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The Mercury/Pallas conjunction of 2019

Mercury and Pallas are very different planetary bodies, and they differ in their astrological significance as well.  Mercury is a planet after all, and Pallas an asteroid.  Mercury’s orbit is quite short, just 88 days, where the orbit of Pallas is 1686 days.  In the astrological pantheon, planets are given primary importance with asteroids relegated to a minor role – they add details and color to the basic energies that the planets describe.

But Mercury and Pallas share an affinity for the mental realm – they both are concerned with learning and understanding.  Mercury is the messenger god, and astrologically Mercury symbolizes the mind, mental function, the desire to learn and communicate, travel short distances, and run equipment.  Pallas (Athena) was born out of the head of Zeus, and symbolizes the kind of divine intelligence which is not dependent upon the limited mind or what can be learned.

Both Mercury and Pallas are androgynous in nature.  Mercury is a shapeshifter and is able to move smoothly between worlds; in his mythology he was the only god who was allowed to travel into the underworld of Pluto’s realm.  Pallas, though female, was born of no woman or man – she sprang fully formed out of the head of the king of the gods – his own creation, as it were.  I have observed that individuals who perceive themselves as transgendered often have a prominent Pallas in their charts. In mythology, Athena is sometimes called Pallas which means “young woman” – she was the “young woman of Athens. Athena had many different roles including that of Athena Nike, the victor, but it’s as Pallas that she expresses creative wisdom rather than warfare.

Mercury and Pallas will be traveling […]

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The astrology of Marianne Williamson

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My original plan was to continue profiling the candidates (see other posts in the series here) in their polling order, and I frankly didn’t think Marianne Williamson would stay in the race as long as she has.  But she continues to raise money and attract voters to her events and she has said that she will continue her run for the presidency.

Williamson is an unlikely presidential candidate, which is what makes her interesting.  After a youth spent, as she says,  “mired in a series of unhappy love affairs, alcohol and drug abuse, a nervous breakdown, and endless sessions with therapists,” she discovered the book A Course in Miracles and became a spiritual teacher.  She has written 13 books and was a favorite of Oprah.

Williamson’s chart shows a heavy emphasis in the sign of Cancer, with Sun, Venus and Uranus all conjunct in that sign which is focused on family and tribe.  Cancerians tend to feel the troubles of the world more deeply than most, and a strong desire to help others runs through the archetype of Cancer.  Her Cancer planets form a challenging square to Neptune, suggesting early challenges in forging an identity and a high level of creativity combined with a tendency to be more idealistic than realistic.

We are fortunate to have a birthtime for her which reveals an ascendant (rising sign) in Gemini.  The ascendant describes the way in which we move through the world, which is different from the Sun which tends to show instead the individual’s personal quest.  Those with Gemini rising (like me!)often find it difficult to focus on any one thing, and we can see this with Williamson’s personal history.  Her Wikipedia page includes over ten different vocations which she has […]

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Planetary news this week! Gifts from Venus and Neptune

We are just past the Aries Full Moon, and its energies will linger into the early part of this week.  Catch up here if you missed it!  Fortunately this week provides us with a lovely serious of harmonious planetary actions to help us to integrate the power of that Full Moon.

Mercury (mind and communication) and Venus (relating) are both highlighted this week, making this an excellent week for writing, teaching, difficult conversations and all kinds of negotiations.  Mercury will turn retrograde on October 31st but we are still a ways from the so-called “shadow” period when Mercury’s motion slows down and it can become difficult to keep the details of our lives moving smoothly.  This is also a good week for making decisions, since Mercury is so well aspected and the mind is relatively free from challenge.

The sweet Venus aspects make this a good week to get together with friends and generally enjoy the company of others once the emotional challenges of the Full Moon have subsided.  Venus helps us to feel generally satisfied and happy with life if we pay attention and notice the small beneficial things that are all around us.  This is also a good week for creativity as Venus inspires us to find AND create beauty and beautiful things.


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Sunday inspiration for the Aries Full Moon

Artist unknown

Every human being who walks the Earth Mother has an individual sacred path through life. That sacred path is created by the weaving of many tangible and intangible threads, which connect all of our emotions, dreams, thoughts, and experiences.

The spirit’s invisible thread of life force unfurls at birth and carries us through the twists and turns of growing up and learning about life on planet Earth. Our lives will change directions many times as experiences urge us to grow.

Every decision we make and every shift in our perceptions can alter the course of our path through life and bring new experiences or expanded horizons. Every time we alter our priorities, we change our path. Every time we allow ourselves to use our imagination, we change our view of reality. Every time we decide to change direction, we design and redesign our lifestyles, habits, priorities, personal needs, and goals

Jamie Sams, Dancing the Dream

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Are we in the shadow of Mercury retrograde?

Artist unknown

Mercury will turn retrograde on October 31st (I hear you in the back weeping and wailing!! 😃). Mercury is retrograde for three weeks four times a year, inspiring us to revisit the past but not generally to begin something new. In classical astrology, Mercury is said to be “debilitated” when it is retrograde; it doesn’t operate as it normally does which is to facilitate communication and messaging, as well as daily routines, short distance travel and plans of all kinds.  As most of you know, I don’t particularly care for these ideas of positive and negative as they cause us to miss out on the benefits offered by astrological factors that we normally consider negative such as Mercury retrograde and Saturn and Pluto transits.  I view the retrograde phase of a planetary cycle as being a part of the natural ebb and flow of nature.  The waves of the ocean flow towards the beach, and then they must flow back to the ocean before returning to the sand.  The joyful warm days of summer give way to the bitter cold days of winter’s hardship.

When Mercury is retrograde, it’s not uncommon to run into problems.  Contracts written when Mercury is retrograde often have to be renegotiated.  Plans made often have to be revised.  Travel reservations are often stymied. Communication breakdowns are common.  Mercury retrograde periods are excellent fr some things though – they are perfect for review and reassessment.  They are perfect for do-overs and repairs.  It is said that anything that begins with the prefix RE- (from the Latin word meaning “again”) is ideal for Mercury retrograde periods, including REdecorating your […]

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