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The Virgo New Moon and a choice for the future

photo by Mary McIntyre

Virgo is what we call a mutable sign – it’s the third in a series of signs that begin with the June solstice in Cancer and prepares us for the turning of the next season as we shift into Libra the September equinox.  The dance of the “modalities” as they are called always begins at the entry into a new season with a cardinal sign of action.  The second sign is of the “fixed” nature and teaches endurance and patience.  The last sign before the seasonal shift is “mutable” – these energies enable us to let go and make that transition into the next season as marked by the solstices and the equinoxes.

The Virgo New Moon is not only the passage point to the September equinox, it also marks the end of the first half of the zodiac which focuses primarily on the personal.  In the second half we are more focused on interaction with the outer world.
Virgo teaches us to create order from chaos.  Under the influence of Virgo we learn to manage the details that are required of humans who live in a physical body, such as personal hygiene and the need to work in order to keep food on the table and a roof over our head.  At this Virgo New Moon, a new lunar cycle, we can more easily begin a new organizational routine or exercise/nutrition program to support us in the changes that are coming.
And come they will – we are in the middle of so many different evolutionary changes.  Climate change. Political change.  And not […]
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Juno and the Black Moon Lilith tell an important story right now

There is an astonishing amount of planetary energies in the sky right now.  To recap, we have had three planets tightly wound together in the stable, grounded sign of Capricorn since the spring of 2020 (Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn), creating restriction and pressure for responsibility and the supremacy of societal organizations.  Mars (action and desire) is in its own sign of Aries where it is most powerful, about to turn retrograde, in a challenging aspect to the Capricorn planets and challenging their authority and attempts to create order.

Neptune (inspiring transcendence and spiritual creativity) is in its own sign of Pisces where it has been since 2012.  Neptune’s highest expression is that of intuitive connection with a divine force, but its dark side is that of delusion and illusion.  Neptune is particularly strong in Pisces, where it is connected to pandemics, spiritual confusion, and an absence of truth and facts.

Even without the more minor bodies such as asteroids and other points, this would already be a significant time of planetary evolution.  But add to this the new planet Eris, representing discord and chaos, which is being challenged by the Capricorn planets and especially Pluto (destruction and transformation), and we have a real cocktail of intensity that is like an earthquake, shaking the very foundations of the world in which we live.  If history is any guide, this will eventually result in greater stability and equality as human society recalibrates, but in the meantime it’s not an easy time in which to live.

Juno is usually referred to as the asteroid of marriage, and it’s true that Juno has a strong connection to the uniting of two souls in a […]
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Astrological forecast for the week of September 14, 2020 including Virgo New Moon

This week on September 17th we have a New Moon in Virgo and I’ll probably be writing a separate post about it in the next day or two, but here you get a sneak peek at what’s coming.  The Virgo Sun harmonizes with the Capricorn planets too, and you’ll get all of the astrological details of the week to help you with your planning.  The transcript follows the promo information, but as always I encourage you to watch the video so you can take advantage of the visual aids and charts. 👍🏼


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Transcript (please excuse machine transcription errors!

Hey everybody, it’s Lynn Hayes. Welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, you’re very welcome. Every week I post a video to give you all the astrological information that you need to have a really great week. Let’s get started.

The first thing I’d like to talk about this week is the fact that we have a New Moon coming up in Virgo. You probably know this already, but just to recap, when the Moon is new, astrologically the Sun and the Moon are conjunct in the sky. That means they’re fused. They’re like partners as the Moon, which travels more quickly than the Sun, as the Moon begins to approach the Sun. The sky is actually dark – we don’t see a Moon, so the Moon is invisible to us and we call that the Dark of the Moon. That’s the time when we start letting go, we start shedding old things that we no longer need in order to prepare ourselves for what’s coming at the New Moon. […]

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Sunday inspiration: The kingdom is an open window

art by Gary Colet

This week we hit Peak Retrograde, with seven planets retrograde until the 12th when Jupiter turned direct.  Since Jupiter is the planet of faith and religion, as well as optimism and good fortune, I thought this from Thomas Moore was an appropriate quote for today.  When the world changes around us, our ideas of what give life meaning, facets of Jupiter, need to change along with it.  As we bridge the doorway from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, many of our religious theologies and beliefs have fallen away, and in their place we are crafting new philosophies.  

The kingdom [of God] is invisible, empty. It’s more like a color than an object, more like a sound than a structure. It isn’t anything more than a point of view, but it is a perspective on life that makes all the difference. …

The kingdom is like an open window, nothing in itself, and yet it allows everything. It is transparent and translucent. It allows the fullness of life to shine through. It is a way of seeing and living, but it is not an entity separate from ordinary existence. It is not a set of beliefs as much as a slant on life. In some ways it’s a door opening to a new life, but even better, it’s a window you can look through and see another world.

Thomas Moore, Writing in the Sand

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Astrological update for the week of September 7-14, 2020

This week we hit the peak of the retrograde season: With Mars turning retrograde on September 9th we will have seven planets retrograde, a ridiculous number!  So in this video I’ll be discussing this, and the fact that after the 12th when Jupiter turns direct the number of retrogrades starts to diminish and we start moving towards something a little more normal.  (You may want to catch up with this article about the year of retrogrades if you’d like to learn more.).  And then of course there’s a day by day review of the week to help you with your planning.

(There is a transcript below the video, but I do encourage you to watch because there are visual aids that help to make everything clearer and more understandable. )

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Hey everybody, my name is Lynn Hayes. Welcome back to my channel where every week I give you all the astrological information that you need to have a great week. In today’s video, I’ll be talking about the astrology for the week of September 7 through the 14th 2020.

I’d like to start out with an update on the retrogrades. If you’ve been following this, you will already know but for those of you who might be new, we have an exceptional number of planets that are retrograde in the sky right now. Now what that means is that they appear to move backwards from our perspective here on Earth. Obviously, planets don’t actually orbit backwards, but sometimes from our perspective, they appeared to be turning in the sky, too. traveling backwards and then they appear […]

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