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Meanwhile, here is the introduction to the month along with details about the first week in August.  Enjoy!


As August begins, Mars has just entered Scorpio. In Scorpio, traditionally ruled by Mars, the aggressive force of Mars is permitted virtually free reign. We can view this as an opportunity for true self-expression – if we run in fear of that unbridled potency the energy tends to build rather than dissipate. So harnessing it and utilizing it by attuning to our inner Will can be very helpful in this process.

The final phase of the harmonious trine from Saturn to Chiron peaks on August 5th. This positive interaction between the Teacher (Saturn) and the Healer (Chiron) has helped to pave the way towards greater understanding in the midst of adversity. The energy of this dynamic will be available through the 15th or so, making this a wonderful time for introspection and energy work and yoga and all other modalities which help us to feel better integrated and release old wounds of the past.

The elemental balance is heavily skewed right now towards fire and water, with virtually no planets in earth signs (other than Pluto in Capricorn). This will shift around the 15th when Mercury moves into Virgo, followed shortly thereafter by the Sun. Until then, grounding may require more conscious effort but the creative juices of fire and water will be easily available! This is a time for joyful celebration, for focusing the will and allowing our inner passions to emerge.

We have a bit of a respite from the square from Uranus to Pluto for the next couple of months but the tension and force for change and ultimate transformation still lingers as we ourselves find rest and readjust to the new realities that the past few years have brought into our lives.


Venus is very active on the 1st, facilitating adjustments to our relationships wherever needed and helping us to feel more at home in our surroundings as Venus forms a Grand Trine with Saturn and Chiron. However, a strong and energizing square aspect from Mars to Jupiter requires a more dynamic approach. Any area of our lives which frustrates us will feel even more frustrating under this combination and will likely require a decision that perhaps we have been putting off.

Mercury enters the picture on the 2nd, further intensifying the Mars/Jupiter square even as it begins to wane. The mind is very active now but communication may be somewhat difficult leading to misunderstandings. On the other hand, we are more likely to confront difficult conversations under this system which, though difficult, could help to clarify situations of confusion.

The harmonious trine from Saturn to Chiron culminates on the 5th. This aspect confers a conscious intention for healing that will linger for another week or so after the alignment peaks making this a perfect time for clarifying and setting intentions and discovering ways to implement new structures (Saturn) to heal our life patterns (Chiron).

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