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This is Part I of a two-part series on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.  Disclosure: As a long time fan of the Suits TV show (Seasons 1-5, it lost me after Season 6) and a follower of Meghan’s Tig blog until its recent demise,  I am fully on Team Meghan.  While I’ve tried to be as impartial as possible in this profile, I am definitely prejudiced by my admiration for her and am tickled that a mixed-race American is going to marry Prince Harry, forever transforming the British monarchy and symbolizing a sea change in the traditions of royalty. 

In case you have been cloistered away from the news, and who could blame you, Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle are engaged and will be married in May 2018.  I profiled Prince Harry in the summer of 2017 (catch up here)  after he opened up to the world about his psychological issues – this article is about Meghan and I will follow up with an astro analysis of their relationship.

Meghan Markle astrology

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Meghan was born with the Sun in Leo: sign of the actor, the entertainer – with a generous heart and a craving for attention. It must be said that Leo IS the sign of royalty – represented by the King of the Lions, most individuals with a strong Leo signature in their charts have a need to feel special and acclaimed.

Her Libra Moon signifies a craving for partnership and a need for personal harmony, but her Moon is impinged by both Saturn (isolation, loneliness, achievement) and Jupiter (expansion, confidence and good fortune).  This obviously creates a push-pull of enthusiasm from Jupiter and sadness and insecurity from Saturn that can be difficult to balance.  This could manifest in a basically hopeful attitude (Jupiter) combined with a deep insecurity. And in Libra, she needs for everyone else to be happy so that her life can remain in balance.  This is echoed by the Cancer ascendant which is focused on nurturing and taking care of things which we see in her devotion to rescue animals and the charity work she has been doing with children for years, and her Mars (drive and desire) is also in Cancer.  Mars, however, is in the twelfth house of the hidden, where it can be more difficult to express.  You will nearly never see a twelfth house Mars express anger in public unless it is severely stressed.

Venus in the chart reveals what we need in our relationships with others, and Meghan’s Venus is in the modest and particular sign of Virgo.  Those with Venus in Virgo usually have well-defined ideas of what they want in a relationship and they are unwilling to settle for something less, although her Libra Moon would long for partnership, often expressed through a best friend or some other kind of partner. However, that pesky Saturn next to the Moon also rules her seventh house of marriage and partnerships, making relationships more challenging.  Saturn can be a cruel teacher when we are young but once we learn to toe the line he becomes kinder as we age and develop the inner resources which he bestows through challenge and adversity.

Meghan’s North Node of destiny in Leo, the sign of individual self expression AND of course royalty) is rising in the chart – the first symbol in the first house.  Obviously not everyone with the North Node in Leo will marry into royalty, but it does fit the circumstance!  In any case, individuals with a rising North Node will typically have a clear path of destiny.

This is a significant time astrologically for Meghan.  Transiting Juno, the asteroid signifying marriage, aligned with the cusp of her seventh house of marriage and partnership at the time of the engagement announcement, as did her progressed Moon (her evolving emotional needs).  Jupiter, planet of opportunities, harmonized with her natal Venus (love, relationships) at that same time.

Saturn is the planet of material success as well as hard work and hardship, and Meghan has a challenging planetary cycle involving Saturn to her natal Moon/Saturn/Jupiter conjunction that begins in February.  Under this influence she may feel isolated and challenged by the events around her, but because Saturn is strong in her natal chart she is more accustomed to this energy than others might be and quite possibly better able to use the Saturn force to her advantage.  In any case I would expect her negative press to ramp up during this time as well as during the second phase in late June/early July, and in October.

Neptune is the planet of mystery and magic, and it began an opposition cycle to Meghan’s Venus back in July 2017.  The second phase of that cycle returns towards the end of February which could create some confusion and potential problems with a relationship in Meghan’s life (it’s impossible to predict specific events or people using these astrological cycles although many will try).  The third phase takes place between September 2018 and the end of the year.

Part II: The astrology of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 


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