Barack Obama has been a rising star in the Democratic party since his keynote speech to the Democratic convention in 2004. His unique combination of humility and confidence along with a brilliant rhetoric and populist philosophy in a charismatic package has made him virtually irresistible to many voters who seek a change from the cutthroat political landscape of the past fifteen years. His shiny image remains untarnished and he appears to have no skeletons in his closet. He is a dedicated family man who has been married for fifteen years, and a regular churchgoer.

His astrological chart shows his Sun is in Leo, the sign that inspires creative self-expression. In Leo the ego is celebrated – the individual is called on to develop their own personal identity and story. Leo is associated with the heart, and Leos are typically generous and warm-hearted. They crave admiration and respect, and inside every individual with a strong Leo component there is a sense of royalty.

Obama’s Sun is challenged by the planet Neptune in his chart (square to his Sun) which shows that his ability to develop an individual identity has been difficult. Neptune is the planet of mystery and confusion, and when in difficult aspect to the Sun which forms the basis of the personal ego there is a tendency to lose one’s sense of Self. This is reflected in Obama’s early childhood: born to a white middle American mother and a father from Kenya, his parents divorced when he was two and he was moved to Indonesia with his mother and her second husband. Subsequently he moved back to the US and was raised by his grandparents. Obama talks candidly of experimenting with drugs (Neptune) to erase thoughts and doubts about his identity (Sun) out of his mind.

The fact that his Sun is in Leo has helped him to develop that sense of self despite the Neptunian obstacles as Leo is inherently a strong (fixed) sign whose very purpose is to build that strong foundation of personal identity. The Neptune/Sun combination is much more difficult for someone with the Sun in a sign like Gemini, which has a tendency to change identities easily and become lost in a variety of experience.

Mercury is in Leo in Obama’s chart, showing that his thought process and communication style (Mercury) reflects the Leonine qualities of pride and ego. There is a strong sense of purpose with Mercury in Leo, and a sense of mission to accomplish great things. Obama’s Mercury is opposite Jupiter, the planet of abundance and possibility. Jupiter is expansive and confident, and the opposition, which is a challenging aspect, shows that we may see the more negative aspects of the combination of Jupiter with Mercury in Leo which can reveal arrogance, overconfidence, and a bit too much pride in one’s accomplishments and brilliance. There can also be some stubbornness (Mercury) in one’s ideas (Leo) and religious fervor. Jupiter rules philosophy and shared ideas as well as theology, and the stressful aspects between Jupiter and Mercury often show someone who feels they are always right.

This is somewhat countered by Obama’s Virgo Mars. Where Mars is the planet of aggression and shows the nature of the individual’s drive, Virgo is humble and focused on serving others. Mars in Virgo feels a drive to help others and avoid the limelight. Obama likely feels an inner conflict between the Leo urge to demonstrate his greatness and this Virgo need to remain humble and sensitive to the needs of others. Mars in Virgo also shows a desire (Mars) for perfection (Virgo) in the details of life.

Mars in Obama’s chart is in harmonious aspect (trine) to Saturn, the planet that gets down to business and creates success through hard work. Mars in Virgo is cautious but disciplined and practical, and in tandem with Saturn’s pressure for responsibility and grounding through the material world, this is a powerful aspect for manifestation that virtually guarantees success.

Obama’s strong ties to his family are shown by his Venus which is in Cancer, the sign of nurturing and family roots. Venus in Obama’s chart forms a Water Grand Trine with Chiron (in Pisces) and Neptune (in Scorpio), showing the healing power (Chiron) of his relationships (Venus) and his inner connection to his spirituality (Neptune). Obama is religious as we saw above, but his religion includes an inner sense of spiritual connection rather than just theological dogma.

2007 looks like a good year for Obama, with several positive planetary cycles involving Jupiter (opportunities) and Saturn (perseverance and commitment). He is going through a long term cycle of Pluto in square to his progressed Sun which could lead to battles over power issues (perhaps with the Democratic establishment?). Still, his unique combination of charisma, confidence and humility could make him the candidate to beat in 2008.

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