In the field of astrological study known as “mundane astrology,” events and countries also have birthcharts that can be analyzed. The chart for Inauguration Day is also the chart for the Obama administration, because it is the moment of birth of the new government.  Although many astrologers have called for a change of the time of the Inauguration to permit the Moon to enter Sagittarius and thereby avoid the dreaded “Void of Course” period, the Noon time is mandated by the twentieth Amendment of the Constitution and would require an act of Congress to change.

I am less concerned by the Moon being void of course (making no aspects to another planet) than I am interested in the fact that the Moon on Inauguration Day sits right on the Midheaven of Barack Obama’s chart.  The Moon here represents the heart of the People, and it sits on the point where Obama fulfills his desire to serve the People (the Midheaven shows not only career, but where we fulfill the destiny of our Life Path).  He certainly begins his term with the full support of the American people: his approval rating is somewhere between 75 and 80%.  That is not surprising given the fact that transiting Jupiter is conjunct Jupiter in Obama’s chart, something we call the “Jupiter Return” that is associated with abundance and good things.

The Inauguration Day chart has a triple conjunction of Mercury, the Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius, all sitting right on Jupiter in Obama’s chart.  Jupiter here brings its expansion of opportunities to the realm of ideas (Mercury) and the very essence of the Administration (Sun) which is very auspicious.  These planets also oppose Obama’s Mercury, however, which suggests that there will be a necessity for him to make adjustments in the way he has thought about the issues of the day.  In the Inauguration chart, the Aquarius planets all sit in the Tenth House of Government which reflects the desire for rational thought and reason to be incorporated into Governmental affairs. The sign on the Midheaven, though, identifying the nature of the new government, is Capricorn.  This will be a disciplined and hard-working administration, putting the new Aquarian ways of thinking into a structured Capricornian form.

Another challenge for Obama will be the conjunction of Saturn in the Inauguration chart to his own Mars, indicating frustration (Saturn) in his being able to accomplish his goals and desires (Mars).  Uranus is involved here as well, opposing Mars in his chart and creating a restless desire to make changes that are likely to be thwarted by Saturn, but Venus is there too, creating alliances that assist in the process of change.  This conflict between the Uranian urge for change and the delays and disappointments of Saturn is likely to be less difficult for someone like Obama, who has a cool and reasoned way to approach these matters, than a more impulsive president who would chafe under Saturn’s restrictions rather than discover a way to bridge the gap between the limitations of Saturn and the inspiration for change of Uranus.

Transiting Pluto begins a two-year opposition to Venus in Obama’s chart (it approached within a degree back in 2008 during the pastor fiasco over Jeremiah Wright), and that signature is forever embedded in the Inauguration chart which will rule the next four years of the administration.  This suggests conflict with people whom Obama supposes to be allies, and the destruction of old alliances and creation of new ones.  This could be a challenge for “No Drama Obama,” who dislikes this kind of conflict and cherishes partnerships of long standing that are more effective and better able to get things done.

Chiron (the Wounded Healer) in the Inauguration chart sits right on the Ascendant of Obama’s chart.  His activities in government will have a deep and lasting effect on him that may be painful at times and act as a poultice for any of his unresolved feelings of identity confusion to arise to the surface where they must be healed. In this respect he becomes an archetype for the healing of these issues on a national scale as well.  What is America?  Who are Americans?  These are unanswered questions that will need to be answered in the Obama Administration.

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