Astrological news this week: Watery realms under the Cancer New Moon and Neptune station

Astrological update for the week of June 27-July 4, 2022

Elemental Water

Neptune stations retrograde.  The role of Neptune is to inspire the transcendence of ordinary life and ascension into a more illuminated experience of creative inspiration. Under its influence Spirit blossoms into the material world. Neptune is associated with experiences that bring spiritual bliss, but idealism and imagination can also bring confusion and self-deception if we’re not aware. Neptune’s role in the astrological pantheon, in my opinion, is to encourage us to seek out experiences which teach us that we are spiritual beings in a human experience.

This week Neptune turns retrograde. Like all of the outer planets, Neptune appears to travel retrograde for about half the year so this in itself is not a big story unless you yourself are under its influence right now. However, Neptune is associated with the spread of viruses and disease, and the past three Neptune stations (change of direction) have coincided with a new variant that took the Covid-19 virus in a new direction. Alpha & Beta both erupted a week after a Neptune station (SD) November 28, 2020. Delta was named one week after the Neptune station (SR) on June 25, 2021. And Omicron emerged a week before the Neptune station (SD) on December 1, 2021.

I’ve been watching the news to see if that pattern will continue, and so far it is only the Omicron variant that itself is mutating into lots of different subvariants. That could suggest that the Covid-19 virus itself is weakening, which would be very good news. Hopefully that will continue.

In any event, Neptune is a slow moving planet, and when it makes a “station” before changing direction it can remain at […]

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Sunday inspiration on duality from the Tao te Ching

In light of all of the madness in the world today I found this oddly comforting. The I Ching isn’t easily understood, by me at least, but I found the explanation in this translation helpful and hope you might find some peace here.

art by Nathalie Van

When in the world all appreciate beauty as beauty,
then ugliness is already there;
when all appreciate good as good;
then bad is already there.

Therefore being and non-being generate each other,
difficult and easy complete each other,
long and short define each other,
high and low lean towards each other,
before and after follow each other.

That is why the sage abides in the service of non doing and practices the teaching without words.
The myriad beings arise and she does not reject them,
they are born and she does not possess them.
She acts, but does not depend on results.
Work is accomplished, but she does not dwell on it.
Just because she does not dwell on it, her work is not lost.

Commentary: Opposites generate each other and turn into one another. As soon as we hold onto anything, its opposite simultaneously arises: the obsession with beauty is in itself ugly; the obsession with virtue is a cradle of perversion. Every statement contains the seed of its own negation. The sage does not identify with any absolute statement, since she knows that the opposite statement follows it as its shadow.

Tao Te Ching: A Guide to the Interpretation of the Foundational Book of Taoism by Shantena Augusto Sabbadini
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The astrology of Roe v. Wade: The Pluto connection

Embed from Getty Images

Surprising no one, the US Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade today. The Roe v. Wade decision granted a constitutional right to an abortion and has been controversial since it was declared on January 22, 1973. (Note: I am not by any means pro-abortion. The whole idea makes me very squeamish. But I do believe that we have an inalienable right to control own bodies, and that makes me against this decision.)

The Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade began with a lawsuit that was filed in March of 1970 as part of a general plan to legalize abortion. The actual plaintiff in the case, later named as Norma McCorvey, was later revealed to be a relatively uneducated young woman who was solicited by attorney Sarah Weddington for her test case on abortion rights.

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At the time, the progressed (Sibley) chart for the United States had some interesting alignments involving Pluto, the planet of power and transformation by creative destruction and regeneration.  Pluto sits in the second house of money and values in the US chart, describing the connection between money and power in this country (read more about that here).

  • Pluto, which is retrograde in the US chart, turned direct in 1871 just after the Civil War. The significance of this shift cannot be overstated – a progressed planet changing direction denotes a major change, and when that planet is Pluto the change is seismic. The Civil War completely transformed the United States and its very existence was in danger from the destruction.
  • In March of 1970 when the Roe v. Wade case was filed in Texas, progressed Pluto had caught up to Pluto in the nation’s […]
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Astrological news this week: Fire and water at the Cancerian Solstice

Astrological update for the week of June 20-27, 2022

art by Lynn Fogel

Summer (June) Solstice The big news this week is the Solstice. Up here on the top of the world, the Solstice is the longest day of the year and in the tropical zodiac it’s the time that the Sun enters the sign of Cancer (for my friends Down Under, the Solstice marks the return of the light after darkness). (The four cardinal signs mark the change of seasons: Cancer in June, Capricorn in December, Libra in September and Aries in March.)  These cardinal points are portals for change – cardinal signs carry the potential for action and initiation, so it’s very appropriate that they mark these important seasonal changes.

During the solstice the Sun appears to stand still as it beams its nourishing light across the northern Hemisphere.  The energy of the Sun feeds us and is crucial for our vitality, and the Summer Solstice offers a peak of creative potential. This is especially true because the chart for the 2022 June Solstice reveals five planetary bodies (including the Moon and the new planet Eris) in fiery Aries, inspiring action and purification of Will and intention. The fire of Aries is not a friend to the Cancerian energy of the Solstice, and with the Aries Moon along with expansive Jupiter in a challenging square formation to the Solstice Sun there will need to be some kind of adjustment to our intentions in order to be in synchronization with the planetary energies. Fire can be rather impersonal, driving from pure desire and need which does make this a really good time to ask ourselves what we really need, what drives us, what do our passions tell […]

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Sunday inspiration: Stepping into the Present

art by Verena Wild

From an astrological viewpoint, we are patterned beings. The astrological chart reveals the patterns that we have brought into this life, and which we tend to repeat. For example, someone with Mars in Aries (action and initiation, warrior energy) opposed by Pluto (oppression and power) is likely to have early childhood experiences in which their power is taken away. This can take many forms – physical or emotional abuse, or simply being told repeatedly of their lack of worth. The pattern is in the natal chart, meaning this person was born with this predisposition before anything happened to them. This doesn’t mean that person is doomed to a lifetime of trauma and failure;  the pattern in the chart also serves as the key for releasing the bondage of that pattern and transforming that very pattern into the thing which will empower them for a better future.

I was thinking about this on my walk this morning, inspired by my client who told me “It feels as though I have unzipped myself and a new version of myself has walked through.”  This new vision, unencumbered by the traps and bondage of the past, requires relearning how to live and creating new patterns of thought and action to support a life that is not bound by old beliefs and fears. Voices of our mothers, past failures which haunt us, memories of sexual trauma – all of these things are very real, but they are not us. They have wrapped us in a prison of silk and brocade, a rich tapestry of memories and beliefs that were true at the time but which do not exist in this present moment.

This new version of […]

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