Beth Owl’s daughter has posted some very interesting profiles of the two candidates (still two, as of this writing!!) based on their Tarot profile. The Tarot profile come from the numerology of the birth date and is quite interesting!

For example, Obama’s Tarot profile is derived from the Judgment, High Priestess, and Justice cards. Beth writes:

As a lightning rod for America’s racial divisions, his Justice card challenge is to deal with the problems of racism while also remaining impartial and distancing himself from being defined by them. Tapping into his gifts of the High Priestess, he truly can become a bridge across the abyss – between the past and the future. Like her, he sits between the columns of black and white.

Because they seem so self-contained, yet enigmatic, people with this profile naturally engender profound trust, and often, even casual acquaintances will confide their innermost secrets and longings. High Priestess/Judgment/Justice people are world-class listeners, and exude a sense of serene acceptance, often simply mirroring back to those around them, but seeming as if they know their thoughts. This quality of enabling people to feel heard and seen is a rare and great gift.

It is no surprise that Barack Obama has sometimes been characterized as aloof or even messianic. The High Priestess/Judgment/Justice profile is someone who walks his talk. He is deep, not easy to know, and is rarely casual or chummy. He is on a mission, a sacred calling, and is someone to whom compromise may seem like excuse-making. The energy that flows around his profile is such that he would always be deeply sensitive to the possibility of imminent, apocalyptic change.

Hillary’s profile is based on the World, the Empress and the Hanged Man. According to Beth,

Hillary Clinton would never doubt that anything is more privately important to her than being Chelsea’s mom. But the other choices and events in her life have thrust her, with her full willingness, into a global role, as well. She truly is an international citizen, although her Empress energy ensures that she is unfailingly patriotic to her own country. Her point of view is always on the big picture, often preferring to leave the details to others. Her World card reveals that she will always act on behalf of her understanding of the web of life, and is especially sensitive to global issues that impact humanity regardless of arbitrary political boundaries or ideology.

Similarly, she is a born networker, and her innate sense of bringing together skillful, useful people (especially to whom she can delegate) is invaluable. As she implies in her campaign, she indeed knows very well how to play “the game” of politics and power, in order to get things done. But it must hurt her Empress/Mother self deeply to think that people attribute this skill to her own ambition and ego desires. For someone with her Tarot profile, nothing could be further from the truth. All her power broker skills, and all the sometimes Machiavellian choices she makes, originate from her profound desire and ability to serve goodness in the World.

In fact, that brings us to her Shadow or Teacher card – the Hanged Man. The Hanged Man in the Tarot is not about punishment, but about unconditional love and willingly making the sacrifices that give birth to our spirit. The Hanged Man teaches us that we sometimes must surrender the self and the ego in order to receive divine wisdom. Sometimes, the Good Mother may suffer, in order to protect and serve her loved ones.

This connection to the mother is interesting to me, because I have hypothesized a Cancer ascendant for Hillary.

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