michael jordan astrologyMore and more, real astrology is beginning to gain a new level of respect.  For example, this:

With Tiger Woods’ seemingly inexorable though not irreversible slide into an abyss, something never before thought possible, more players than usual will have a chance to win the PGA Championship this weekend at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin. …


However, as I scour the top 40 players in the World Golf Ranking, I wouldn’t put money on Paul Casey, Robert Allenby, Sean O’Hair or Dustin Johnson to surprise and take the trophy. The reason? All were born under the sign of Cancer. And since the PGA Championship switched from match play to stroke play in 1958, nary a Cancer has claimed the Wanamaker Trophy.


Even the mention of astrology will likely cause readers to scoff. I count myself as one of the skeptics. But after examining the data closely, there appears to be at least a kernel of truth in the theory that astrology can sometimes help determine sporting greatness.
The signs that have utterly dominated the PGA are Aquarius, Capricorn and Virgo. The three have accounted for more than half the winners of the season’s final major. This is not surprising. Consider that any list of the best golfers of all time starts with Jack Nicklaus, an Aquarius, and Tiger Woods, a Capricorn.


With his Aquarian nature, Nicklaus is in extraordinary company from other sports. It can be argued that the “greatest ever” in each major sport was an Aquarius: Jim Brown in football, Babe Ruth in baseball, Michael Jordan in basketball, Wayne Gretzky in hockey and Bill Tilden in tennis. Any new believers in the truth-telling ability of the zodiac now?  [Aquarius is gifted with the ability to rise above personal emotions and innovate new performance styles.]


Tennis, the other major individual sport, also has stunning patterns. The three players routinely mentioned as the best of the Open era are Rod Laver, Pete Sampras and Roger Federer – all Leos. [Leo loves to win, and enjoys the sport of good-natured competition.] And Rafael Nadal has been labeled by John McEnroe as the 21st-century edition of Bjorn Borg. Why not? Both are Geminis. [Gemini would be well-suited to the sport of tennis, which requires a great deal of quick movement.]


In the second tier of most best-ever lists in golf reside Arnold Palmer and Tom Watson. Both are Virgos, who seem to be the most suited to golf, as their stereotyped traits of tenaciousness and industriousness are tailor-made for a sport that takes the utmost in patience. [Tiger Woods has Virgo rising.]


While no Cancers have ever won a PGA, their struggles in all four majors are nothing compared with the wretched record of Tauruses. Indeed, Taureans toil in near-futility when it comes to the majors. Only 11 of the 296 major championships examined (the Masters from its inception, the PGA from 1958 and the U.S. and British Opens since World War I, generally considered the start of the modern game) have been claimed by those born from April 21 to May 20.

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Although this unscientific study is dealing solely with Sun signs, it is interesting nonetheless.  The fact that Cancerians and Taureans have bad sports records may not be surprising – these are the two signs that are primarily focused on security and therefore typically lack the aggressive competitive gene that creates great sportspeople.

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