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It’s true: Astrology can’t predict the state of your marriage

This article was originally posted in 2013.  astrology compatibilityFirst, there is not an astrologer in the world today that makes prediction on marriage success using sun signs.  Thanks to the Internet there is enough information available to the general public about astrology to educate everyone that astrology involves far more than just the sign the Sun was in at the time of your birth.

So I am very surprised that if an academic institution like the University of Manchester was going to conduct an in-depth study on the effectiveness of astrology on predicting marriage duration, that they used sun sign prediction for their massive study of ten million marriages.

They do preface the article by admitting that

A complete horoscope, or natal chart, includes information about where the sun, moon and planets would have been observed relative to each other and to the constellations of the zodiac at the time and place of the subject’s birth. Popular astrology in the West focuses on one key element in this chart: the ‘sun sign’ (or ‘star sign’ in colloquial parlance), which is determined by the position of the earth in its annual revolution around the sun.

So it doesn’t really make sense that the study then goes on to conflate “astrology” with Sun signs.

You can read the study yourself if you like, but suffice it to say that the research found no correlation between marriages and astrological signs that was greater than the statistical chance would suggest.

Even if we put aside for a moment the argument that Sun signs are generally one of the LEAST significant indicators of compatibility, I have found in 30 years of working with clients that the most successful marriages are among the least compatible charts.  Compatibility […]

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Astro update for the week of July 20, 2020! A burst of creative imagination and other useful tips

There’s always plenty going on in the skies, and this week is no exception so check out the astrological news in this week’s video.  I’m learning more about video editing and have included some visual aids so take a look.  The minimally edited transcript is below, for those who prefer it.  Please pardon transcription errors!


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Hey everybody, my name is Lynn Hayes Welcome back to my channel and to another episode of the astrological influences that are affecting us for the week of July 20 2020.

Today we’ll be talking about the New Moon in Cancer, the second New Moon in that sign, which is fairly unusual, then we’ll be covering some of the other influences that will be affecting us throughout the week. And towards the end of the video will be talking about where the Moon is going, and how we can use those energies and how that will affect us. So stick around and let’s get started.

The first thing I’d like to talk about is the New Moon in Cancer we had the first the first New Moon in Cancer was at the summer solstice, the Sun and the Moon are both at zero degrees, the very first degree of that sign So having a New Moon, which represents a new beginning at the solstice point, which is one of those balance points in the year we have the equinoxes where this light and dark are in balance. The New Moon is the beginning of a new lunar cycle. Under the New Moon, we have a sense of a new beginning. […]

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Sunday inspiration: A glorious something else

art by Amy Bogard

For the past ten years I’ve attended a music camp every summer.  Most of those years it’s been the Swannanoa Gathering, a wonderful Brigadoon-like environment of music and friendship that takes place in the foothills of North Carolina.  Due to Covid-19, all of the music camps have been canceled and we campers are reduced to reminiscing on Facebook.

Swannanoa Gathering

One of my fellow campers posted this on her personal blog and I thought it was so beautiful I asked her permission to repost a portion of it here.  Amy Bogard is a gardener and an artist and this love of nature is reflected in these words.

The Moon is new in Cancer tomorrow (July 20, 2020) giving us the opportunity to turn within and deepen into our own feelings.  Jupiter harmonizes in a sextile to Neptune this week, expanding imagination and creativity.  Creative regeneration is what’s required in these times as we rebuild our inner worlds in new and wondrous ways. 

I am grateful it is spring time.  It is good to walk and watch the wild world come alive.  A normal spring time here would see my work year ramping up into full gear.  Today I was due to be waking up in California, ready to find the weekend’s sketching spots for the upcoming weekend.  Well, we all know how that panned out.

And I would usually be chomping at the bit to get back to the Land of Enchantment for a taste of big skies and grand ideas and the feeling that anything is possible.  That is Taos for me.  But, alas.

A thousand tiny griefs.

It is […]

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Second New Moon in Cancer featuring the Comet Neowise

photo from Nunzio Micale, via David Crook

On July 20th we have a New Moon in Cancer, the second concurrent Cancerian New Moon.  This is fairly unusual and can only happen when the first New Moon is at the very early degrees of a sign, with the second coming 28 degrees later.  The New Moon is the beginning of a new lunar cycle, and typically the New Moon progresses through the signs each year along with the Sun so we tend to go from Aries at or after the Vernal Equinox through the zodiac, with each sign building on the sign before.  For example, at the Aries New Moon we learn the art of initiating an adventure, but then in Taurus we learn to find comfort in stability.

The New Moon in Cancer offers an opportunity to connect more deeply to our inner self – our physical home and the place within where we feel at home.  Cancer is ruled by the Moon – the emotional heart; the softness and vulnerability of the inner child. Cancer is associated with the family and our ancestral lineage as well as history in general.  Our histories define our early lives, especially in childhood, and then over time we learn to find a way to extend ourselves into the outer world under the auspices of Cancer’s opposite sign Capricorn.

The New Moon at the Summer Solstice marked a new significant beginning – it was a solar eclipse at the zero point of Cancer, conjunct the Solstice Sun.  This week’s New Moon (conjunction of the Sun and Moon) is at 28 degrees of Cancer, exactly opposite Saturn (tests and challenges) which is currently retrograde in Capricorn, and more widely opposite […]

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How to face an uncertain future

Quite a few of you have messaged and emailed me and commented about so much pain in your personal lives.

We are all rendered a bit raw by the pandemic. Suddenly the avenues of escapism are closed to us – the methods we used to use to try to transcend our anxieties and other emotions are no longer available. So we are locked in, not only with our families and housemates, but also with ourselves. Feelings from which we used to be able to hide are now impossible to ignore.

The transit of Mars (aggression) to Chiron (emotional wounding and healing) this week has sparked a fire in which these emotions are burning us up to one extent or another. The only way out of this is to go through it. To feel the emotions. To cry, to rage, to weep and yell. These things are coming up for a reason. It’s like when you’re sick and you feel like you have to vomit but you don’t want to. You feel better when it’s over. The trick is to avoid getting stuck in those feelings and making the story the reality.  Blame will keep us stuck, but the pain that we grow through is there to teach us something.  If we focus on the pain and the negativity, that’s what will take deeper root.  If we ask the question, “how can I release this pain and change my life?” THAT is the doorway to releasing the energies of these old patterns once and for all.

Then we have Jupiter (expansion and ideology) conjunct Pluto (destruction and regeneration), and of course Saturn (tests and challenges)is in the wings.  If these three are hitting something sensitive or important in your personal chart, […]

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