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Planetary news this week: Ground and center for creative focus

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Last week’s harmonious alignment between Saturn and Neptune is still in strong effect.  I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: Where Neptune can inspire us to dream and imagine, Saturn encourages us to put those dreams to work.  And where Saturn’s influence can become somewhat dull as we work steadfastly towards our goals, Neptune adds a coating of magical fairy dust to take our goals and wishes into a new dimension. The harmonious interplay between these two energies is a great boon for anyone living on planet earth in human form.

Mercury, planet of the mind and communication, is also very active this week – transiting the Sun in its retrograde journey.  With both the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio, sign of truth and power, a hidden truth is likely to be revealed and some steps retraced as we strive to repair any damage done.  Mercury harmonizes with both Neptune and Saturn to facilitate all communication with grace and efficacy, so any eruption of inconvenient truths will be eased by this harmonious interaction with Mercury.  In mythology, Mercury carried messages between the gods and was the only one of the gods granted the ability to traverse between the worlds.  He facilitates the communication which perfects the other planetary cycles and helps us to assimilate them with greater ease.

In the midst of this arrives the Taurus Full Moon, locked in a powerful embrace with the planet Pluto which adds a transformational dimension and a portal for change.  Taurus inspires us to ground and center into our very being – to fully inhabit our physical form and enjoy the pleasures of the senses.  Under the Taurus influence we rediscover our love […]

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Sunday inspiration for the Taurus Full Moon

Art by Pamela Matthews

Seek the beauty in life’s betrayals
For all is forgivable in this grand dance
Find the courage to see through ugliness and be grateful for the reflections of each mirror
For all is an archetypal character playing a part in your own blockbuster movie

Give yourself permission to fail miserably
For all failures are seeds for your greatest triumphs
Allow the mystery of the creative muse to flow through your bone marrow inspiring you to walk your dreaming path
For all is lifting you from the slumber of your innate birthright.
Follow the longings of your soul
For all is an invitation to co-create synchronicity and magic

Look deep within, find the stories you are telling yourself that are not true.

For the future is a reanimation of the past and with pen in hand you have a choice to change the script of your life story here in this now.

For laying dormant inside of you is the secret of secrets and treasure of treasures.

Seek and thy shall find.

In LaK’ech

Grant Eagles

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Mars Musings: The continuum of rage

Mars square PlutoMars is squaring Pluto today, completing a cycle of the past week or so in which Mars linked Saturn and Pluto by forming a square first to Saturn last week, and now Pluto.  Mars is the planet of aggression and warfare, and when conflicting with Pluto, which represents death and destruction resulting in regeneration and transformation, you can see where things get a bit intense.

I thought this would be a good time to discuss what I like to call the continuum of rage.  In my practice, I have traced “Mars problems” to all kinds of issues from depression to immune disorders.  Mars is the energy that fuels and motivates us – Mars feeds our desires and provides us with ample physical energy to get through the day as well as the courage to tackle high aspirations.  When Mars is weak or blocked in the natal chart, it becomes more difficult to find any motivation or inspiration and we can feel hopeless and defeated.  Over time the lack of energy turns into chronic crushing fatigue and  other health problems. So you can see that Mars is very important in our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

When Mars squares or is in a difficult aspect to Pluto or Saturn in the natal chart there was often, but not always, some kind of violence in the individual’s life – difficult or traumatic experiences which led to that individual being fearful to express their needs or assert themselves in interpersonal situations.  Sometimes individuals have a great deal of fire and a strong Mars in their natal charts, but that fire is dampened by an abundance of water such as Cancer and Pisces, or perhaps sublimated into Virgo which is more […]

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Planetary news this week! Mars ignites the power of Pluto, and Saturn/Neptune

This week marks the final phase of the harmonious interplay between Saturn and Neptune which has worked for much of this year to facilitate the merging of our dreams (Neptune) with the reality check of Saturn.  Where Neptune can inspire us to dream and imagine, Saturn encourages us to put those dreams to work.  And where Saturn’s influence can become somewhat dull as we work steadfastly towards our goals, Neptune adds a coating of magical fairy dust to take our goals and wishes into a new dimension.

This has been a nice counterpoint to the near collision between Saturn and Pluto that took place between April and July, when Saturn’s penchant for structure and accountability combined with Pluto’s willful destruction of anything not serving the highest good.  This is the final alignment between Saturn and Neptune, though, and when Jupiter (abundance and positivity) moves from its own happy sign of Sagittarius into the more serious sign of Capricorn, we will need to knuckle down and face any cold hard realities we may have been avoiding.

The final Saturn/Neptune sextile this week offers a last opportunity to integrate our ideals into our lives through careful planning and attention to detail.  Because Mercury is retrograde, this may not manifest outwardly yet – we may need to stay in the planning phase until the end of November when Mercury turns direct.

Meanwhile, this week Mars continues his attack on Saturn and Pluto.  Last week Mars faced off in a square against Saturn, resisting the pressure to conform to limitations and perhaps causing some internal distress as our energy and motivation (Mars) was blocked by Saturnian restriction.  In the early part of the week Mars will square Pluto and any […]

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Sunday inspiration: This is the time

“This is the time to draw nearer to each other.

This is the time to forgo building our businesses to build intimate relationships; relationships of meaning and care, of day-to-day relevance and the wisdom of skin-to-skin.

This is the time to measure our merit based on our actual, measurable relevance; relevance to the people around us (human and more-than-human).

This is the time to get closer to the Earth, to be sustained by its magnitude, complexity and benevolence.

This is the time to remember what silence feels like, to sit in circle together around the Fire and catch the new songs and gestures; ones that will shepherd us into and through the dark belly of this grief, to come out the other side as humans with the resilience to weather the unimaginable human-made storm, whose early winds are already blowing.”

Christiane Pelmas 

thank you to my friend Alisa for the quote. 

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