges (Saturn) and emotional wounds (Chiron) that require constant disruption and transformation (Uranus/Pluto).

What interests me about L’Wren is the difficulty she seems to have had establishing an identity of her own.  She was adopted into a Mormon family and then changed her name at age 18 when she began a career as a fashion model in Paris.  During her Saturn Return she moved to LA and became a PR rep for Prada and then a stylist to the stars.  Her chart is a lucky one, with the Sun conjunct both Mercury (intelligence) and Jupiter (good fortune), but the Sun makes an opposition to Neptune, the planet of mystical transcendence, illusion and delusion.

Neptune/Sun people find it difficult to figure out who they are, and worse, they are misperceived by others (see my earlier post on this topic).  L’Wren had many significators of success:  Saturn (hard work) in harmony with Jupiter (good luck) and both harmonizing with the Node of the Moon signifying destiny.  But she also had an unaspected Mars (meaning it made no aspects to other planets) which can “go off half-cocked” without the support of reasoned planning or strategy.  (George W Bush also has an unaspected Mars and his impulsivity is rather well-recorded.)

Her career was stratospheric and she made her own way through most of it, relying on her boyfriend Mick Jagger only to help her launch her clothing line.  But evidently the clothing line was losing money and L’Wren was falling deeper and deeper into debt.  This is pure speculation, but I wonder whether  having carefully crafted an identity for herself, when the facade began to crumble she may have felt that there was nothing underneath.

Over the past few years transiting Chiron had been activating the inner challenges of her natal Uranus/Pluto conjunction and the Saturn opposition, correlating with the downturn in the economy that caused her business to suffer.  The Chiron transit to Pluto, which I often call the transit of “soul surgery” completed in February of this year and it evidently proved to be too much for L’Wren.  I find this very sad, and while we can’t know what kind of internal processes she was going through or efforts towards healing she may have made, the fact that not one person in her immediate circle knew that she was in such distress reveals that the persona that she had so carefully crafted was so solid that it let no one inside.

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