TMZ has posted copies of the birth certificates of Michael Jackson’s children.  Many will say that this is an abhorrent violation of the right to privacy of children who have done nothing to put themselves in the spotlight, and I agree.  On the other hand, for an astrologer to have verified birth dates and times is an exciting event, so I felt I had to take advantage of it and make note of a few interesting things about the charts of the two kids.

From a psychological perspective, it is fascinating to note that the older son’s name is Prince Michael Joseph Jackson.  Not Michael Joseph Jackson Jr,. MJ’s full name, but Prince Michael.  MJ was a master of disguise and illusion with a conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in his chart that likely sat in the Fifth House of creativity and self-expression.  He lived in a placed called Neverland.  His son became the royal figure that MJ always longed to be.  MJ’s daughter, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, absorbed the identity of his beloved mother into his own identity.  I suspect that for Michael Jackson these children were not only an extension of his reality but they probably became his actual reality.

Both of the kids have stressful aspects from Saturn to Mars, suggesting a sense of confinement and inability to express their needs and desires, but they are both people of significant strength of personality despite that.   Where Prince Michael has a stellium of five planets in Aquarius, Paris Michael has four planets in Aries (although Saturn is one of them, dampening the enthusiasm and vigor of the Aries planets somewhat).  Prince Michael is likely to be extremely creative and with Pluto on the Ascendant he has the potential to be quite powerful in his own right.  Paris is far more sensitive and her sensitivity will struggle with the force of her Aries planets and I suspect that she will have a more difficult time.  The two children are obviously very connected, with Paris’s Venus conjunct Prince Michael’s Sun, and their Moons forming a nearly exact sextile.

Hopefully these children can survive the circus of litigation that is springing up around the death of their father and go on to live relatively normal lives.

Update: Thanks to my readers who informed me that Michael Jackson’s grandfather was named Prince; I then discovered that his full name was Prince Albert Screws.  So unusual names are not so unusual in the Jackson heritage.

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